Apttus launches ‘Middle Office’ platform Omni

Apttus has launched Omni, a platform for “Middle Office” operations improving efficiency of revenue, contract and procurement operations across an enterprise. Apttus Omni provides a single revenue view across an enterprise using a system that connects  front-office CRM and back-office ERP, streamlining everything from deal management, pricing, vendor acquisition and contract management.

From the release: “We live in a time of intense and continuous business evolution, where success is measured by the speed and volume of revenue generation,” said Kirk Krappe, Apttus CEO. “Rising to meet this challenge, Apttus Omni gives our customers the most sophisticated revenue operations platform in the world and maximizes the value between back- and front-office systems at every juncture. No other software provider has ever used technology in this way, or this comprehensively.”

Link: Apttus Press Room

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