When you’re really big, what’s the automation you choose?

Really large enterprises with over 10,000 employees have marketing automation needs specific to their size – with teams working over time zones, across locations and even across languages, large enterprises truly need platforms that can scale.

So what does a large enterprises managing its MarTech on CabinetM at to its stack?

Here are the most popular products for large enterprises:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook
  5. Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform
  6. WordPress
  7. Adobe Analytics
  8. Google Ads
  9. Instagram
  10. Oracle Eloqua

As always, our caveat is that these are the most popular products added to stacks, but to any one enterprise, the 50thmost popular overall could be the most important platform in any one stack. MarTech stacks are like snowflakes: Each is different and built toward each organization’s strategy.

To help your start your MarTech stack, build your first one for free on CabinetM today. Erica Ross is available at eross@cabinetm.comto help.

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Use zombies to keep your marketing team on track

Marketer, you’re not alone.

We know you’re drawing up marketing plans you need your team to use. You’re pretty sure they haven’t read it yet.

You have written documentation to get people using the link between email and a CRM so all the data gets coded correctly. And you’re sure no one is reading that based on the questions you’re getting.

Worst of all? The script for your boss is left on her desk and in her email and you know that’s not being read.

How do you get them to read?


Personal story: I had to create a messaging bible for the Red Cross. I needed folks to use it if disaster struck. In the back of the book and in the table of contents I had clearly labeled “Crisis…Zombie Attack.” How did I know the book was at least acknowledged as to the contents? Those who looked asked if I had hit my head for writing about zombies.

This is the Brown M&M theory. When the band Van Halen was at its height, it had huge productions being staged in far-flung venues that were not used to having to have that many plugs for that many amps, or supports to hold a lead singer who would fly over the crowd.

In the middle of the technical contract was a rule there could be no brown M&Ms. If the band walked in and saw one brown M&M, they knew someone didn’t read the contract, and to keep everyone safe, they needed to review all the scaffolding and other works that had been set up by contractors at the venue.

If you have a lot of technical stuff you need people to actually read, throw in something notable that they would remark upon.

You too can include zombies in your instructions on how to use marketing technology tools, or your drafts of event calendars, or your lists of responsibilities the team needs to take on. Embed it in your work and you’ll know for sure, for everyone else’s sake, who has to be walked through the work to make sure everything gets done. After a while your team will play “spot the zombie” to prove they’re not the weakest link.

Not sure about it? Spot the zombie in this marketing glossary.

It worked, didn’t it?


Kat Powers is the editorial director at CabinetM. This piece was previously published at CabinetM in 2016. 

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Accenture acquires Australia’s leading Oracle Cloud provider, PrimeQ

PrimeQ, the leading Oracle Cloud provider in New Zealand and Australia, was acquired this week by Accenture. The acquisition bolsters Accenture’s leading Oracle capabilities and helps deliver new value to clients by accelerating their digital transformation through Oracle Cloud.

From the release: “PrimeQ has extensive experience implementing Oracle SaaS Cloud solutions, which complements Accenture’s established credentials across the Oracle Cloud portfolio,” said James Madigan, who leads Accenture’s Oracle business in Australia and New Zealand. “They are a highly valued Oracle ecosystem partner, bringing an impressive track record and top talent that will help drive significant results for our clients.”

Link: Accenture

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CX agency Hero Digital acquires rival Clock Four

Hero Digital, an agency focused on advising clients on investing in customer experience, has acquired Clock Four, and its expertise in customer experience strategy and brand activation. As part of the deal, Clock Four’s CEO Jon Eberly joins Hero Digital as Executive Vice President. Both agencies are based in San Francisco.

“Our clients, chiefly CMOs and their organizations, are making huge investments in CX. The current market demands agencies to be wide enough to scale to support across Fortune 1000 businesses, but nimble enough to make a fast impact,” wrote Dave Kilimnik, CEO, Hero Digital on the company blog. “Adding Clock Four to the Hero team augments our ability to deliver on that demand and continue to grow alongside the companies we’re proud to call our clients.”

