CampaignDrive (by Pica9)

CampaignDrive (by Pica9)

Location-based Marketing

Content Creation & Distribution

Great For
Designers and brand managers

Suitable For
B2B, B2C

Pica9 adds content management capabilities to CampaignDrive, a marketing resource management (MRM) solution. Features enable designers and brand managers to fine-tune their templates for local marketing success

Three things to know:
  • New Add Tag Button inserts complex tags to automatically update documents with relevant information. This helps local marketers to understand their content options for documents and define what parts of templates are editable
  • Also two new content tags allow designers to mark certain fields as mandatory to alert users where to insert appropriate content before finalizing the documents
  • The Required Field and Required Change tags give designers the assurance that the branded local marketing templates stay within design boundaries

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