Zendesk launches CRM

Zendesk has launched an open CRM platform called Sunshine that is purpose-built for modern customer relationships. Companies can connect all their customer data—wherever it lives—to give you a complete picture of the customer experience.

“The promise of technological change in the future is ratcheting up consumer expectations with businesses. As a result, the bar for what defines quality customer service is continually raised,” wrote Billy Robins, director of Zendesk technology alliances. “To respond to these ever-rising expectations, businesses require more flexibility and agility from their technology platforms than ever before. These business requirements are fueling demand for services provided by the public cloud and customer interactions that encompass a spectrum of channels and applications.”

Link: Zendesk Blog

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LogMeIn updates Bold360 customer relationship management platform

LogMeIn added intelligent customer engagement tools to Bold 360, its customer relationship management suite. New features include Proactive AI, which enables customer conversations no matter the time of day or channel. Bold360 also has added languages and chatbots that support engagement from the first interaction through customer support.

From the release: “Today we are bringing the personalization of an in-person customer experience to the digital world,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Customer Engagement & Support Solutions, LogMeIn.  “By putting everything online, we’ve lost the humanity that generally comes with a one on one engagement.  Ironically, bots are going to help us bring that back.  By adding proactive AI and language support, we are continuing our mission to not only help companies create connections with their customers, but do so at the right time, with the right context and in the right way.”

Link: Globe NewsWire

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Evergage updates CDP with machine-learning algorithms, data science tools

Evergage, the real-time personalization and customer data platform (CDP), has released two updates to its platform. Evergage Decisions use machines learning to deliver the most relevant content or experience automatically. The first of these algorithms, Contextual Bandit, delivers the most relevant offer or experience with the highest potential value to the company. The second update, Data Science Workbench, allows users of the Evergage Gears framework to access customer information that had previously been unavailable to deliver 1-1 experiences.

From the release: “Evergage’s platform and full suite of personalization capabilities – now including Evergage Decisions – represent the future of personalization at the individual level,” said Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO and co-founder, and author of the award-winning book “One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning.” “Contextual Bandit is a win-win – blending what’s most helpful to the customer with what’s best for the business. These advanced capabilities go beyond what any other personalization provider today offers – underscoring Evergage’s market leadership and commitment to helping companies improve customer engagement, loyalty and results.”

Link: Evergage Press Release

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Bluecore acquires Indian customer intelligence platform Betaout

Betaout, the Indian customer intelligence and marketing automation platform for e-commerce companies, has been acquired by US-based retail technology marketing firm Bluecore. The acquisition will help Bluecore expand to India by establishing an innovation and engineering hub ‘Bluecore India’.

From the release: “Betaout brings expertise in channels beyond email, like Facebook, onsite, mobile push, SMS, that are critical to the future of the retail marketing tech stack,” said Bluecore co-founder and CEO Fayez Mohamood.

Link: ET Tech

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Salesforce releases Customer 360 to resolve identities across Salesforce products

Salesforce released a new tool allowing Salesforce users to unify the customer experience across Salesforce tools. ​Customer 360 ​​will help companies move beyond an app- or department-specific view of ​each customer by making it easier to create a single, holistic customer profile to inform every interaction. Instead of leveraging expensive data lakes, Customer 360 will identify customers regardless of how they identify themselves —  name, email, phone number, social media handle, etc.

From the release: “As consumers, we know when a brand has gone the extra mile to deliver an amazing cross-channel experience, but creating that single view of the customer is extremely challenging for any company to do consistently,” said Bret Taylor, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce. “Customer 360 will make it easier for companies to bring service, commerce and marketing together to deliver the unified experiences that their customers demand — with clicks, not code.”

Link: Salesforce Press Release

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LogMeIn updates GoToWebinar to make user experience more intuitive

LogMeIn has released new features for GoToWebinar, redesigning the entire user interface. The new dashboard offers easier webinar planning and set-up, allowing customers to upcoming and past events, quickly view analytics, and all your videos from previous webinars to push to GoToStage. It is also now mobile, so users can create events or check on attendees from any screen across devices. GoToWebinar is now fulling integrated with GoToStage, so content can be viewed on-demand and continue to generate leads long after the live event is over.

