10,000 MarTech products and a powerful way to manage them

CabinetM’s directory of marketing, sales and ad tech tools now exceeds 10,000 products, powering the industry’s most comprehensive platform for marketing operations teams managing the technology they use and finding the technology they need.
CabinetM makes it simple to find what you need.  The products in the directory are indexed across more than 350 categories so users can search for exactly what type of product they need, when they need it.
If you’re serious about getting your arms around your technology usage and spend, reach out to Erica Ross (eross@cabinetm.com) to learn more about our Enterprise platform.
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AdTheorent releases machine learning-based tool to score ad content

AdTheorent, which uses machine learning to deliver campaigns for marketers, has launched Advanced Predictive Creative for advertisers. APC uses machine learning models to score creative content in milliseconds. APC models score and construct the optimal combination of creative elements that are most likely to lead to a successful campaign action for each consumer.

From the release: “AdTheorent’s Advanced Predictive Creative solution is groundbreaking because unlike other rule-based offerings in market, APC is truly performance-driven,” said James Lawson, AdTheorent’s Chief Operating Officer. “AdTheorent’s technology, product and creative design teams have developed a creative delivery platform which complements AdTheorent’s industry-leading machine learning capabilities, allowing data-driven performance metrics to replace human assumption in the selection of creative elements delivered to consumers.”

Link: BusinessWire

Visit Advanced Predictive Creative on CabinetM.

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Stirista adds analytics on website visitors to B2B database

Digital marketing agency Stirista has launched Visitor ID Graph for its B2B lead generation tool. Using Stirista’s database of over 250 million verified data points, Visitor ID Graph is capable of identifying and providing detailed analytics about users’ website visitors, offering a demographic breakdown, income, name, credit ranges and personal interests. Because this information comes only from previously opted-in data shared by each person, personal privacy is retained.

From the release: “As companies continue to search for new ways to increase brand loyalty while competing with the likes of Walmart and Amazon, they should look inward towards their site visitors,” said Ajay Gupta, CEO of Stirista. “What Visitor ID Graph gives these site owners is the insight they need to create the unique and personalized experiences their customers can’t get anywhere else. With the data from Visitor ID Graph they can create a digital experience which fosters loyalty and ultimately sales.”

Link: BusinessWire

Visit Stirista Access on CabinetM.


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Gravy adds location data forensics to analytics platform

Gravy Analytics has updated its AdmitOne verification engine, which powers all its real-world location intelligence tools, to include location data forensics. All products have been enhanced with artificial intelligence to provide traceability to every location data signal to determine its veracity, ensuring accuracy.

From the release: “The range of uses for consumer mobile data – from market sizing and combating ad fraud, to attribution or city planning – means that a one-size-fits-all approach is simply not the answer,” said Jeff White, Gravy Analytics CEO. “With Gravy’s new location forensics technology, we’re eliminating the location data noise and providing customers more flexibility to choose the high quality data sets that work for them. This new capability not only increases confidence in our data – and our customers’ data – but also in the strategic value of the resulting intelligence.”

Link: Gravy Analytics Latest News

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What were the top MarTech products in 2018?

So. Many. MarTech. Stacks.

As marketers managed their marketing technology in 2018, they added new MarTech stacks to the CabinetM platform.

We took a look at the MarTech stacks added in 2018 to see what the trends were.

The most popular product to add to a marketing stack among CabinetM’s users in 2018 was Google Analytics. A free but powerful tool, Google Analytics is a perennial favorite.

Below are the top 50 tools in 2018. Is your favorite among CabinetM stacks?

