Ingram Micro ONE launches service for channel partners

Agency Ingram Micro ONE announced the launch of its new digital marketing program Ingram Micro Partner Connect. Designed to enable channel partners to establish a meaningful digital presence for their brands, the new program simplifies the complexities of digital marketing with personalized, premium digital marketing content delivered as-a-service.

From the release: “Making the move to digital marketing is a must for channel partners looking to build their brand and grow their business,” said Dennis Crupi, executive director, Marketing, Ingram Micro.  “Supported by Ingram Micro’s world-class and experienced digital marketing team, Ingram Micro Partner Connect addresses this gap and simplifies digital content marketing, making it easy for resellers to enhance their digital presence with personalized content, targeted Google Ad Word campaigns and real-time analytics.”

Link: Ingram

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IBM acquires open source cloud leader Red Hat

IBM has announced it is acquiring Red Hat, leading provider of open source cloud software. The acquisition positions IBM to accelerate hybrid multi-cloud adoption among its clients. Red Hat will become an individual unit within IBM’s Hybrid Cloud platform.

From the release: “The acquisition of Red Hat is a game-changer. It changes everything about the cloud market,” said Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “IBM will become the world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider, offering companies the only open cloud solution that will unlock the full value of the cloud for their businesses.

Link: PR Newsletter

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StackMates: What’s in a stack with Widen Digital Asset Management platform?

What tools does the MarTech user pair most often with Widen’s Digital Asset Management Platform?

CabinetM aggregated data from hundreds of live marketing stacks across the B2B and B2C sprectrum exposes the most common marketing technology products used alongside anchor technology platforms. Tools that appear more often are larger and closer to the center. Those that appear smaller on the graphic appear less often – but it’s important to note that no two stacks are the same and that tools that appear less frequently may be vital to the operations of the enterprises using them.

So what do we see with Widen’s platform?

  • Social media is key. Content managers using Widen also have significant sharing platforms often in their stack.
  • Nearly as common are the major automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce.
  • Widen is a key enabler for personalization programs and used alongside tools that give a complete view of customers (Infor, Amobee) and those that scale personalization (Bazaar Voice, Confirmit)

Widen’s Digital Asset Management Platform powers brand management, creative workflows, and content lifecycles for many of the world’s most influential brands.  Widen’s team is focused on making it easy for their customers to access the right content, for the right customer, at the right time.

CabinetM and Widen are offering a free webinar on Mapping Your MarTech Stack. Jake Athey, VP of Marketing at Widen, and Anita Brearton, founder and CEO of CabinetM, will discuss: Best practices for building and managing marketing technology stacks; Digital Asset Management’s crucial role in your MarTech stack; and Identifying overlap in your marketing tools. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing technology investments. Register and then join us on Oct. 31, 2018, at 12 p.m. EST. 

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Bluecore acquires Indian customer intelligence platform Betaout

Betaout, the Indian customer intelligence and marketing automation platform for e-commerce companies, has been acquired by US-based retail technology marketing firm Bluecore. The acquisition will help Bluecore expand to India by establishing an innovation and engineering hub ‘Bluecore India’.

From the release: “Betaout brings expertise in channels beyond email, like Facebook, onsite, mobile push, SMS, that are critical to the future of the retail marketing tech stack,” said Bluecore co-founder and CEO Fayez Mohamood.

Link: ET Tech

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Merkle launches Voice Active Listening for search

Merkle has entered into search with Voice Active Listening, a first-of-its kind voice-search discovery tool that leverages machine learning to help brands scale and prioritize content opportunities for voice discovery. Using its voice query engine, Merkle submits voice query inputs and analyzes voice agent responses to learn which brands appear first in a search. The data is then rated and prioritized against influencer websites and keywords, and Merkle’s team of data scientists and SEO experts works with brands to determine and prioritize content opportunities for voice discovery.

