SAP Hybris releases new tools for GDPR

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming online in the EU on May 25, SAP has unveiled three new Hybris products to help marketers regulate customer identity. The three new products,  SAP Hybris Identity, SAP Hybris Consent, and SAP Hybris Profile can be used to secure customer registrations, capture customer consent, and batch data into a single customer view to know where all your customer data resides. SAP is supported in these products with the recent acquisition of Gigya and its customer identity expertise.

From the release: At the time of the announcement, SAP Hybris President Alex Atzberger said, “With GDPR around the corner, the timing of these solutions couldn’t be better. At a time when SAP is doubling down on its strategy to provide the leading front-office suite, the combination of SAP Hybris and Gigya solutions is a tremendous benefit for customers. Importantly, it turns a compliance need into a strategic business advantage and creates more trusted customer relationships.”

Link: Martech Series

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Sparkroom platform updated with attribution tools

Digital Media Solutions has updated marketing technology platform Sparkroom. Sparkroom technology to track cross-channel attribution, and adding a paid search analyzer, inbound call attribution, and intent scoring with a proprietary custom scoring model. Sparkroom also acts as a hub for the centralized triggering for marketing automation and nurturing campaigns, prompting time- and milestone-activated messaging and emails.

From the release: “Today’s marketing landscape is more complex and digitally broad than it’s ever been,” said Rachel Schulties, EVP of Agency Services at Digital Media Solutions. “Marketers face more choices, more channels and more savvy consumers across every industry. The enhancements of our proprietary Sparkroom technology will transform the way brands attribute a campaign’s performance to customer conversions within a lead and vendor management system.”

Link: Digital Journal

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StackMates: What products get used alongside Salesforce Sales Cloud?

What tools does the MarTech user pair most often with a sales platform?

That’s the question we answered with February’s StackMates graphic featuring Salesforce Sales Cloud.

When marketers build stacks on CabinetM, we can see trends when they use tools together.

First, generalizations about stacks and marketing automation:

Just as large planets attract other celestial bodies, large-scale marketing technology platforms attract other, smaller tools, creating their own ecosystems. We’re also finding it’s not unusual to find an enterprise using Hubspot AND Salesforce, or Eloqua AND Marketo.

So what do we see with a tool designed for sales that already comes with a reputation for working with a powerful CRM?

  • The larger tools on the graphic appear more in marketers’ stacks. Marketo and HubSpot are large in this graphic; Pardot and, Saleforce products, are medium-sized, appearing less often.
  • Social media and collaboration tools are key – but watch how the stack with a sales cloud also has lead generation tools close to the center.
  • No stack is alike, and different enterprises will use these tools differently. There are plenty of smaller tools on this graphic – those that appear less often in stacks with Salesforce Sales Cloud – that fill big roles in many organizations. Just because they appear less often with Sales Cloud do not presume they’re insignificant in any marketer’s stack.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the Salesforce sales enablement module that includes tools from lead acquisition to ongoing management. It was designed to track all your customer information and interactions in one place, accessing and updating from anywhere.

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Style Challenge creators launch product for retailers

Trendage, which has created the clothes fashion game Style Challenge, has launched a companion product for retailers. Automated Product Recommendation for retailers automatically generates data that helps customers “complete the look” with customer preferences gathered from the millions already using the game. This data for apparel and accessories is unique and provides a powerful competitive advantage. The company can also provide a report to help retailers better predict style trends in the fashion industry and avert costly mistakes.

From the release: Co-founder Roya Ansari said, “Brands often think they know who their core consumer base is, so they tend to tightly control how their products are styled and marketed. On the flip side, consumers like to stick with brands they are familiar with, and might not consider a brand that’s outside of their comfort zone. Trendage has come up with an ingenious way for brands to put their apparel in front of a broader audience, one they may have never thought of reaching, to learn how consumers might mix and match their items with other brands. It’s also a great way for consumers to discover new brands that they would have never found otherwise. It’s really a win-win for both sides.”

