Stop using 1970s tech to solve your 2019 MarTech management problem?


  • Spreadsheets don’t scale.
  • You can’t collaborate around sticky notes.
  • An intern with a clipboard cannot walk to the office in another timezone and get a list of what each department uses.

So how are you managing the 50-250 marketing technology products your enterprise is using?

Context: Welcome to 2019, where modern marketing teams use an extraordinary number of marketing/sales and advertising tools to get their jobs done. You’re probably driving your email marketing with several tools, driving lead gen with others, and monitoring social media with more than a few more. Before you know it, you’re using 50+ tools to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention….and teams across the enterprise have lost track of who is using what, and the reasons for it.

In 2019, there are more than 11,000 MarTech tools being used by marketers worldwide, creating a management problem that organizations are now grappling with. Spreadsheets don’t scale, and you can’t collaborate around Post-Its.  

Our customers have abandoned their spreadsheets and are using CabinetM for planning, tracking and managing their marketing technology suites across teams and geographies.  Our platform gives you visibility into what you’re spending, where you have duplicate costs, and where your money is being wasted with recurring costs for retired products.  If your marketing technology use has escalated, and you’re wondering whether there’s a better way to manage your stack across your organization, let us show you how we can help save your company time and money. Schedule 15 minutes to see where CabinetM can take you.

Stop using tech invented last century to manage today’s marketing spend. We have a better way.

Sheryl Schultz is president and co-founder of CabinetM.

To learn more about ways enterprises are managing their marketing technology across silos, departments and time zones, contact her at