How do you get the word out? Here’s what CabinetM users call “advertising”

This time of year, one is inundated with messages from brands, from charities, even from media platforms.

How do advertisers get those messages out across so many platforms? Of course they automate, but what do you choose as “advertising technology?” Is it the tool you use to serve an ad to a publisher? Is it the tool used to create content for ads? Maybe it’s the targeting tool use use so you’re serving up advertising to your future customer and not just your competition.

When marketers are building stacks on CabinetM, they determine what their stack looks like. What one marketer would call a campaign tool, another could call outreach. When you build a stack on CabinetM, what you call the layers of the stack is up to you.

What do CabinetM users call “advertising technology?” Here’s a graphic showing you the details — larger products are more often labeled “Advertising” in CabinetM stacks, and the smaller products appear less often. Don’t think the products labeled advertising less often cannot be central to a strategy — every stack is different, and what can be central tool to a minority of users is still a big part of that enterprise’s stack.

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