Atlassian acquires enterprise agile planning platform AgileCraft

Atlassian, provider of collaboration and productivity tools, announced it will acquire AgileCraft, a provider of enterprise agile planning software. AgileCraft helps enterprise organizations build and manage a ‘master plan’ of their most strategic projects and workstreams. The acquisition of AgileCraft will allow Atlassian to connect the work of its productivity tools, such as Jira to customers’ outcomes of the entire enterprise and is expected to add approximately $1-2 million to Atlassian’s revenue.

From the release: “We know loads of time is wasted collecting status updates across hundreds of agile teams, getting unstructured snapshots of capacity, and trying to measure value generation. These challenges require a different set of tools – ones that give leaders critical visibility and allow them to adapt in a timely way,” wrote Scott Farquhar, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian. “We’ve heard from our enterprise customers that these problems are really hard to tackle – and they need our help along the way. That’s why we’re excited to share we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire AgileCraft, a leader in enabling scaled agile transformations. Many Atlassian customers, including AT&T, Anthem, NCR, TIAA, and Duke Energy trust AgileCraft to scale their teams’ agile practices.”

Link: Atlassian Blog

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Oracle adds machine learning tools to cloud platforms

Oracle has updated a number of cloud applications, including the Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud and CX Cloud. Within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud, Oracle is adding new machine learning-based tools,  including an expense reporting assistant, a project management digital assistant, and advanced financial controls such as continuous analysis of transactions. The Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud is now enables personalized and on-the-go experiences for all users, including candidates and recruiters to HR professionals, managers and employees.

From the release: “We continue to grow revenue faster than market and we have an enormous opportunity ahead of us in ERP and HCM,” co-CEO Mark Hurd said.

Link: ZDNet

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BlueVenn launches new CDP Unify

BlueVenn has launched Unify, a Customer Data Platform with a focus on data loading and tools for non-technical users to automate the ingestion and transformation of data into the platform. The data management of Unify was previously only available as part of BlueVenn’s complete customer analytics and campaign management solution, but has now been decoupled from the complete solution and available as a plug and play platform that organizations can purchase on its own.

From the release: “BlueVenn Unify enables the marketing team to connect to infinite data sources, real-time or batch, and automate the deduplication, cleansing and consolidation of their data. It scales from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of customer records, and as new data sources or channels become available, adding them is a simple process for the marketing team to load and link them into Unify. Marketers are stifled in their ability to work with data effectively and it leads to inaccurate insights, untargeted marketing and too much time manually wrestling with their data day-by-day,” Steve Klin, BlueVenn’s CEO said. “Unify will be transformational for these businesses!“

Link: Martech Series

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Teikametrics updates Flywheel to automate hourly bidding on Amazon

Teikametrics Flywheel, the advertising bidding platform purpose-built to use with Amazon Advertising, has updated its platform with Flywheel Hourly Bidding, a tool that examines each ad target  and evaluates whether it has the best bid, multiple times a day. The Bidder only changes bids when needed after verifying each ad target, like a keyword, several times a day.

From the release: “If you’ve never driven a Lamborghini (or one of its equally exalted cousins), you should try it, at least once in your life. And if you’re selling on Amazon and have never experienced what it’s like to have an hourly algorithmic bidder handle your ad spend, you should give the Teikametrics Flywheel platform a test-drive,” wrote Aatish Salvi, chief technical officer for Teikametrics on the company blog.

Link: Learn Teikametrics

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Filecamp adds new user interface to Digital Asset Management platform

Filecamp, the browser-based Digital Asset Management and artwork approval tool, has updated its platform with a new user interface that is responsive and mobile-ready. Filecamp has also updated a number of features as it switched to the Google Cloud Platform set up data centers in four regions around the world. Filecamp added new levels of user permissions and multiple users can be invited with just a few clicks.  Filecamp also added custom branding, custom pages, advanced served tags and an auto-suggest feature for new image recognition tags.

From the release: “In the new Filecamp, we have found the perfect balance in meeting our customers feature requests and still maintain Filecamp’s position as the preferred alternative to the more complex and old fashion DAM solutions out there,” said Jesper Faurby, CEO and Co-founder. “The first reactions on the new Filecamp have been extremely positive, and we actually believe that the new Filecamp will be a game changer in the global DAM market.”
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Flying to the MarTech West Conference? Here’s how you get prepared

If you’re going to the big MarTech West Conference in San Jose, you’re going to have to be focused. There’s a lot of big charts, there are a lot of ideas, and if you’re looking for wisdom about marketing technology, there will be more than a few folks who want to share their own plan.

