Mobiquity prospect database updated with 5.5 million points of interest

Mobiquity Technologies has updated its prospecting Mobiquity Passage Platform with a points-of-interest database. The new database creates the largest location dataset of all commercial buildings, entertainment and sporting venues with over 5.5 million precise location polygons representing over 4,000 different retail chains across the United States. Polygons define precise shapes of buildings and physical locations and are significantly more accurate than commonly used “geofencing” radius practices.

From the release: “Confirming the accuracy of the new POI data and keeping it up to date has been a difficult, time-consuming task that we have solved with supervised machine learning algorithms and processes,” said Paul Bauersfeld, CTO Mobiquity Technologies. “Mobiquity is constantly striving to create better context for our advertiser to reach their target audiences, and our latest POI database is leading the industry with a true understanding of commercial properties and places of interest that allow clients unprecedented accuracy in mobile advertising.”

Link: Martech Series

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