Bright Pattern, cloud contact center software, announced the launch of Conversational IVR, at call center tool offering self-service for customers. Bright Pattern’s Conversational IVR uses AI to allow customers lead the conversation and choose the path they prefer, Conversational IVR captures customers’ exact phrases, providing insight into specific issues that customers are looking for via self-service.

From the release: “It’s time companies just say no to the traditional IVRs that have frustrated customers for decades. With powerful cloud technology coupled with AI, consumers no longer have to deal with poor, rigid self-service options. AI-powered conversational IVRs are another step forward as we phase out traditional IVRs and revolutionize customer engagement,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Bright Pattern.

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Salesforce feature allows marketers to develop apps without developers

CRM giant Salesforce has launched a feature for Lightning communities called Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud, which allows Lightning Community content to be packaged into a branded mobile app to be dowloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. The new capability allows marketers to use pre-built components instead of hiring specialized Salesforce developers. The update allows users to integrate Salesforce’s Einstein layer with their content.

From the release: “Today, our customers are able to build websites, portals, forums, and other experiences with Community Cloud. With Mobile Publisher, they can turn their digital experience into a native mobile app, without having to use code,” says Anna Rosenman, vice president of Community Cloud and B2B commerce marketing at Salesforce. “The first step is to use Mobile Publisher to add details about your app and add brand imagery, similar to filling in a Linkedin profile. Then, Salesforce takes care of the rest by publishing the app to the Apple App Store or Google Play.”

Link: Destination CRM

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Urban Airship acquires Accengage, expands market

Urban Airship, vendor of customer engagement tools, has acquired Accengage, Europe’s largest provider of mobile CRM and push notifications. Together Urban Airship and Accengage now form the world’s largest mobile customer engagement company. All Accengage employees will join Urban Airship, including CEO and co-founder Patrick Mareuil.

From the release: “More than ever, business growth is dependent on customer experience, and no company creates unique experiences for more brands than Urban Airship,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Urban Airship. “By adding the amazing team from Accengage, we can grow customer value for more businesses around the world while setting new standards for innovation and local support. We’ll use our newly combined expertise and technology to ensure our customers take their digital customer engagement strategies to even greater heights.”

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Claritas acquires Barometric

Claritas, a data company enabling brands to identify and target their best customers through segmentation, has acquired Barometric, a media tracking and measurement company. The acquisition supports Claritas’ transformation as a vendor measuring advertising performance and optimizing audiences across media channels. Barometric’s proprietary identity graph technology collects mobile IDs across digital environments to increase marketing efficiency and campaign measurement.

From the release: “The combination of Claritas and Barometric is fantastic news for any marketer who is looking for a more precise level of clarity and campaign optimization,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “By combining the best-in-class segmentation of Claritas with the unrivaled cross-platform measurement and verification that Barometric makes possible, businesses can better understand their leads’ behavior from mobile app to desktop to in-store, or even intra-household purchasing paths across a family’s separate devices.”

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Mobiquity prospect database updated with 5.5 million points of interest

Mobiquity Technologies has updated its prospecting Mobiquity Passage Platform with a points-of-interest database. The new database creates the largest location dataset of all commercial buildings, entertainment and sporting venues with over 5.5 million precise location polygons representing over 4,000 different retail chains across the United States. Polygons define precise shapes of buildings and physical locations and are significantly more accurate than commonly used “geofencing” radius practices.

From the release: “Confirming the accuracy of the new POI data and keeping it up to date has been a difficult, time-consuming task that we have solved with supervised machine learning algorithms and processes,” said Paul Bauersfeld, CTO Mobiquity Technologies. “Mobiquity is constantly striving to create better context for our advertiser to reach their target audiences, and our latest POI database is leading the industry with a true understanding of commercial properties and places of interest that allow clients unprecedented accuracy in mobile advertising.”

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Nimble updates its mobile CRM for Android users

Nimble has updated its mobile CRM for Office 365 and G Suite, opening it to Android users. The release of Nimble Mobile CRM 3.o complements the iOS version released earlier this year. Users can now  review email, calendar, and social contact history, access detailed dossiers on customers and prospects, including social media insights, sales intelligence, and engagement history within email, calendar, and contacts apps. Mobile users can also scan business cards to create new CRM records.

Link: AP

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Doxim releases update of Doxim Customer Engagement Platform

Doxim’s new Customer Engagement Platform is a suite of loyalty and customer satisfaction tools for financial institutions. New to the platform is Commercial Loan Origination for Canada, an architecture redesign for SaaS deployments of Doxim Enterprise Content Management, and a new Sales Goals module for Doxim CRM.

From the release: “Financial institutions need to create easy and accessible avenues for consumers to engage with their financial service provider and inspire ease-of-interaction and continued loyalty,” said Chris Rasmussen, Doxim CEO. “Doxim continues to lead the market in offering integrated solutions to drive improvements in financial services processes, helping organizations engage customers through meaningful omnichannel experiences across both physical and digital channels.”

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Janrain updates Customer Identity platform

Janrain has updated its customer identity platform, re-launching Janrain Identity Central. The relaunch allows developers to add Janrain’s full suite of identity services to their applications in just minutes–new identity features can be activated centrally without any application code changes. The updates are built using the latest open industry standard, OpenID Connect, and its self-certification program. An application can be connected to the Janrain Identity Cloud with a simple OpenID Connect request, opening up the full arsenal of Janrain’s market-leading CIAM functionality with only minutes of development effort.

From the release: “Identity Central allows our clients to focus on developing differentiating applications for their consumers and use our Identity cloud services to take care of all things related to customer identity management,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO at Janrain. “We provide the customizable consumer identity experiences as a service, with 99.999% availability, guaranteed linear performance, industry-leading security, and the most extensive list of certifications in the industry, so our enterprise customers can focus on their business.”

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Zendesk launches CRM

Zendesk has launched an open CRM platform called Sunshine that is purpose-built for modern customer relationships. Companies can connect all their customer data—wherever it lives—to give you a complete picture of the customer experience.

“The promise of technological change in the future is ratcheting up consumer expectations with businesses. As a result, the bar for what defines quality customer service is continually raised,” wrote Billy Robins, director of Zendesk technology alliances. “To respond to these ever-rising expectations, businesses require more flexibility and agility from their technology platforms than ever before. These business requirements are fueling demand for services provided by the public cloud and customer interactions that encompass a spectrum of channels and applications.”

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LogMeIn updates Bold360 customer relationship management platform

LogMeIn added intelligent customer engagement tools to Bold 360, its customer relationship management suite. New features include Proactive AI, which enables customer conversations no matter the time of day or channel. Bold360 also has added languages and chatbots that support engagement from the first interaction through customer support.

From the release: “Today we are bringing the personalization of an in-person customer experience to the digital world,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Customer Engagement & Support Solutions, LogMeIn.  “By putting everything online, we’ve lost the humanity that generally comes with a one on one engagement.  Ironically, bots are going to help us bring that back.  By adding proactive AI and language support, we are continuing our mission to not only help companies create connections with their customers, but do so at the right time, with the right context and in the right way.”

Link: Globe NewsWire

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