From the release: “When it comes to voice search, brands just don’t know where they stand and lack real awareness,” says Matthew Mierzejewski, senior vice president, search capability lead at Merkle. “That is why we developed our Voice Active Listening product. Because of our unique ability to combine machine learning and technology with defined SEO strategy, we are well positioned to help brands take advantage of voice search discovery.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Skyword, TrackMaven merge

Skyword, the content marketing platform and content services company, is merging with TrackMaven, maker of marketing insights tools. The combined company, going forward as Skyword, is expected to integrate industry benchmarking and insight into the content planning, creation, and activation process.

From the release: “We’re incredibly excited to join forces with the TrackMaven team,” said Tom Gerace, Skyword founder and CEO. “In January of this year, Skyword raised $30 million to execute on our growth strategy and product vision. In June, we announced the next generation of our content marketing platform—Skyword360, which powers a unified model for creating extraordinary content experiences. TrackMaven shares this vision. Combining our organizations accelerates our growth and product strategies and gives customers a solution that no other company can match.”

Link: Skyword

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Google updates Analytics with intelligence tools

Google has announced significant new updates to its popular Analytics product. Google Analytics users can now access Google InMarket Leads, which is able to capture data and the digital footprint of over 130 million companies, including which products and services they are searching for on Google. Google Analytics users can also leverage the feature called Analytics Intelligence, which uses machine learning to help users better understand and act on data to make better marketing decisions.

Link: PR Newswire

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Oracle releases Data Cloud Solution for B2B Marketers

Oracle has released it’s new offering, Data Cloud Solution for B2B Marketers. The new solution enables account-based marketing (ABM) for sales outreach to contacts at small and mid-size businesses across 48 industry and sub-industry segments, offering similar outreach tools to those used by larger organizations. Oracle Data Cloud’s data marketplace was created to help marketers build their ideal SMB audiences at scale, then activate those audiences across every major platform and the open web. Enterprise B2B marketers can build custom SMB audiences by onboarding their own first-party data or CRM files, then use Oracle data to find other relevant contacts at the same companies. By integrating this data into their digital marketing efforts, B2B marketers can use the same powerful ABM tools for outreach to both large companies and smaller businesses.

From the release: “Most data and tools for digital B2B marketing have focused on large companies while ignoring the millions of smaller companies who make up the vast majority of US businesses,” said Niraj Deo, vice president, product & data Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud. “This SMB data solution levels the playing field for B2B marketers so they can identify, reach, and manage their sales and marketing programs for both large organizations and the smaller businesses who can drive their growth. By combining their own CRM data with Oracle’s syndicated and custom segments, B2B marketers can use advanced account-based marketing capabilities for this massive, but underserved, universe of SMBs.”

Link: Oracle Press Releases

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Salesforce updates Pardot with engagement tools, single logon

Salesforce has announced updates to its Pardot program to add greater engagement and simplicity. Salesforce is releasing Pardot in the Lightning Platform and a unified, singular login so that there are no separate users for Pardot and Salesforce. The Engagement studio feature, which allows for lead nurturing and engagement programs, is updated to allow prospects to enrolling programs more than once, a copy-paste function to for Engagement Studio’s Canvas, and a date filter in the reporting tab to check program performance by date.

Link: Martech Series

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Accenture Interactive acquires Brazilian agency New Content

To strengthen its customer experience services, Accenture Interactive has agreed to acquire New Content, an independent Brazilian content marketing agency. The agency helps clients with all aspects of the content lifecycle – from content strategy, creation and production to the underlying technology, governance and content operations needed to bring impactful campaigns to life. The acquisition will enhance Accenture Interactive’s ability to serve its clients in Latin America with branded and strategic content.

From the release: “We believe that engaging, meaningful content is a strategic foundation of marketing today and one of the most effective ways to connect people and brands,” said Anatoly Roytman, head of Accenture Interactive – Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. “Time is a precious commodity in the digital age, and consumers expect personally curated experiences from brands. When we connect our ability to create relevant content with innovative customer experiences and the intelligent use of data, it becomes a powerful combination for driving brand loyalty.”

Link: BusinessWire

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