Brands can now send gifts for loyal customers via Amazon Moments

Amazon has launched Moments, a self-service tool allowing brands to reward customers with  both physical and digital rewards. The tool drives loyalty and retention when customers complete high-value actions, sending digital or physical rewards designated by the brand. Moments tracks customer actions in real time, and rewards shipped by Amazon right to the customer’s doorstep.

Link: “With Moments, Amazon is reinventing the way companies approach marketing by letting them turn engagement campaigns into rewarding moments that drive long-term value,” said Amir Kabbara, head of Amazon Moments, in a statement. “Moments removes complexity for developers by packaging reward programs into a simple, self-service console that lets marketers set up campaigns quickly without worrying about reward sourcing, management, or fulfillment.”

Link: VentureBeat

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Domo launches suite of tools for publishers, media buyers

Domo has launched Domo Media Suite, a platform for media buyers and publishers consolidating complex systems and data sets. Demo Media Suite consists of three products to help the entire media and marketing ecosystem. The Programmatic Revenue App, Programmatic Buying App, and a campaign wrap-up report that simplifies the time-consuming and repetitive task of campaign performance reporting.

From the release: “The Domo Media Suite leverages the power of the Domo platform, which was built over several years, to digitally connect all the data, systems and people in an organization,” said Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo. “When deployed, and when an entire organization is connected through one platform, it’s easy to apply services like data science, machine learning or centralized governance and control, to make the benefits of true digital transformation more powerful and much easier to realize.”

Link: Domo News

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Skimlinks now adds AMP traffic to its network

Skimlinks, which matches eCommerce content marketers with publishers seeking to monetize links on their platforms, is now enabling links through Accelerated Mobile Pages. The feature opens up a new revenue opportunity for publishers looking to monetize Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) traffic. Skimlinks reports 33 percent of revenue in its mobile network comes from mobile content.

From the release: “Our AMP solution is inspired by AMP’s own mission to improve the mobile experience: It will enable publishers to bring their quality product advice to more readers and be fairly rewarded for the role they play in inspiring purchases at retailers,” Said Skimlinks CEO Sebastien Blanc. “AMP now powers over 4 billion web pages around the world and with this solution we’re confident we can give commerce content a place on the smartphones where more and more readers engage with editorial publishers’ content.”

Link: Skimlinks Blog

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CabinetM Launches an Interactive Direct MailMarketing Technology Stack

CabinetM is pleased to introduce the Direct Mail Technology Stack, the second in a series of interactive Marketing Technology stacks. Designed as an easy-to-use category reference, this stack represents our current view of the Direct Mail marketing technology category. CabinetM is grateful to Ray Van Iterson, USPS Manager of Innovation and Product Development, and Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics, for all their help creating and structuring this stack.

  • The stack is dynamic. As new email platforms are launched or retired, and email companies are acquired, the stack will be updated to reflect those changes.
  • The stack is interactive. Click through each logo to see a product overview, access a vendor’s website and connect with a vendor sales representative.

“Because we tend to associate direct mail with offline marketing, we don’t often see direct mail as a layer in marketing technology stacks, said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM, but the reality is that like other marketing programs, there is now an abundance of technology available to support creating, personalizing, delivering, and tracking direct mail. As marketingteams adopt thesetechnologies,we’ll see Direct Mail emerge as a critical layer in advanced marketing technology stacks.”

Designed to be helpful in sourcing new products for the direct mail marketing layer of anyone’s technology stack, this stack resides within the Direct Mail categories in the CabinetM product directory.

For more on leveraging direct mail technology in your stack, check out this blog post
from Gary Reblin, VP Product Innovation, USPS.

Vendors, this stack makes it easy to position yourproducts in your category ecosystem. If you need to update your product information, please claim your profile on CabinetM.

Help us keep this stack up to date. Let us know if we’ve missed a product or category, have categorized something incorrectly, or if you have suggestions for improving our categorization. Please contact Kat Powers at

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Salesforce updates Health Cloud with personalization tools

Salesforce Health Cloud, the CRM giant’s platform for the healthcare industry, has added features to expand personalized healthcare. With Field Service Lightning for Health Cloud, home health organizations can connect to the same patient records available in hospitals. Also added were campaign tools for patient outreach and fields to capture critical “social determinant information” such as whether patients have access to transportation.

From the release: “Our industry continues to centralize and integrate patient data, but it is critical that we stay focused on improving the patient experience,” said Ashwini Zenooz, MD, SVP & GM of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. “By surfacing critical factors of a patient’s life in a single view, we empower care providers to personalize patient care experiences and improve outcomes with the world’s most trusted CRM technology.”

