AdTheorent releases machine learning-based tool to score ad content

AdTheorent, which uses machine learning to deliver campaigns for marketers, has launched Advanced Predictive Creative for advertisers. APC uses machine learning models to score creative content in milliseconds. APC models score and construct the optimal combination of creative elements that are most likely to lead to a successful campaign action for each consumer.

From the release: “AdTheorent’s Advanced Predictive Creative solution is groundbreaking because unlike other rule-based offerings in market, APC is truly performance-driven,” said James Lawson, AdTheorent’s Chief Operating Officer. “AdTheorent’s technology, product and creative design teams have developed a creative delivery platform which complements AdTheorent’s industry-leading machine learning capabilities, allowing data-driven performance metrics to replace human assumption in the selection of creative elements delivered to consumers.”

Link: BusinessWire

Visit Advanced Predictive Creative on CabinetM.