Salesforce adds voice assistant to Einstein platform

Salesforce has added voice capabilities to its Einstein platform. Launching in a private pilot this week, the Einstein voice assistant allows users to dictate notes and enter data. The assistant also lets users retrieve data from Salesforce using voice commands, and will compile readouts of Salesforce metrics via a smart speaker. The previous voice launch for Einstein, Voice Bots which users can configure to answer customer service questions on a smart speaker, launched this past summer.

From the release: “We’re in the midst of an incredible technological shift, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work,” said Parker Harris, co-founder and CTO of Salesforce. “Einstein Voice will usher in a new era of conversational CRM, delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.”

Link: ZDNet

Visit Salesforce Einstein on CabinetM.

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