4C, IQ Media launch Kinetiq to monitor TV, video content and advertising

4C, a data science vendor, has acquired a stake in IQ Media, and together they’re launching a media monitoring and analytics tool, Kinetiq. Kinetiq, which uses technology from 4C’s Teletrax network, will have U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia. Kinetiq’s global TV intelligence network will enable broadcasters, brands, agencies and software partners to evaluate and measure TV and video with the same speed as monitoring digital.

From the release: “Historically, TV attribution has been limited to paid advertising, overlooking the impact and return on brand exposure within the content—where audiences are most engaged,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of Kinetiq. “As advertisers and agencies evolve their paid TV strategies to include earned media and brand sponsorship, Kinetiq is uniquely positioned to help quantify the true return on these investments. We are thrilled to join forces with the talented team operating Teletrax to make this a reality.”

Link: IQ Media

Visit Kinetiq on CabinetM.