GoExhibit updated with voice-to-text and lead capture tools

Lead Liaison has updated its event lead management solution, GoExhibit! so users can customize the app’s color and logo, and add custom sections for embedded content like maps and videos. Users can update the platform with voice memos and voice-to-text capabilities. GoExhibit! also released lead capture support for NFC badges as well as automatic post-show reconciliation, a method that can be used when Lead Retrieval providers do not offer a Developer’s Kit for integration.

From the release: “Remembering all of those important little details after a conversation is an issue that booth representatives often face,” says Ryan Schefke, Customer Success Manager at Lead Liaison. “They don’t want to spend precious time writing on a notepad or typing into their mobile device. We wanted to create something that allowed them to move onto the next opportunity as quickly as possible, while still collecting enough information to form meaningful relationships post-show. That’s why we developed voice capabilities inside of our mobile app.”

Link: Cision PRWeb

Visit GoExhibit! on CabinetM.