Link: Hero Digital Perspectives

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Sovrn acquires affiliate marketing company VigLink

Sovrn, a platform for publishers looking to engage audiences, is acquiring VigLink, which supports content-driven-commerce with leverage, insight, and automation. Sovrn operates a platform of products and services across more than 25,000 websites, and the acquisition of VigLink will bring the entire Sovrn portfolio to more than 50,000 sites with a reach of more than 250M daily active consumers.

From the release: “Sovrn Commerce will allow publishers of all shapes and sizes to tap into the entire customer journey, rewarding them for the interest and intent they’ve created. This means more insights, more opportunities—and ultimately more revenue for the publishers that deserve it,” wrote Walter Knapp, Sovrn CEO in the announcement.

Link: Sovrn

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Accenture Interactive Programmatic Services boosted by acquisition of Adaptly

Accenture has announced it will acquire Adaptly, a digital media services company based in New York City. The acquisition will support Accenture interactive Programmatic and its ability to activate, optimize and measure media across platforms .

From the release: “Brands now have the opportunity to deliver more value through ads that are relevant to consumer identities and social contexts,” said Scott Tieman, global head of Programmatic Services, Accenture Interactive. “Consistent with our mission to create, build and run the best customer experiences on the planet, Adaptly will complement our full suite of experience services and enhance our ability to deliver better, faster and more effective advertising campaigns.”

Link: Accenture Newsroom

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Formstack acquires QuickTapSurvey

Formstack has acquired QuickTapSurvey and its mobile and offline survey tools. The acquisition boosts Formstack’s investment in mobile forms and mobile offline data capture tools. QuickTapSurvey will remain a standalone mobile survey tool.

From the release: “We sometimes take for granted the availability of internet access in all locations; many of our customers have had no choice but to collect data on paper because they work in underserved rural areas,” said Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. “QuickTapSurvey has given aid workers in Eastern Congo access to the same technology as sales reps in New York. We look forward to developing the next generation of data capture tools together.”

Link: Martech Advisor

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ChainFront launched to solve blockchain lost “wallet problem”

ChainFront has launched it public APIs for managing blockchain wallets. Anyone building applications that interact with blockchain data and assets implementing ChainFront’s API-as-a-Service can backup keys to access their cryptocurrency. ChainFront utilizes Vault by HashiCorp, a secret key management and data protection tool with code-loading support and a virtual Hardware Security Module.

From the release: “Before Coinbase, previous attempts at centralized private key management were poorly implemented, resulting in many of the exchange hacks that have dominated the press over the course of Bitcoin’s history, such as Mt. Gox,” said ChainFront cofounder Darryl Anderson. “Coinbase proved that eliminating the wallet can drive mass adoption while also proving that secure, centralized key management can be accomplished. ChainFront brings this capability to any blockchain project on either public or private blockchains. The self serve platform is available live on Stellar today and Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin, and other various permissioned blockchains coming soon.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Advangelists merges with Mobiquity Technologies, launches new features

Advangelists announced it has officially merged with Mobiquity Technologies, and launched new features for the Advangelist platform. The new feature, set, named Savitr,  is available exclusively through the Advangelists platform. Savitr allows marketers to analyze the potential number of mobile application and web users within 5.5 Million predefined locations including 4000 retail chains, and to subsequently target them with contextually relevant advertising.

From the release: “Advertisers can now immediately understand the size and reach of a media opportunity targeting their in-store customers, or evaluate a competitive media conquesting opportunity,” said Lokesh Mehta, CTO Advangelists. “And with the measurement tool, we give them immediate insight into how those campaigns perform.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Trello acquires Butler to fully automate workflow tools

Trello has acquired Butler, a “power-up” tools created for Trello by developer Oscar Triscon. Triscon will join Trello, bringing with him the tool to dictate automation processes in a way similar to how Alexa is used at home. With the new integration, anyone can write rules for their Trello boards using words and logic—no code required. Butler will eventually be available to all users, but Business Class and Enterprise customers can expect more advanced capabilities and higher usage thresholds.

Link: Trello Blog

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