Advertising Platform Offers a Modular Approach (by AOL)

Advertising Platform Offers a Modular Approach (by AOL)

Advertising: Buying, Serving & Management

Customer Acquisition, Branding

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Advanced content and distribution capabilities enables publishers to better manage their ad inventory.

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B2B, B2C, Agency

AOL unveils a new, modular advertising platform combining the individual publisher technologies that it has acquired over the last year. One by AOL: Publishers includes features that address the rise in video content and the increasing use of mobile devices.

Three things to know:
  • Includes a video activation solution for publishers with video management and curation tools built to expand video distribution opportunities across desktop, mobile and over-the-top devices
  • Analyzes patterns in pricing, audience, and inventory, enabling publishers to build more valuable segments of audiences and inventory packages
  • Coincides with AOL’s latest acquisition of AlephD, a provider of automatic identification for each ad impression’s best price

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