Link: PR Newswire

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LiveRamp adds Connected TV solution to its identity platform

LiveRamp has added linking Connected TV identifiers to the LiveRamp omnichannel identity graph. The update means marketers. TV programmers and media platforms can use LiveRamp’s single, ubiquitous identifier to stitch together the Connected TV ecosystem, resolving customers’ identity across platforms and devices.

From the release: “Today, TV and digital strategies are rapidly converging. As the leader in digital identity resolution and addressable TV matching, LiveRamp is perfectly positioned to extend our capabilities and expertise into Connected TV,” stated Allison Metcalfe, GM of TV, LiveRamp. “Since day one, our mission has been to make marketing addressable and actionable – no matter the channel. By integrating our IdentityLink solution with CTV audiences, we’re delivering on our omnichannel promise for both buyers and sellers,” added Metcalfe.

Link: BusinessWire

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Influencer platform Mavrck adds safety ratings to content

Influencer platform Mavrck has added content warnings to its platform so brands can help measure risk factors while partnering with influencers. The warnings for suggestive content, profanity and violence have four ratings for high, medium, low or blank (for no rating).

From the release: “Brand safety is a top priority for every major company right now, and filtering influencer content has to take different levels of risk into account based on each brand’s values and tolerance,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO of Mavrck. “Mavrck developed an automated way to flag risky content and rate it based on its potential impact on a brand, while also empowering the brand to decide if an influencer is a good fit. We feel that simply removing or hiding influencers who have risky content from our index is not a transparent practice and is a narrow-minded approach to helping brands to create content that consumers trust. We have found that, for some brands, a little risk drives revenue.”

Link: Yahoo! Finance

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Facebook adds features for businesses to communicate on platform

To make it easier for businesses on Facebook to communicate with customers, Facebook Business is launching two new features. Businesses can now use Pages to participate in Facebook Groups and join community discussions as that business, not just as an individual. Businesses can also receive and respond to Instagram Direct messages from a Business Facebook Page Inbox on a desktop or mobile device through the Pages Manager app.

Link: Facebook Business Announcements

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Citizen Developer, we have tools for you

It used to be that to build software to send bulk emails, make a report out of telephone data, add up the number of conversions in a week, what have you, you needed to be able to write sophisticated code. Lacking that skill you needed to buy something that fit right out of the box, or you needed to throw weight around to get on IT’s developer calendar. Those days are gone, and the days of the Citizen Developer are here.

Need a tool you can quickly customize with zero or almost-zero coding? Increasingly sophisticated tools are being developed with back ends that are drag-and-drop for the Citizen Developer. Here’s a few examples:

Tools for Citizen Developers

Quickbase Low-Code Platform for Citizen Development is an online tool that empowers non-developers with the ability to design and launch their own custom apps, automatically fully optimized for mobile. It’s a guided, wizard-based drag-and-drop interface that automatically creates app workflows, making it easy to publish time-saving, streamlined automation for a variety of tasks.
BEST FEATURES: Quickbase’s platform allows relatively low-skill users to create and prototype apps in real time while avoiding burning IT Department time.
PRICING: Tiered pricing plans start at $15 per month per user, starting at 10 users.


Formidable Forms is a form creation and content management plugin for WordPress. With Formidable, WordPress users can quickly and easily create and incorporate any kind of form into a WordPress site. Users of any skill level can create and insert contact forms, registration forms, feedback forms, and many others, with no code required.
BEST FEATURES: Connects data from forms to other programs like MailChimp (email) or Highrise (customer database) without tons of code.
PRICING: Packages range from $34 to $397 for an enterprise with up to 200 websites.


SkyVisualEditor is for marketers looking to make Salesforce pages work for them without a developer. Make Visualforce pages with advanced functionality that simply would be impossible to make with Salesforce’s default layouts, not by coding from scratch, but using an intuitive drag & drop WYSIWYG studio.
BEST FEATURE: Use SkyVisualEditor’s templates and layouts as a starting point for your pages. When you’re finished designing your page, simply deploy it directly to your Salesforce organization for use. Assign the Visualforce page to any location you would like to use it.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Kameloon automates A/B testing and optimization. The software includes: a DMP coupled with powerful predictive algorithms to customize site content and sales management and a library of templates for real-time marketing messages. Kameleoon has been designed to allow marketing teams to manage the maximum number of test cases without writing a single line of code or seeking assistance from your technical team. No technical knowledge is required. Users can modify text, color, product images, button sizes, banners, block placement without technical knowledge.
BEST FEATURES: Not a bug — anonymity is preserved because IP addresses or personal data are not stored.
PRICING: QuickStart is 50 Euro per month for 15,000 tested visitors per month; Learner is 150 Euro per month for 65,000 tested visitors per month; Standard is 400 Euro per month for 200,000 tested visitors per month; Premium is 600 Euro per month for 300,000 tested visitors per month; and Enterprise is available with custom pricing.

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