But we all know that out of the 11,000+ MarTech, AdTech and FinTech tools out there, not every product will fit your strategy. How do you choose?

Let us help in three steps.

Step one. We’ll mail you a bound copy of Attack Your Stack, a workbook by CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton. While everyone else is turning off their devices you can be planning out the way you want to manage your marketing technology stack. We’ll happily mail you a copy or send you a link to the version you can download.

Step two. At the MarTech Conference, at 3:10 on April 4, CabinetM President Sheryl Schultz will be speaking on the panel “When Stacks Collide: Rationalizing the Marketing Stack in a Merger & Acquisition Environment.” She’ll be joining Zack Alves Senior Manager, Marketing Technology and Operations, Plantronics and Justin Sharaf Director, Marketing Operations, LogMeIn.

Step three. Let us demonstrate what CabinetM can do for you. If your plane has wifi, sign up to see how you can manage your marketing technology. Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how you can save time and money across your enterprise.

See? Easy as 1-2-3. Any of the above steps will help you get your arms around the technology you have and find the technology you need. Make the most out of your trip to the MarTechWest Conference!

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Neurala updates Brain Builder with visual tagging capabilities

Neurala has updated its AI-creation tool Brain Builder to include custom vision solutions. Users may now upload images to Brain Builder, leverage the platform’s annotation tool to tag data, and the platform will train as they tag. The platform automatically creates an AI solution that’s custom-fit for businesses’ specific use cases and can evolve with the businesses’ changing needs.

From the release: “While investments in AI have increased exponentially in recent years, a staggering 91 percent of organizations still face significant barriers to adoption, including a lack of IT infrastructure and a shortage of AI experts,” said Dr. Massimiliano Versace, CEO and co-founder of Neurala. “These challenges are compounded by the fact that every company has their own unique data, use cases, workflows and problems they wish to solve, which demand customized – and resultantly complex – AI solutions.”

Link: BusinessWire

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LogMeIn launches GoToConnect communications platform

LogMeIn has added GoToConnect to its Unified Communications and Collaboration suite, now relaunched as GoTo. GoToConnect is a fully-integrated application for workers to easily connect and communicate – both internally and externally – via a web browser or a downloadable desktop app. GoToConnect integrates the power and reliability of GoToMeeting and Jive to provide users with professional web, audio and video conferencing, presence, VoIP calling, SMS/text messaging, visual voicemail and more all in one application. The flagship products on the GoTo platform are GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

From the release: “End users in an organization are demanding a single, simple, consumer experience for all their audio, video, and chat communications – whether on mobile, desk phone, desktop, or in-room. At the same time, IT leaders and business owners want a single deployment and management experience from a single partner that they can trust to help them manage their complex UCC needs,” said Mark Strassman, SVP and General Manager, UCC at LogMeIn. “Our new UCC solution is simple, elegant, intuitive and backed by a trusted global brand to meet the needs of business leaders and end-users. Today’s announcement brings the best of LogMeIn’s meetings, webinars, and room solutions, and integrates it with its award-winning cloud telephony and messaging solutions, all under one brand- GoTo.”

Link: Globe Newswire

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Apple acquires smartphone app company

In a move said to boost its Siri app, Apple has acquired machine learning startup Laserlike. Laserlike had built a smartphone app, now no longer available in Google and Apple’s mobile app stores, that let users follow topics in which they were interested, such as news, music and sports. The team from Laserlike has joined Apple’s new artificial intelligence group headed by Senior Vice President John Giannandrea.

Link: The Information

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Amazon Advertising adds enhancements to DSP

Amazon Advertising has updated its DSP, streamlining operations in the following areas: navigation, bulk editing, custom reporting, and creative moderation. Among the new features is the ability to bulk edit the domain, audience, and location targeting settings for line items. Users can also customize the Amazon DSP report center selecting the exact columns to include. Once a user runs a custom report, it will appear in the report center and will be emailed to the recipients you specify.

Link: Amazon Advertising Blog

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