WeQ launches Shield to detect ad fraud

WeQ has launched a  proprietary mobile advertising compliance solution named Shield. WeQ Shield monitors all client traffic proactively for suspicious patterns and non-compliant behaviour, based on a set of performance KPIs and compliance benchmarks set in advance with each client. The solution flags any deviations from the set benchmarks, lays out strategies to block any unwanted traffic, and develops methods to prevent any future offenses on a sub-source level..

“WeQ SHIELD is based on AI technology, which unlike other manual or statically automated systems in the market today, uses machine learning to constantly adapt our mechanisms for detecting suspicious behaviour. This uniquely empowers our team to take immediate action in the increasingly complex and growing fight against fraud,” said Sven Lubek, Managing Director at WeQ.

Link: WeQ

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Cadent launches addressable TV platform

Cadent launched a new next-generation addressable TV platform for advertisers, media planners, and networks. The new Cadent Advanced TV Platform provides a simplified workflow for planning, activating, and analyzing addressable campaigns at scale. Cadent includes a dedicated analytics team will help you optimize to your objectives. And with every campaign run, you get direct access to a wealth of metrics that are unified and normalized across providers.

From the release: “Television, the most powerful storytelling medium, must evolve to satisfy the needs of today’s analytics-savvy advertisers,” said Eoin Townsend, Chief Product Officer of Cadent. “Cadent’s mission is to help the TV ecosystem evolve to this data-driven future, and with this launch, we’ve taken a huge step forward for our advertisers and pay TV partners. We’ve streamlined the complexities of household addressable TV campaigns to help accelerate spend, while helping our partners expand the reach of their unique supply to meet the needs of national buyers.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Pinterest offers new advertising format

Pinterest is offering a new advertising format for brands called Promoted Carousel, which allows use of up to 5 images within one ad to tell stories on Pinterest. Each carousel will be available within a single Pin.

From the release: “Promoted Carousel is available to businesses on Pinterest looking to achieve brand awareness goals or performance goals like traffic and conversions. This format can present a product’s numerous features, drive additional purchases by showing multiple items in a Pin or increase awareness with a multi-image brand story,” Pinterest noted in the announcement.

Link: Pinterest Business

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Kochava updates mobile data marketplace with tools for audience analysis

Kochava has updated its mobile data marketplace Kochava Collective with Audience Insights, a feature adding analytical tools for audience analysis and creation. Marketers can use this tool to learn more about their audience, even if they are not advertising to them. This data can also help improve the overall app marketing strategy, including stronger buyer personas, more compelling competitive research, and more engaging content. Publishers can use this tool as third-party confirmation of their audience makeup and targeting practices—giving advertisers greater confidence in their campaigns.

Link: Kochava Blog

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OpenX programmatic Ad Exchange now open in Japan

Advertising technology provider OpenX is opening to publishers and video marketers in Japan and APAC countries. Users in Asian markets can now access video inventory through the OpenX Exchange, one of the industry’s largest and highest quality programmatic advertising exchanges.

From the release: “Over the last year, we have seen video rise to become one of the top formats in digital advertising across Japan and APAC region. Engaging audiences with immersive content while also driving over two hundred billion dollars in advertising spend this year alone, publishers and marketers are starting to pay attention to the massive opportunity in video,” said Satoru Yamauchi, director of partner services, OpenX Japan. “As OpenX continues to innovate and bring new solutions to market that meet the evolving needs of today’s publishers and marketers, we are excited to offer a transparent and high quality marketplace where they can buy and sell video with confidence.”

Link: BusinessWire 

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Oath unifies acquired products under Ad Platforms suite

Verizon company Oath has unified its ad tech under one brand, Oath: Ad Platforms. The suite combines assets from BrightRoll, ONE by AOL and Yahoo Gemini into a set of solutions for advertisers and publishers to drive growth. Oath: Ad Platforms includes DSP, native and search marketplace, and exchanges for marketers, as well as tools for omnichannel, video and broadcast publishers.