From the release: “GoToWebinar pioneered the webinar space and now we’ve reinvented the experience once again with the next generation of our product,” said Jon Cho, VP of Product for GoToWebinar at LogMeIn. “GoToWebinar allows marketers to reach customers or prospects in an engaging way to drive leads and ultimately business. With this redesign, we wanted to refresh the entire experience and make it smarter and more intuitive from end-to-end to meet the needs of our user base and their audience.”

Link: HR Technologist

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Drift launches new features, acquires Siftrock

Drift, which creates messaging tools connecting brands directly to consumers, launched a number of updates at its Hypergrowth conference. Drift now includes Conversational Advertising, a feature connecting web ads directly to a brand representative instead of a landing page. Also, with the acquisition of Siftrock comes Drift Assistant, an AI-enabled assistant built to manage sales and marketing email. Integrations with Marketo and Outreach were also announced.

From the release: “As a sales rep, imagine if instead of having to keep asking your marketing team for more qualified leads, meetings with qualified leads would simply show up on your calendar automatically. No poring through spreadsheets. No wasting time on pre-qualifying people. Instead, you could focus on the now and provide the best experience possible for each and every lead,” wrote Drift CEO David Cancel.

Link: Drift Blog

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Bridg launches CDP for restaurant industry

Identification technology vendor Bridg is launching a customer data platform built for offline retailers and the restaurant industry. Bridg CDP takes valuable point of sale transaction data, and combines it with loyalty and ordering data to create robust, individual unified customer profiles. Profiles are then augmented with social media and other marketable identities, making it possible for brands to engage previously unreachable guests.

From the release: “Our research shows that the average brick-and-mortar business today is, at best, able to identify 15 to 20 percent of their consumers via a loyalty or other ‘opt-in’ marketing program,” said Amit Jain founder and CEO of Bridg. “The Bridg Customer Data Platform gives operators access to an entirely new revenue opportunity – the other 80 percent of their guests existing in their historical POS data. Given the evolutions taking place across the restaurant and retail worlds, we believe precision, data-driven marketing is among the single largest opportunities for margin growth.”

Link: Nasdaq

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EVRYTHNG launches Blockchain Integration Hub to reward brand customers seeking transparency

EVRYTHNG has launched a new Blockchain Integration Hub, which will track consumer products and end-users via a scalable and enterprise-ready digital identity and data management platform. The Blockchain Integration hub can be used by brands to leverage their own data and apps to deliver a clear ingredient trail to the consumer on demand, and reward customer engagement via offers supported by the EVRYTHNG platform. EVRYTHNG makes it easy for consumer product brands to rapidly test and scale applications to deliver traceability, transparency, authenticity and reward tokens to customers through distributed ledger technology.

From the release: “Consumer brands want to use the immutability of blockchain technology to manage the integrity of their supply chains, provide product provenance information to consumers, and offer rewards and redemptions with cryptocurrencies and tokens,” said Niall Murphy, CEO and Co-founder of EVRYTHNG. “The EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub makes it easy to integrate blockchain capabilities with digitized consumer products at large scale, rapidly delivering applications and applying data intelligence.”

Link: EVRYTHNG press releases

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Merkle launches CRM 4.0 to boost personalization with Salesforce

Merkle has launched CRM 4.0 combining Merkle’s data and services with Salesforce. The new solution enables identity resolution and predictive consumer engagement across channels to make digital advertising more addressable, experiences more personal and the relationships clients have with consumers more direct across multiple touchpoints including marketing and commerce.

From the release: “As a Salesforce partner, Merkle’s leading people-based marketing solutions combined with Salesforce’s marketing and commerce technologies to continue to innovate the market for CRM solutions,” said David Skinner, senior vice president, strategic alliances and partnerships at Merkle.

Link: Business Wire

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