Automate gifting to your best customers

At some point in our careers, we’ve been the recipient of some sort of corporate gift. The company that wishes to woo our business that sends chocolates, the headhunter/hiring coach who wishes to woo you with golf gear (and promises the next job offers more vacation), the thank you note from a grateful client.

How do you do swag at scale? There are tools and platforms for B2B gifting.

When you look at the Direct Mail Technology Stack, there are layers and layers of tools that assist marketers in getting their ideas physically into someone’s hands. Here’s a closer look at the B2B Direct Mail Gifting and Swag layer.

Amazon Moments is a self-service loyalty offering which sends out both physical and digital rewards for marketers that are fulfilled, shipped and delivered by Amazon. Marketers can visit a dedicated Moments console, pick the specific goals they want their users to reach and then set a budget for their campaign. Once those parameters are set, Amazon creates a rewards landing page tailored to each campaign, and marketers can plug their rewards links into an API.
BEST FEATURE: The user-friendly Moments console allows your marketing team to choose when, where, and how your users see Moments and receive rewards.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Alyce is a corporate gifting platform that is the anti-blast and harass approach to modern B2B selling. The time-consuming but thoughtful actions that drive real relationships and trust, such as researching a prospect’s interests, writing them a card and sending them a thoughtful, hand-selected gift are achieved at scale using Alyce’s AI-enhanced B2B gifting platform. Alyce can work within Salesforce.
BEST FEATURE: Show the effectiveness in generating pipeline and accelerating deals with reporting within the Alyce platform.
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SwagIQ is a promotional gifting automation platform that integrates with Salesforce. SwagIQ is designed to make it easier for sales agents to use Salesforce information to pick the right time to send branded gifts, packages and other personalized tangible items directly from within Salesforce. Marketers can set up a custom store, select gifts, personalize a message and let PFL fulfill the order and track the shipment. SwagIQ custom stores can be set up to ship sales brochures, custom cards and other marketing collateral, or branded desk toys and games, kites, Bluetooth speakers, popcorn makers, totes, gourmet food and more.
BEST FEATURE: Monitors CRM activity to notify sales and marketing of the best times to send gifts to leads and customers.
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Sendoso is a B2B engagement platform that makes it easy for companies to send eGifts, personal notes, mailers, and more to their leads, partners and customers. No coding is required to amplify your ABM outreach with Sendoso. Simply add the Sendoso gifting button to your CRM or marketing automation platform, including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and many more, and set up AI-powered triggers. Send your contacts eGifts of coffee, lunch, promotional items and more, and keep track of every “Touch” in a user-friendly dashboard.
BEST FEATURE: Manage all your gifting outreach Touches, get automated suggestions about when to send a gift, and track the ROI across marketing, sales, and customer success.
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