Carusele Creates New Influencer Marketing ROI White Paper


Carusele, an industry leader in Influencer and Content Marketing, has announced its latest release, a new whitepaper entitled: “5 Ways to Effectively Measure Your Influencer Marketing Campaign.”

Category: Content Marketing, Email Marketing

Function: Syndication, Branded Content

From the PR Newswire press release:

“The white paper explains a unique customer journey attribution reporting method custom built for the industry. ‘This white paper helps brands focus their efforts and expenditures on metrics that really matter.  We found that influencer marketing touches every segment of the customer engagement journey – from the pre-purchase phases of awareness and evaluation right through to post-purchase usage, loyalty, advocacy and hopefully repeat purchase,’ Tobin said. ‘By displaying them in this unique way, our clients get valuable attribution information.  This model helps clearly illustrate that for each of these phases, different metrics should be used to assess the success of campaigns.’”

Link to the full press release: