Quora adds Auction Insights to advertising tools

Quora Ads, which allow marketers to reach targeted audiences on the Quora question-and-answer platform, has added the auction insights feature to show marketers why their bids in ad auctions failed or succeeded. Auction Insights Metrics allow marketers to see ad auctions lost to competition, percent of auctions which the ad set entered and won, and percent of auctions which the ad set entered and won the top available slot.

From the release: “Today’s marketers have access to more data than ever to measure the performance of their campaigns. However, understanding your results and how to optimize your campaigns isn’t always easy,” wrote Chris Hua, Data scientist at Quora, in the Quora for Business Blog. “Auction Insights will help you understand how competitive your ads are in the Quora Ads auction.”

Link: Quora for Business

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