From the release: “Oath Ad Platforms is the culmination of years of experience creating world class advertising offerings powered by data and designed to build brands,” said Tim Armstrong, CEO of Oath. “We’ve combined the best assets from our trusted platforms with new functionality to drive meaningful results for advertisers and publishers. Oath Ad Platforms is another example of our longstanding commitment to innovation, providing a solution to today’s digital advertising challenges.”

Link: BusinessWire

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AdTheorent adds Relationship Targeting to AdTech platform

AdTech provider AdTheorent has added Relationship Targeting to its platform. This targeting approach taps the power of human relationships to influence core consumer behavior and drive desired actions, delivering superior results for advertisers. AdTheorent technology can recognize a device’s use with the same IP as being part of a household. Additional IPs entering in this vicinity indicate devices that may belong to friends, relatives, peers which are then mapped by AdTheorent ‘s Artificial Intelligence(AI).

From the release: “AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map is uniquely able to map devices to physical location, which allows us to identify and reach family members and co-habitants,” stated Matthew Groner, SVP of Product Management and Business Intelligence at AdTheorent.  “AdTheorent’s Relationship Targeting is an exciting opportunity for advertisers to leverage group influence through real-world relationships to further drive results for their brand.”

Link: AdTheorent Press Release

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31 tools CabinetM users deploy for advertising

‘Advertising is the life of trade.’
— Calvin Coolidge

Anyone selling a product or service knows you need to advertise. And when you advertise at scale, you’re going to need technology to automate the process.

But what is actually being used to automate the process of generating a need for products and services?

We looked at the Marketing Technology built by enterprises on CabinetM. Every time a product was put in a layer for “advertising” “ads” or “ad technology” we added it to our tally. Here’s what marketers are putting in the advertising layers of their MarTech stacks, in order of popularity:

    1. Google Analytics
    2. Google Ads
    3. LinkedIn
    4. WordPress
    5. Twitter
    6. Facebook
    7. Instagram
    8. Hootsuite
    9. Facebook Ads
    10. Google Tag Manager
    11. Optimizely
    12. YouTube
    13. Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform
    14. Salesforce Sales Cloud
    15. Canva
    16. AdRoll
    17. MailChimp
    18. Crazy Egg
    19. DoubleClick Ad Exchange
    20. Buffer
    21. SEMrush
    22. Adobe Analytics
    23. Criteo
    24. Pinterest
    25. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    26. Twitter Ads
    27. SEO Spider
    28. DoubleClick Campaign Manager
    29. Google+
    30. SproutSocial
    31. Adobe Creative Cloud

What’s in your stack?

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Pandora opens Programmatic Audio Marketplace to all advertisers

Pandora has made its Programmatic Audio Marketplace generally available to advertisers. Pandora owns the largest inventory of digital audio content in the U.S., and 92% of its audience is ad-supported — more than double the size of its competition. The programmatic audio marketplace is powered by AdsWizz’s AudioMax Supply Side Platform, acquired by Pandora in 2018.

From the release: “As the largest publisher of digital audio in the U.S., Pandora is uniquely equipped to meet the evolving needs of marketers now and in the future,” said John Trimble, Chief Revenue Officer of Pandora. “We’ve reached a significant tipping point in audio where automation, voice-activated technology and other innovations are bringing sweeping changes to the landscape — and as a result, the demand for effective programmatic audio is booming.”

Link: Business Wire

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Fluency launches ad platform for the B2B market

Fluency has launched an ad platform for B2B marketers. Fluency users have a single point of entry to manage an entire campaign, monitor performance and launch the full portfolio across all accounts and channels. Tasks can easily be grouped together so updates are quick, accurate and consistent. This eliminates the risks associated with false advertising, outdated information and inconsistent branding, as well as the excessive time and money spent on manual operations and troubleshooting.

From the release: “Digital advertising agencies, whether they realize it or not, are caught in the middle of ineffective options, all resulting in poor performance that results in churn of staff and clients,” says Mike Lane, co-founder and CEO of Fluency. “Our team recognized this and knew we could fix it. By using AI and our deep experience in adtech and programmatic buying, we are serving up sophisticated automation – it is the only way for agencies to grow, scale and outperform the competition.”

Link: PR Newswire

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