  1. Google Analytics
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform
  5. WordPress
  6. Facebook
  7. Google Ads
  8. Crazy Egg
  9. Hoot-suite
  10. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  11. Instagram
  12. Google Tag Manager
  13. HubSpot Marketing Platform
  14. Hotter
  15. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  16. YouTube
  17. SEMrush
  18. Adobe Analytics
  19. Allocadia Marketing Performance Management (MPM)
  20. Canva
  21. Wistia
  22. Klaviyo
  23. Slack
  24. Optimizely
  25. Litmus:
  26. MailChimp
  27. AdRoll
  28. Moz Analytics
  29. SurveyMonkey
  30. GotoWebinar
  31. Typeform
  32. Adobe Creative Cloud
  33. Zapier
  34. JIRA Software
  35. BrightEdge SEO Platform
  36. Curata Curation Software
  37. Domo
  38. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  39. Marketo Accelerate
  40. Cvent Event Management Software
  41. BuzzSumo
  42. Engagio
  43. Workfront
  44. Drift
  45. Google Data Studio
  46. SendGrid
  47. Tableau Online
  48. Asana
  49. Drupal Platform
  50. Oracle Eloqua — Pardot (tie)

Remember, just because a tool is 50th — or 599th — on the list of products added to CabinetM stacks does not mean it is not central to a strategy. A wise enterprise builds a MarTech stack around the strategy, not the strategy to fit the tools available.

If you need help managing your marketing technology for 2019 and beyond, Erica Ross in our office can help. Contact her at eross@cabinetm.com.

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Cake by Accelerize launches agency to produce digital marketing campaigns

Cake, the Accelerize division that produced Journey by Cake, a marketing intelligence platform, has now launched an agency. The Journey Agency offers a broad, consultative approach to strategy and execution including media buying, creative design, product positioning, content creation and a host of other tactics to support a brand’s digital marketing initiatives.

From the release: “We are committed to our clients’ business needs first and foremost, and the creation of The Journey Agency allows us to focus on providing our clients with a sharper competitive edge,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer. “The advantage to working with CAKE is that we already understand our customers’ marketing objectives, audiences, and brands, so we can create a successful digital marketing strategy that uses the best combination of marketing technology and agency services to help them achieve their goals in the growing digital marketing landscape.”

Link: Associated Press

Visit The Journey Agency on CabinetM.

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Vidoomy adds contextual targeting to video advertising platform

Vidoomy, the video advertising platform, has added Contextual Video Targeting to its platform. The Contextual Video Targeting enables marketers looking to serve an ad related to the content the user is reading or the content of the video the user is watching. For example, If the user is reading an article related to the new hybrid car technologies on any website, Vidoomy`s technolgy will be able match that ad request to those specific campaigns associated with a category like automotive or motorsport.

From the release:  “We are clear that the key to success for any advertiser is to be able to impact the right user at the right time, which is why we have developed this new technology and we are completely confident that this new product will increase the profitability of all the campaigns of our advertisers,” said Marcos Cuesta, CEO of Vidoomy.

Link: PR Newswire

Visit Vidoomy on CabinetM.

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When your industry is Consumer Products, what does your marketing automation look like?

When we look at StackInsights, we can see what CPG companies add to their stacks on CabinetM. In this graphic, the larger products appear more often, and the smaller products appear less frequently.

However, each CPG company is different. The product that is less popular for one company can be the keystone for all the other MarTech platforms used by another company. No stack is more correct than the other, but we can see trends.

Are you a CPG looking to organize your marketing technology? When you’re ready to talk about ways to quickly manage your MarTech spend, Erica Ross at CabinetM is waiting. She’s at eross@cabinetm.com.

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What are the top layers of a MarTech stack?

On CabinetM, enterprises are building stacks to manage their marketing technology.

The individual layers of the stack – how each company organizes its marketing technology – are named by the user. Some companies organize their stacks by having a layer for each department. Some companies organize by having a layer for each function – lead gen, sales, etc.

What are the most popular layer names at this moment for those building stacks on CabinetM?

  1. Analytics
  2. Social Media
  3. CRM
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Blog
  6. Marketing Automation
  7. Leads
  8. Social
  9. Personalization
  10. Advertising

Remember, the person building the stack can name the stack and the layer anything they want – stacks should reflect the strategy of the enterprise.

If need help organizing your stack so you can see how your products integrate with each other so each layer of each stack is performing at its best, contact Erica Ross at CabinetM, at eross@cabinetm.com.

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