Woven launches as new calendar app using AI to allocate time

Woven app, an intelligent calendar for busy professionals was launched by the eponymous company co-founded by former Facebook CIO Timothy Campos and ex-Googler Burc Arpat. The application, available on both mobile and web pulls together every stage of the calendar lifecycle – planning, scheduling, preparation, meeting, and follow-up – and puts it into a cohesive view. It uses AI and a calendar graph engine to create “weaves” or plans for how the user should spend time.

From the release: “Time is our most valuable asset and yet it is critically underutilized,” said Tim Campos, Woven’s CEO. “We’ve long relied on the online calendar to help us allocate time, but it has essentially remained stagnant for a quarter of a century despite vast changes in how we work. Calendars are isolated, fragmented, cumbersome, and no longer suited for today’s busy, mobile workforce. The good news is we now have the capabilities – partly through AI – to transform how time is allocated by applying technology to create tools that are intelligent, collaborative, relevant, and content-oriented.”

Link: BusnessWire

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Autopilot adds customer journey mapping functions to platform

Autopilot is adding a “Annotate and Collaborate” feature to its platform for marketing automation. The new feature allows users, even remote teams, to work collaboratively on a visual whiteboard to complete a customer journey map until it is locked.

From the release: “Delivering a remarkable customer experience starts with teams across the entire organization collaborating to design personalized customer journeys. Marketers are already using Slack to share ideas, Google Docs to create content and Dropbox to upload files. However, when it comes to marketing automation, up until now, applications have restricted collaboration and the facilitation of creativity,” said Michael Sharkey, co-founder and CEO of Autopilot.

Link: Globe NewsWire

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PactSafe now enables live conversations to be made into legally-binding contracts

PactSafe, the online contracting tool allowing for mobile signatures, now integrates with Slack and Intercom. The new Chat-to-Sign feature in Slack allows for live conversations to be translated into legally-binding contracts.  The new application is available to all PactSafe customers.

From the release: “Contracting shouldn’t be a burden. As technology advances, our users are accessing different channels to communicate whether it’s through phone, messaging apps, live chat, or email,” said Eric Prugh, PactSafe co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “With Chat-to-Sign, we’re expanding our vision to deliver the tools our customers need to successfully create and complete personalized or standardized contracts no matter the location. We are committed to ensuring that contracts are no longer a hassle, but a process that can be as simple as a click or tap of a button.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Email slayer Slack acquires Astro for its email capabilities

Slack, the productivity app that has supplanted email for teams communicating internally, has acquired email company Astro. The acquisition will help connect email and calendaring to Slack, and in October, Astro will shut down Astro apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, and Slack.

From the release: “In Astro, we’re bringing on an incredible team that collectively have built the industry’s best mail and messaging tools like Zimbra, Acompli (acquired by Microsoft, and the foundation for Outlook Mobile), and Mumbo (acquired by LinkedIn). We see this as a natural next step as channel-based collaboration becomes the default way of working,” stated a Slack blog post.

Link: Slack Blog

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Docusign acquires SpringCM in move to automate enterprise agreement processes

DocuSign has entered into an agreement to acquire SpringCM, the cloud-based document generation and contract lifecycle management software company. The deal accelerates DocuSign’s broadening of its solution beyond e-signature to the rest of the agreement process, automating preparation, signing signing, acting-on, and managing agreements. Under the terms of the agreement, DocuSign will acquire SpringCM for approximately $220 million in cash.

From the release: “DocuSign pioneered the e-signature category, and has built a strong SaaS business around that capability. We’ve also started to offer solutions that connect and automate the entire agreement lifecycle,” said Dan Springer, CEO of DocuSign. “We’ve done this with SpringCM as a partner across hundreds of joint commercial and enterprise customers. And we have many more DocuSign customers asking us to provide these capabilities natively as part of our platform. That’s why we believe today’s announcement makes such great business sense.”

Link: DocuSign blog

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Slack acquires Stride and Hipchat

Slack and Atlassian, maker of Stride and Hipchat Cloud, have teamed up to go up against Microsoft. In the deal, Slack acquires Stride and Hipchat Cloud and all their messaging tools, both of which will be discontinued by Atlassian. HipChat users are currently being transitioned over to Slack, including Atlassian’s 2,600+ employees. Atlassian has made an equity investment in Slack.

From the release: “While we’ve made great early progress with Stride, we believe the best way forward for our customers and for Atlassian is to enter into a strategic partnership with Slack and no longer offer our own real-time communications products,” said Joff Redfern , Atlassian VP of Product Management.

Link: Atlassian Blog

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Product Hunt makes private chat available to all users

Product Hunt, the product discovery platform, has made its Chat function available to all users as a private messaging function. Chats can be public, restricted to a group, or between two users. Users may set individual chat settings (or turn them off entirely) and filter inboxes to avoid unwanted contact. The feature was an outgrowth of its comments section, where users shared email addresses to discuss products off the platform and in a private forum.

From the release: “Product Hunt Chat is now open to everyone. While you may not have a reason to message someone right now, we know Chat will be useful as people continue to discover products, share opinions in the comments, and get to know others in the community,” wrote Product Hunt Co-Founder Ryan Hoover on the Product Hunt Blog.

Link: Product Hut Blog

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Apttus launches ‘Middle Office’ platform Omni

Apttus has launched Omni, a platform for “Middle Office” operations improving efficiency of revenue, contract and procurement operations across an enterprise. Apttus Omni provides a single revenue view across an enterprise using a system that connects  front-office CRM and back-office ERP, streamlining everything from deal management, pricing, vendor acquisition and contract management.

From the release: “We live in a time of intense and continuous business evolution, where success is measured by the speed and volume of revenue generation,” said Kirk Krappe, Apttus CEO. “Rising to meet this challenge, Apttus Omni gives our customers the most sophisticated revenue operations platform in the world and maximizes the value between back- and front-office systems at every juncture. No other software provider has ever used technology in this way, or this comprehensively.”

Link: Apttus Press Room

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DialPad acquires TalkIQ, adding AI to UberConference platform

DialPad, producer of virtual meeting tool Uberconference, has acquired AI-powered TalkIQ, and its voice intelligence tools. Among the added features to Uberconference are real-time call transcription and smart notes, creating an instant written record of meeting notes or any conversation.

From the release: “AI-driven voice analytics represents a massive untapped opportunity in communications and we’re bringing it to life with TalkIQ’s unmatched technology and engineering talent,” said Craig Walker, Dialpad CEO. “With UberConference, we built a better virtual meeting; with Dialpad, we made a better business phone system. Now, with VoiceAI, we’ve built a smarter phone call. Real-time speech recognition and natural language processing open a range of new possibilities. We’ll use this powerful combination to innovate features across our product suite to save time, unlock insights and help people have better conversations.”

Link: PR Newswire

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