Advangelists merges with Mobiquity Technologies, launches new features

Advangelists announced it has officially merged with Mobiquity Technologies, and launched new features for the Advangelist platform. The new feature, set, named Savitr,  is available exclusively through the Advangelists platform. Savitr allows marketers to analyze the potential number of mobile application and web users within 5.5 Million predefined locations including 4000 retail chains, and to subsequently target them with contextually relevant advertising.

From the release: “Advertisers can now immediately understand the size and reach of a media opportunity targeting their in-store customers, or evaluate a competitive media conquesting opportunity,” said Lokesh Mehta, CTO Advangelists. “And with the measurement tool, we give them immediate insight into how those campaigns perform.”

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Trello acquires Butler to fully automate workflow tools

Trello has acquired Butler, a “power-up” tools created for Trello by developer Oscar Triscon. Triscon will join Trello, bringing with him the tool to dictate automation processes in a way similar to how Alexa is used at home. With the new integration, anyone can write rules for their Trello boards using words and logic—no code required. Butler will eventually be available to all users, but Business Class and Enterprise customers can expect more advanced capabilities and higher usage thresholds.

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G2Crowd acquires Siftery

G2Crowd, the B2B product discovery and review platform, has acquired Siftery, a company that compares marketing technology stacks to make recommendations. The acquisition will help G2Crowd offer real-time alerts when new products are added, spend is unexpectedly high, or there are opportunities to save.

From the release: “Every day, new and potentially disruptive technologies and services are released into the world. Anyone who wants great software to perform at their best, from intern to CEO, should be able to quickly discover, buy, and manage the best technology for their business,” said Godard Abel, CEO, G2 Crowd.

Link: Culture at G2Crowd

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Dyspatch adds collaborative Workspaces to email production platform

Dyspatch, an email production platform from SendWithUs, has added “Workspaces” so teams can collaborate on templates and snippets in Workspaces. Workspaces make accessing, editing, reviewing, and approving templates quick, accurate, and safe for everyone on the team. WIth Workspace-specific permissions, your team members have access only to the templates they need, making it easier for you to grant or restrict access to critical emails.

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TicketSocket’s Ice Cream Social enables vendors in making customers influencers

TicketSocket, the vendor of white-label ticketing tools, has just released Ice Cream Social (ICS), a social commerce tool for turning every customer into a promoter. The social invite tool allows vendors to increase sales via customer referrals that incentivize their network of friends, turning customers into influencers and their connections into leads. Ice Cream Social integrates with eXommerce sites to track conversions and aggregate customer data, encouraging increased and long-term repeat transactions.

From the release: “We are very excited to offer our customers this powerful tool to help increase leads, and therefore sales, and harness the data for their marketing efforts,” said Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket. “Our early results have already confirmed that Ice Cream Social has perfected viral social invites. We’re changing the paradigm of social commerce.”

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Claritas acquires Barometric

Claritas, a data company enabling brands to identify and target their best customers through segmentation, has acquired Barometric, a media tracking and measurement company. The acquisition supports Claritas’ transformation as a vendor measuring advertising performance and optimizing audiences across media channels. Barometric’s proprietary identity graph technology collects mobile IDs across digital environments to increase marketing efficiency and campaign measurement.

From the release: “The combination of Claritas and Barometric is fantastic news for any marketer who is looking for a more precise level of clarity and campaign optimization,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “By combining the best-in-class segmentation of Claritas with the unrivaled cross-platform measurement and verification that Barometric makes possible, businesses can better understand their leads’ behavior from mobile app to desktop to in-store, or even intra-household purchasing paths across a family’s separate devices.”

Link: Globe Newswire

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Facebook opens Group Stories to all, allows reactions with emoji

Facebook is enabling all users to add Instagram-like stories to groups via mobile devices. The feature, which launched in beta earlier this year, also allows members of the group to respond to the story with emoji. Facebook Group members can view Group Stories on both mobile and desktop, but only add to a story from their mobile device. To add to a Group Story, members tap on the Story located at the top of the Group mobile page and select the “add” button.

Link: Marketing Land

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IBM iX execs to lead ICF’s new agency, Next

ICF is launching ICF Next, a firm with routes in the acquisition of the Olson agency. The ICF Next team will consist of over 1,700 creatives, communicators, strategists and technologists across more than a dozen offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe and India. Officially launching in early 2019, ICF Next will be led by former executive of IBM iX, John Armstrong.

“There is a natural convergence in the work we do across areas like communications, public relations, technology, loyalty, marketing and strategy,” said John Wasson, President of ICF. “ICF Next has been purpose-built to pay off on the benefits of an integrated model that enables our clients to more easily tap into a wider set of expertise, capabilities and resources as needs arise.”

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BabbleLabs’ Clear Cloud App uses AI to clean up audio recordings

BabbleLabs unveiled its Clear Cloud App now available to Android and iOS users. The app quickly improves audio and video recording quality by removing virtually all unwanted noises like traffic, crowds, wind, fan, and machinery, among others. Original files are cleaned and enhanced by Clear Cloud with fast turnaround – up to 10x faster than real-time.

Link: Xpress Release

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How do you get the word out? Here’s what CabinetM users call “advertising”

This time of year, one is inundated with messages from brands, from charities, even from media platforms.

How do advertisers get those messages out across so many platforms? Of course they automate, but what do you choose as “advertising technology?” Is it the tool you use to serve an ad to a publisher? Is it the tool used to create content for ads? Maybe it’s the targeting tool use use so you’re serving up advertising to your future customer and not just your competition.

When marketers are building stacks on CabinetM, they determine what their stack looks like. What one marketer would call a campaign tool, another could call outreach. When you build a stack on CabinetM, what you call the layers of the stack is up to you.

What do CabinetM users call “advertising technology?” Here’s a graphic showing you the details — larger products are more often labeled “Advertising” in CabinetM stacks, and the smaller products appear less often. Don’t think the products labeled advertising less often cannot be central to a strategy — every stack is different, and what can be central tool to a minority of users is still a big part of that enterprise’s stack.

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