Digital Asset Management for specific industries

Digital Asset Management is for so much more than cataloging the images used by the content team. DAM systems can store your videos, PDFs, composites and sound files for easy retrieval using metadata informing the manager who created the material, who has rights to it and whether that file is current.

Some DAM systems are available as stand-alone platforms; Others are bundled as part of a Content Management System (CMS) or a marketing automation platform.

Some are made for the specific industry it serves. The following tools were created to help specific marketers stay organized:


Barberstock is a leading digital asset management (DAM) solution for tourism and travel. ITS system seamlessly brings together customers’ entire photo, video and document library saving their team members time, while also increasing productivity and efficiency. The Barberstock asset management system is ideal for internal file organization, external media distribution, collaboration, archiving, or all of the above.
BEST FEATURES: Barberstock enables the elimination any duplicate and corrupt files during the initial migration of assets. Barberstock will convert files into multiple file formats and sizes – from high-quality TIF photos and 4K video to logos and documents.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


BiblioDAM is a digital asset management solution purpose-built for publishers. BiblioDAM that provides complete control of assets, from print files to contract storage, from marketing materials to jacket images. Powerful tools ease the management of digital assets; assets can be locked for editing, access controlled at various levels, and different versions held within the system allowing users to revert back to previous files at any time.
BEST FEATURE: Maximise revenue by providing read only access to content to prospective customers.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Aetopia is a Ditgital Asset Management platform for security companies and police. Enterprises can upload, store, classify and share evidence such as video (including CCTV), audio, images and documents efficiently with our highly-secure and evidence-centric Police DAM solution.
BEST FEATURE: The system complies with data protection, GDPR and MOPI guidelines, and seamlessly integrates with validated third parties such as the Crown Prosecution Service.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


The Eloquent WebSuite from Eloquent Systems offers a Digital Asset Management platform for collections owned by museums, libraries and municipalities. Eloquent codes and stores PDF documents, archival material, folders in offsite storage, photographs, museum artifacts, audio recordings, videos – anything that is relevant to the organization.
BEST FEATURE: The Eloquent Website includes four knowledge applications – Archives, Library, Museum, Records.
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