StackInsights: Top layer names, and what’s a channel?

Diving into CabinetM’s stack data for the past month we’re finding the top layer names for MarTech stacks, and it’s opening the debate on what a channel is.

For those of you new to marketing technology stacks, marketers are building stacks on CabinetM to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

Layers are named by the marketer – any way that stack needs to be organized to make sense to that marketer’s organization works. Naming it “Linda” for the person in charge of that layer’s functions or “Marketing Operations” for the department using it – there are many ways to skin a stack.

In this case, we’re finding new to the top 5 the layer name “channel.”

  • Channel Marketing is the practice and process of marketing a product from inception to final purchase. The path goods take from manufacturer to consumer is called a “distribution channel.” A channel marketer directs promotional efforts to customers (usually a reseller, but often a distributor or wholesaler) within the distribution channel.
  • Marketing via a Channel can be marketing via a specific platform, such as social media, or outdoor advertising.
  • Marketing Across Channels? You’re reaching folks on social media and in print magazines? Surely there’s some tie-in there.

So what does the marketer mean by channel? When it’s your stack, you get to decide.

The top 5 stack layer names are:

  1. Analytics
  2. Social Media
  3. Channels
  4. Project Management
  5. Social

For reference, check out the top layer names for July.