Link: Martech Series

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BlueVenn launches full-service data marketing services

BlueVenn, the leading multi-channel Customer Data Platform provider, today announces a range of full-service data marketing solutions and services to complement its customer analytics and campaign management technology. These new services give organizations with limited skills or resources the ability to build, manage and execute data-driven marketing strategies and campaigns. Crucially for modern brands, it enables more effective and consistent communications with their customers. The expanded portfolio of services follows BlueVenn’s acquisition of LEAP Media Solutions at the start of the year, and the integration of LEAP’s skills and expertise at running the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform as a service for its clients.

From the release: Speaking about the offering, BlueVenn President Curt Bloom said, “The marketing press is awash with stories about the data analytics and data preparation skills gap. Yet while many organizations want to move from ‘batch and blast’ mentalities to one-to-one engagement strategies, they don’t have the technology, skills or resources to make the transformation. With our new end-to-end service, it enables all organizations, irrespective of skills and resource, to transform their marketing.”

Link: Blue Venn on CabinetM

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Lionbridge Technologies launches connector for Oracle customers

Lionbridge Technologies announced a new content management system connector for Oracle WebCenter Sites, which will enable current OWCS customers to easily manage multilingual content from their existing platform. The open platform allows integration with any translation provider or technology, accelerating the flow of content between the content owner and translation partner with minimal effort, while enabling the user to maintain oversight of every step in the process.

From the release: “Managing translation within content systems can be challenging, so it is important to have an accessible product that works with customers’ existing global content strategy,” said Jason Hobart, Vice President Digital Channels and Alliances, Lionbridge. “Providing deep integrations for the Oracle Marketing Cloud will enable users to seamlessly manage global content and campaigns and improve the customer experience across channels.”

Link: Lionbridge

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Adobe updates Experience Manager for better workflows

Adobe has unveiled tighter integrations and seamless workflows in Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud in Adobe Experience Cloud. These advances better enable brands to reach consumers across the full range of devices and channels. Experience Manager’s new intelligent content capabilities will be available next month and empower marketers to add relevant tag values to images for better search; tailor content to the customer and the platform; deliver similar experiences across devices faster; and better access assets within cloud applications.

From the release: Aseem Chandra, Senior Vice President, Digital Experience Strategic Marketing at Adobe, said, “Content will always play an integral role in building brand loyalty, with personalization, authenticity, and design reigning supreme. The new content capabilities we are announcing today empower brands to deliver digital experiences that delight consumers and uniquely integrate content and data.”

Link: Martech Series

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All Boston’s MarTech, in one massive stack

Here at CabinetM we make stacks. We use it them to help companies manage their marketing technology spend, and they use it to discover all sorts of things about the marketing technology they already have — and find new stuff.

So we thought, what does Boston look like in a MarTech stack?

Behold, below, the answer. If you see we’re missing a marketing technology company based in the Boston area, feel good about telling me (kpowers aht and I’ll personally make sure you’re on the list. If we’ve mischaracterized you, hit me up, we’ll make changes and update this post.

So Boston, how do you look? See below

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CleverTouch launches Momentum email platform empowering field marketers

CleverTouch, the UK consultancy offering Marketing Automation services, has launched its own email automation tool, Momentum. Momentum allows field marketers to create on-brand HTML emails in Marketo and Eloqua without oversight from central marketing teams. Momentum manages a streamlined development request process, where all email build requests are received through a single system and format. Marketers can build their own emails with minimal training and zero HTML knowledge, freeing Marketing Automation specialists to develop new campaigns and strategic initiatives.

From the release: Adam Sharp, Co-founder at CleverTouch commented, “An increasing number of large enterprises are using Marketing Automation as an integral part of their digital and email strategy. Momentum is designed to make the email build process as easy, efficient, and effective as possible. By reducing email build time, Momentum’s technology allows marketers to focus on their core marketing strategy instead”.

Link: Realwire

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LogMeIn’s Bold360 suite gets AI makeover

LogMeIn has boosted its Bold360 customer relationship management suite with more tools powered by artificial intelligence. The Bold360 portfolio now includes Bold360 ai, a conversational chatbot and virtual customer assistant service that builds on technology LogMeIn acquired through its purchase of AI chatbot maker Nanorep last year.

From the release: “What we are bringing to market today is unique in that it brings together the power of both agents and artificial intelligence seamlessly to help solve the day-to-day challenges facing customer service teams,” said Paddy Srinivasan, GM of customer engagement and support solutions for LogMeIn.

Link: ZDNet

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