Coupon Tools for Savvy Marketers

Who doesn’t love to save money? Who wouldn’t love to lure a new customer by offering a discount – what used to be called “cents off” – to try out a new product?

You can make those deals immediately available to a customer thinking about buying. Your customer can be told a 2-for-1 deal awaits them inside, or you can even text a code to a customer to give that shopper a percentage off a deal before your buyer walks inside your doors.

Shopping online removes the need to even walk in the doors – coupons can bring a shopper right to your site to redeem a discount for a product or shipping that product directly to your customers’ hands.

Not only do customers want coupons, they want to find them on their phones. Studies note consumers search more for coupons via mobile app than in print, with mobile apps being the top place to find coupons.

You’ll note 42.8% of consumers turn to mobile apps when seeking out coupons, while 35.9% look to print. And 82% of consumers say digital coupons are a convenient option compared to printed coupons.

Following are MarTech solutions for the marketer looking to offer a deal.


Elastic Path is an eCommerce solution providing digital marketers with the flexibility to promote offerings throughout the entire discovery and shopping experience – including a wide variety of coupon types. Pricing can be personalized alongside marketing content, empowering merchants to create effective, real-time pricing strategies based on audience, campaign, purchase history, and other customer-based scenarios. Elastic Path also includes advanced catalog solution for easy management of complex product lists.
BEST FEATURE: Advanced and responsive pricing engine for personalized pricing.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Coupontools is a mobile coupon marketing platform where users can create and distribute redeemable, trackable and valid mobile discount coupons and deals. Features include a mobile coupon ad builder where users can specify the action needed from the customer to receive the discount. Users can enable and disable print/save options, and it offers a cross-media platform for coupon distribution including email, SMS, social, and in-app.
BEST FEATURES: Scratch & Win coupons include gamification to engage customers.
PRICING: Packages start at $49 monthly for two campaigns with embedded analytics.


Aislelabs Pass is a creative campaign creation tool based on mobile wallet coupons and Apple’s Passbook passes. Retailers and other stores can easily manage a catalog of Passes and coupons with a user-friendly dashboard and attribute sales back to specific email campaigns, social media marketing, and physical displays.
BEST FEATURES: Cloud infrastructure to deliver personalized hyper-local mobile marketing experiences.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CodeBroker offers an omnichannel mobile marketing platform used by the nation’s top retailers to drive revenue and increase foot traffic via personalized one-time-use coupons, text message marketing, and a digital coupon wallet. With the CodeBroker platform you can take advantage of customer behavior to deliver personalized offers and messages; develop and nurture a text message marketing program; extend your omni-channel strategy with a centralized omnichannel coupon distribution solution.
BEST FEATURES: Instantly transform your card based loyalty program into a mobile digital loyalty program; grow your SMS subscription list with SmartJoin simplified sign-up; and leverage Facebook Messenger for mobile marketing programs.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Groovv Offers is a mobile and social marketing tool designed to integrate with the Total Marketing Systems payment processing platform. Groovv Offers features a gallery of templates and design elements that make it easy to plan, launch and administer promotional offers, with one-click sending to all of your customers on Facebook, Twitter, email list, text message and on your own website.
BEST FEATURE: Templated coupons that can be emailed, posted to social media or texted to customers.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CustomerDesk by Revtrax empowers customer service representatives to send personalized coupons during phone or chat conversations, selecting the right coupon or deal in response to customer needs. CustomerDesk  can replace, or complement, traditional circulars, freestanding inserts and direct mail solutions.
BEST FEATURE: Provides individual consumer and agent-level insights not otherwise available to marketers.
PRICING: See vendor for details.