There are 8,600+ MarTech products out there. How do you make the right choice?

Your team is under great pressure to do more, leveraging the technology in place to make marketing work, to find ways to make new ways of thinking and new technology to integrate into the heavy-duty programs you already have. Your only choice is the best, most efficient new technology to support your marketing strategy and move your whole enterprise forward.

However, there are 8,600+ MarTech products out there. How do you choose?

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton writes about the Marketing Technology stack and how your vendor relationship works in the Marketo Blog — fresh off her duties as a speaker at the Marketo Fearless Marketer conference.

“At the heart of every MarTech stack are one to three anchor platforms. These platforms typically fall into one of five categories: data management, marketing automation, CRM, ecommerce, and analytics. They provide the backbone of the marketing technology infrastructure. As the foundation of the MarTech stack they are mission-critical to the overall marketing technology strategy of every company.”

Here’s the Marketo StackMates, those products that appear most in stacks when Marketo is used. The larger products are those appearing more frequently; The smaller products are those that appear fewer times across CabinetM stacks.

How do you know which of these products to choose? Check out Anita’s wisdom on the Marketo Blog. 

“Implementation and operation of these platforms require a significant resource investment as well as a large financial investment. Given their importance and the amount of the marketing budget they consume, it is vital that companies ensure that they have a good working relationship with their anchor vendors and a good vendor support infrastructure in place. Most companies are diligent about doing this.”

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