CabinetM launches Attack Your Stack, a guide to building your marketing tech stack

CabinetM has released a new workbook, Attack Your Stack, designed to help you with the process of building and evolving your marketing technology stacks. Written by our CEO, Anita Brearton, with support from Jeff Harvey (Red Wing Shoes), Allen Pogorzelski (Openprise), and Stacy Falkman (Paychex, Inc.), Attack Your Stack delivers insights derived from the hundreds of marketing stacks being managed on the CabinetM platform and from CabinetM’s community of marketing operations professionals.

The workbook is succinct, filled with worksheets that invite the scribbling of ideas, and covers the entire lifecycle of the marketing technology stack.

“My goal in developing the workbook was to deliver insights in a form that was useful to marketing operations teams,” said Anita Brearton.  “Readers do not have to be CabinetM users in order to leverage the recommendations in the workbook, though I do believe it would definitely make every marketer’s life easier!”

Key topics in Attack Your Stack:

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Stack architecture
  • Stack auditing
  • Stack strategy
  • Product discovery
  • Stack management

Attack Your Stack is available on Amazon (Kindle $4.99, Print $9.99. Free copies are available from CabinetM at this link.

Best practices for stack building are keeping pace with the innovation and evolution in the marketing technology world. As such, CabinetM plans to regularly update this workbook. If you are a vendor, analyst, or practitioner, and would like to contribute to the next version, please reach out to Anita Brearton directly (abrearton@cabinetm) to share quotes, case studies, and commentary.

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10,000 MarTech products and a powerful way to manage them

CabinetM’s directory of marketing, sales and ad tech tools now exceeds 10,000 products, powering the industry’s most comprehensive platform for marketing operations teams managing the technology they use and finding the technology they need.
CabinetM makes it simple to find what you need.  The products in the directory are indexed across more than 350 categories so users can search for exactly what type of product they need, when they need it.
If you’re serious about getting your arms around your technology usage and spend, reach out to Erica Ross ( to learn more about our Enterprise platform.
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CabinetM partners with Women in Retail Leadership Circle

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC), a members-only association offering enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow both personally and professionally, today announced its partnership with CabinetM, a platform that helps companies manage the marketing technology they have as well as find the technology they need.

“We’re so excited to introduce our sophisticated retail members to CabinetM,” says Melissa Campanelli, co-founder, Women in Retail Leadership Circle. “We know they’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their technology stacks, and CabinetM lets them do just that, along with helping them reduce technology spend, eliminate redundant technology efforts, and collaborate on technology along the way.”

CabinetM has created a unique Community Platform for the Women in Retail Leadership Circle community to provide members with a way to track and share information about the marketing technology that they use. In addition to giving each member the ability to track and manage the tools that they’re using, the WIRLC Community Platform will foster and promote peer exchanges regarding technology, providing a valuable way for members to define and qualify the adoption of new technology.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Women in Retail Leadership Circle to facilitate peer sharing around marketing technology usage and performance,” says Sheryl Schultz, COO, CabinetM. “Retail organizations, and B-to-C organizations in general, continue to allocate more and more of their marketing budgets to technology for customer acquisition, retention and engagement. By sharing information about what works in that environment, and what doesn’t, WIRLC members will have a leg up when it comes to effectively making technology buying decisions for their environments.”

For more information about joining the Women in Retail Leadership Circle, go to

Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC)is a unique, members-only networking group that offers enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to learn, connect and grow. Our community is comprised of successful, motivated and passionate women from the retail world. WIRLC strives to continuously offer members the opportunity to share best practices, discuss industry issues, and find inspiration on how to conquer challenges in their professional lives through virtual and live events, a weekly e-newsletter, an information-packed website, social media content, and more. Learn more at

CabinetM helps modern marketing teams build, manage and optimize their marketing technology suite in a rapidly transforming digital marketing environment. The platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management by individual marketers, teams, and throughout enterprise organizations. Learn more at


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BostonVoyager: Meet Anita Brearton of CabinetM

BostonVoyager profiled CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton, covering how she started her career, being a woman in tech, and the fertile ground in the Boston tech scene.

I think Boston is a great place to start a business, it has a robust ecosystem of talent, investors, advisors, support organizations and technology. It’s also small enough that its possible to develop a really connected community – you can get anywhere and meet anyone pretty easily.

Did you know she was hired at her first job to test out a theory that women didn’t belong in business? Read more at Boston Voyager.

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Why are you still managing marketing technology like it’s 1985?

You’ve ditched the suits for work. You don’t kill time playing with a Rubik’s Cube. You won’t wear fingerless lace gloves, and you’ve stopped listening to a-ha non-stop on your cassette player. So why are you still managing marketing technology like it’s 1985? As cool as that decade is to revisit, you don’t want your tech strategy stuck there.

CabinetM’s Marketing Technology Management platform helps you to have that “a-ha” moment today. We help you visualize your tool use across teams and geographies, control your tool spend, and produce reports to keep finance, procurement and IT informed.

Here are some of the a-ha moments we hear repeatedly when companies start managing their marketing technology on CabinetM:

  • “Our company now has a single source of truth about the MarTech products we are using across the organization.”
  • “We have been able to eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars from our spend by being able to visualize our technology use across the organization, and identify products that weren’t performing, or that no one was using.”
  • “CabinetM helped us to identify duplicate contracts, and contracts for overlapping product capabilities. We have been able to streamline our marketing stack while supporting all of marketing’s program requests.”

