How do I name layers in my MarTech stack? Here are some suggestions

Marketers building a Marketing Technology stack on CabinetM have more than 9,000 products from which to choose. But when you’re organizing your stack, how do you give those layers names?

CabinetM users can organize their stacks any way they wish — by tools they wish to keep, trash or buy, for example. Stack layers can named by what part of the sales funnel they support, such as “attract” or “convert.” Most marketers organize their stacks by function — and you can see that in the graphic below.

The word cloud at right shows the top 50 layer names chosen by CabinetM users.

What’s missing? What are the layers in your stack?

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BlogMutt rebrands as Verblio

BlogMutt, the Colorado-based talent-matching platform for content marketers, has rebranded as Verblio and will now provided agency-style services to its clients. The talent-matching platform remains the same. Verblio will offer services helping with everything from content strategy to providing a HubSpot-certified manager to service client accounts.

From the release: “Verblio provides a complete approach to content creation for digital SEO and content marketing,” said Chief Executive Officer Steve Pockross. “Our focus on SEO and digital marketing, an easy-to-use platform and engaged writers with deep subject-matter expertise produces highly engaging and effective content.”

Link: PR Newswire 

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Industry Intelligence relaunches dashboard

Industry Intelligence, the LA-based provider of products and services aimed at serving business intelligence needs across industries, has updated its i2dashboard. The new design of its online dashboard includes information mapping technology that helps business users navigate the complexities of their business and related industries more smoothly and intuitively.

“We speak to professionals from a wide range of sectors. We have yet to meet anyone who says, ‘I got it all under control.’ Most say, ‘I don’t have time… I delete most emails… I save things into a folder and mostly forget about it…'” said Rami Ghandour, CEO of Industry Intelligence.

Link: PR Newswire

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Autopilot adds customer journey mapping functions to platform

Autopilot is adding a “Annotate and Collaborate” feature to its platform for marketing automation. The new feature allows users, even remote teams, to work collaboratively on a visual whiteboard to complete a customer journey map until it is locked.

From the release: “Delivering a remarkable customer experience starts with teams across the entire organization collaborating to design personalized customer journeys. Marketers are already using Slack to share ideas, Google Docs to create content and Dropbox to upload files. However, when it comes to marketing automation, up until now, applications have restricted collaboration and the facilitation of creativity,” said Michael Sharkey, co-founder and CEO of Autopilot.

Link: Globe NewsWire

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Sitecore updates Experience Cloud, acquires Stylelabs

Sitecore has updated its digital experience management platforms and announced an acquisition it will leverage to offer more tools for the content lifecycle. The updates include an updated SDK for JavaScript Developers, Sitecore Omni, which allows marketers to build headless applications, Sitecore Cortex that leverages machine learning to automate high-value personalization tasks, and GDPR compliance tools. Sitecore also announced it will acquire Stylelabs, creator of the Marketing Content Hub platform.

From the release: “Sitecore is entirely focused on bringing power to marketers and developers so they can deliver the personalized customer experiences that are critical to differentiating their brands,” said Mark Frost, CEO of Sitecore. “The continuous development of world-class solutions in Sitecore Experience Cloud and the addition of Stylelabs shows that we’re building a marketing platform for today and for the future. We’re delivering the most exciting opportunities in the industry for marketers and developers to build compelling personalized experiences that develop lifelong customer relationships.”

Link: Sitecore Press Releases

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Content review agency adds AI to service

Content optimization agency Realeyes has announced it has added artificial intelligence to its service. The AI is added to its consultants reviewing facial expressions of those watching brand advertising, to see if the end-user is engaged, happy or sad, instead of just playing the video and present for its completion.

From the release: “The average human attention span now down to just 8 seconds, meaning brands need all the help they can get to be heard above the din of an increasingly noisy internet. Up to now, it’s been difficult to measure that attention, with brands having to rely on metrics such as completion rates, which simply don’t give the full picture. Just because someone plays a video until the end, it doesn’t mean they were paying attention to the content,” said Mihkel Jäätma, CEO and co-founder of Realeyes.

