Podcasting tools for beginners

Content right when your customers need it and while they’re on the go? How perfect a format can podcasting be?

Answer: It’s pretty snazzy.

Back in the day – 20 years ago – the way to reach customers on-the-go was on the radio. Now listeners have iPods or other MP3 players they can take anywhere, and on those pod devices you can play podcasts.

Podcasts are downloaded audio files intended for listening on the move. Your subscribers get a podcast pushed to them when new content is produced. The content can be anything you can record as an audio file – discuss your industry, your products, customer uses cases… anything to market your business.

The following tools make podcasting a little more simple for the novice.

GarageBand is an audio workstation software application for Apple device users. With GarageBand, users of any skill level can create jingles, theme songs, podcasts or any other recorded asset.
BEST FEATURES: Enables users to create multiple tracks with pre-made MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, voice recordings, and an array of instrumental effects.


Libsyn offers a podcast hosting and publishing service that enables users to easily publish new episodes. The platform permits users to upload podcasts directly to the hosting site instead of saving it on their website, which allows content to load more quickly. Users have the option of scheduling automatic delivery of the completed project to both iTunes and Stitcher.
BEST FEATURES: Single click multiple destination publishing.
PRICING: Packages start at $5 monthly.

Adobe Audition is a comprehensive tool set enabling users to record, edit, and create audio content including waveform, spectral display, and multitrack. Learn the basic steps of recording an audio file in Audition, including how to adjust recording levels and work with playback controls. Find and remove unwanted sounds and background noise, and learn how to export clips in the proper format.
BEST FEATURES: Adobe is attached to the platform Behance, where podcasters can be discovered or find other podcasters.
PRICING: Packages with just Adobe Audition start at $20.99 monthly.


Podbean is a web-based podcasting platform where users can easily create professional podcasts without any programming knowledge. Upload, publish, manage and promote podcasts with just a few clicks. Built in are templates for the podcasting website, as well as a statistics system to give you an in-depth dimensional view of your audience, episodes and trends.
BEST FEATURES: Unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage.
PRICING: Free. Paid packages begin at $9 monthly.


Auphonic is an automatic audio post production web service for podcasts, broadcasters, radio shows, movies, and screencasts. It includes features such as “Intelligent Leveler” which balances levels between speakers, music and speech – no compressor knowledge required, and “Loudness Normalization” to broadcast standards, including a true peak limiter.
BEST FEATURES: Use the Auphonic Leveler and Auphonic Multitrack to compute our algorithms offline on your desktop.
PRICING: Two hours of process audio is free. Packages start at 9 hours of processed audio for $11 per month.


Buzzsprout offers a podcast hosting service that enables podcasters to host, promote, and track their show, all from one place, without the need for technical training.  Get behind-the-scenes statistics to learn how and where your listeners are finding your podcast. These include: each episode’s play count over time, the geolocation of your audience, what device or directory they’re using, and the total size of your audience.
BEST FEATURES:  Buzzsprout’s embeddable audio players, directions for getting into iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast directories makes it easy to share podcasts on multiple platforms.
PRICING: See vendor for details. 


Hipcast is an audio and video podcast creation and publishing tool. Hipcast enables users to record and post video using a phone, a webcam or microphone and a web browser, or by simply uploading audio and video files from a computer. Delivers the podcast to subscribers at high speeds to ensure that the podcast can be listened to as quickly as possible.
BEST FEATURES: Record the podcast by phone, Web recorder, upload multimedia, or post by email.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $4.95 monthly.


Blubrry is a podcasting community and directory with a PowerPress pluggin for WordPress sites. It contains more than features and is regularly upgraded to remain the most powerful podcasting plugin.
BEST FEATURES: Blubrry is also a community forum, matching advertisers with podcasters, and supporting networks of support among users.
PRICING: PowerPress is free, see vendor for details.