Influencer platform Mavrck adds safety ratings to content

Influencer platform Mavrck has added content warnings to its platform so brands can help measure risk factors while partnering with influencers. The warnings for suggestive content, profanity and violence have four ratings for high, medium, low or blank (for no rating).

From the release: “Brand safety is a top priority for every major company right now, and filtering influencer content has to take different levels of risk into account based on each brand’s values and tolerance,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO of Mavrck. “Mavrck developed an automated way to flag risky content and rate it based on its potential impact on a brand, while also empowering the brand to decide if an influencer is a good fit. We feel that simply removing or hiding influencers who have risky content from our index is not a transparent practice and is a narrow-minded approach to helping brands to create content that consumers trust. We have found that, for some brands, a little risk drives revenue.”

Link: Yahoo! Finance

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