Link: Martech Series

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Twilio to buy email API company SendGrid

Twilio, creator of the platform supporting phone and text message conversations with customers, is poised to buy email API platform SendGrid for $2 billion. The acquisition adds email services to the Twilio cloud communications platform, which already includes voice, messaging and video. The deal is expected to close in early 2019.From the release: “Increasingly, our customers are asking us to solve all of their strategic communications challenges – regardless of channel,” Twilio co-founder and CEO Jeff Lawson said in a statement. “Email is a vital communications channel for companies around the world, and so it was important to us to include this capability in our platform.”

Link: Twilio

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Zoom adds cloud phone system, app marketplace, meeting functions to platform

Zoom has added a number of features to its video conferencing platform. Zoom has added voice functions to consolidate business communications within the platform, audio processing tools to mix sound in real time, and a marketplace of APIs and SDKs. Zoom has released also enhancements that will help IT managers better mass deploy, troubleshoot, and proactively monitor their Zoom Rooms and change how Zoom Rooms are presented to users.

From the release: “At Zoom, we engineer happiness into our product suite. We hear time and again from happy customers that Zoom ‘Just works,’ but we don’t stop there. We innovate beyond quality and reliability to create a truly unique and comprehensive communications solution. Zoom Voice, our App Marketplace, and the ongoing enhancements we make to Zoom Rooms and our core video meeting platform demonstrate our commitment to innovation and customer happiness,” said Oded Gal, head of product management for Zoom.

Link: Zoom Blog

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Converseon adds library of machine learning models to social listening tool

Converseon has updated its Conversus social listening platform to include a library of prebuilt machine learning models. The update will allow brands to easily choose and subscribe to their preferred pre-built, industry-centric models and deploy them either directly or in conjunction with a growing array of leading social listening, management and business intelligence platforms.

From the release: “Machine learning is powering a new generation of social data use and value by classifying data like humans do even when specific keywords are not present,” said Rob Key, CEO of Converseon.  “It allows companies to move far beyond simple sentiment and emotion to expand the use of this data in critical areas”

Link: Cision

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CabinetM partners with Women in Retail Leadership Circle

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC), a members-only association offering enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow both personally and professionally, today announced its partnership with CabinetM, a platform that helps companies manage the marketing technology they have as well as find the technology they need.

“We’re so excited to introduce our sophisticated retail members to CabinetM,” says Melissa Campanelli, co-founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle. “We know they’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their technology stacks, and CabinetM lets them do just that, along with helping them reduce technology spend, eliminate redundant technology efforts, and collaborate on technology along the way.”

CabinetM has created a unique Community Platform for the Women in Retail Leadership Circle community to provide members with a way to track and share information about the marketing technology that they use. In addition to giving each member the ability to track and manage the tools that they’re using, the WIRLC Community Platform will foster and promote peer exchanges regarding technology, providing a valuable way for members to define and qualify the adoption of new technology.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Women in Retail Leadership Circle to facilitate peer sharing around marketing technology usage and performance,” says Sheryl Schultz, COO, CabinetM. “Retail organizations, and B-to-C organizations in general, continue to allocate more and more of their marketing budgets to technology for customer acquisition, retention and engagement. By sharing information about what works in that environment, and what doesn’t, WIRLC members will have a leg up when it comes to effectively making technology buying decisions for their environments.”

For more information about joining the Women in Retail Leadership Circle, go to

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC)is a unique, members-only networking group that offers enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow. Our community is comprised of successful, motivated and passionate women from the retail world. WIRLC strives to continuously offer members the opportunity to share best practices, discuss industry issues, and find inspiration on how to conquer challenges in their professional lives through virtual and live events, a weekly e-newsletter, an information-packed website, social media content, and more. Learn more at

CabinetM helps modern marketing teams build, manage and optimize their marketing technology suite in a rapidly transforming digital marketing environment. The platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management by individual marketers, teams, and throughout enterprise organizations. Learn more at


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