Brandwatch acquires survey platform Qriously

Brandwatch is adding research tool Qriously to its social intelligence platform. The acquisition of Qriously will bring real-time survey functionality to the Brandwatch platform, as Qriously replaces ads with surveys on smartphones to conduct real-time research anywhere in the world.

From the release: “Our strategy to create a new kind of intelligence started with social intelligence: a well established approach to structuring a hugely valuable, but difficult to wrangle, set of unstructured customer conversations. However, social intelligence is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the complex notion of consumer opinion,” wrote Brandwatch Founder and CEO Giles Palmer on the Brandwatch blog. “This new addition to the Brandwatch portfolio furthers our strategy by including quantitative solicited research at the same scale and speed as social data. Not only does this add a new information source to the Brandwatch library of consumer opinions, it will enable market researchers to go deeper into their queries by launching targeted surveys with global reach and fast results.”

Link: Brandwatch Blog

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