We’ll leave you with this video from 1985 while you figure out what your a-ha moment is going to be. Let us show you can use CabinetM to build and manage a MarTech stack for this century.

 Schedule a 15 minute conversation to learn more.

Sheryl Schultz is president and co-founder of CabinetM.

To learn more about how enterprise organizations are managing their marketing technology across silos, departments and time zones, contact Sheryl at

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CMO Council teams with CabinetM to help CMOs acquire, deploy and manage Marketing Technology

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is teaming up with CabinetM to offer access to CabinetM’s Marketing Technology Management platform through the CMO Council Solution Sourcing Center. The CabinetM platform will provide CMO Council’s global members with the infrastructure to track and manage marketing technology use across the enterprise, and provide the foundation for creating a rational marketing technology and automation strategy.

CabinetM’s platform helps marketing teams optimize spend and the performance of their marketing stacks by streamlining workflow management among and between teams around planning, researching and management of marketing technology strategy, acquisition and implementation. The five platform components include:

  • Collaboration architecture to support working at an individual, team or enterprise level.
  • Marketing stack framework to map, track and manage acquired and internally developed technology
  • Contract tracking system to manage subscription renewals and cross-functional purchase agreements
  • Messaging and reporting functionality, based on permissions, to promote cross-functional visibility of technology efforts

“As companies embark on digital transformation efforts to provide unified and personal customer experiences across all touch points and devices, virtually every department in the company is now leveraging marketing technology,” said Anita Brearton, CabinetM CEO. “Lack of technology coordination and oversight is leading to escalating costs, security risk, inconsistent results, and a lot of frustration.”

The CMO Council’s Solution Sourcing Center will offer marketing and sales automation vendors as well as technology integration/digital transformation consultants, a valuable channel to connect and interact with a global audience of senior marketers and functional area chiefs, including procurement, finance, sales, channel, IT, and line of business. Multiple categories of marketing solutions, applications, and hosted services will be addressed.

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Brearton in CMSWire: You need your marketing to be authentic to who you are

CabinetM Co-founder Anita Brearton makes the case in CMSWire this week that your content needs to reflect who you are and want to be.

What does that look like? For one, if you’re promoting inclusion, don’t have all your marketing materials show your company and your product users be white men.

Brearton also has suggestion for a new product utilizing artificial intelligence. It’s a content tool that would help learn what your enterprises is, what it aspires to be, and warns you when you’re attempting to push out a message that doesn’t match up with who you really are.

Putting my technology hat back on, it strikes me that artificial intelligence could potentially be leveraged in this situation. Maybe we need an AI-driven marketing assistant who monitors our brand position and stops us from launching stupid campaigns by blaring — INAUTHENTIC! INAUTHENTIC! INAUTHENTIC!

Read Anita Brearton in CMSWire.

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Friday the Thirteenth part of a 20th-century marketing plan

Cover illustration for Friday the Thirteenth by Thomas W. Lawson.

Some interesting marketing could be the reason Friday the 13th is considered a day of bad luck.

Thomas William Lawson was a Boston stock promoter who led a storied life in the suburbs of Boston. He was mostly known as being a man who could hype copper stocks, but for our purposes, let’s focus on his work as an author.

Lawson’s Friday the Thirteenth was a novel published in 1907. He tells the story of an unscrupulous broker who takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on a Friday the 13th. The novel was part of Lawson’s push to reform the stock market — the very stock market in which Lawson to make his fortune. Lawson eventually ran for U.S. Senate on his reputation as a reformer.

If one considers books the marketing technology of his day, you can consider Lawson a success — you can even purchase Friday the Thirteenth in print today on Amazon, despite it being offered free as as part of the Gutenberg Project.

The superstition for 13 being a bad number traces back millennia — in the Bible story of the last supper, Judas Iscariot is the 13th guest to the table, and he later betrays Jesus in exchange for 30 silver coins.

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Stop joking around with spreadsheets. We have a serious solution

An Excel spreadsheet walks into a bar. The bartender says “I can’t serve you….and you can’t run a tab!” The spreadsheet says “Why?” and the bartender says, “You’re three [spread]sheets to the wind.”

This is a joke unless you’re a marketing ops professional who’s trying to manage all your marketing technology use and spend with spreadsheets. Then it’s not funny.

Enterprise organizations that take this seriously are trying to get their arms around 50 to 250 marketing technology, and related, tools. Tracking around all of them and their associated cost and performance is no joking matter.

CabinetM’s Enterprise Cabinet was built for enterprise organizations who need to track and collaborate around the hundreds of marketing, sales and ad tech products they use across the company. If your team needs a better way to:

  • Audit all the technology you’re using, including all the custom integrations you’ve written to tie your marketing technology infrastructure together;
  • Capture critical information like spend, governance, and GDPR compliance;
  • Eliminate duplicate products and retire those products that aren’t performing any more;
  • Track contract details so you know who owns every product you use, and you’re never surprised by an auto-renewal….

………you need a platform like CabinetM.

If you want to get serious about managing your marketing technology to reduce your martech spend, and increase your productivity, we’re ready to talk. Schedule a 15 minute conversation to learn more.

Sheryl Schultz is president and co-founder of CabinetM.

To learn more about how enterprise organizations are managing their marketing technology across silos, departments and time zones, contact Sheryl at

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