Get all those assets in a digital format you can actually use

Do you have photos and videos and documents coming in all over the place? You’re going to need a way to either get organized or prepare to be buried.

Lucky for you, there are tools to automate the process of organizing your tools even before you hit a Digital Asset Management system.

A Digital Asset Management platform allows enterprises to store thousands of images, files, videos, powerpoint files … anything you need for marketing collateral. All these assets can be retrieved quickly because they’re stored in files with permissions levels and metadata, so you know who created it, if it’s current with branding, when you first got the file and who is allowed to use it.

These tools are add-ons — you can use them by themselves, or with a Digital Asset Management platform — that help you get organized and prepare your files so you can get your hands on them quickly. Save all that time and money by being organized with a few tools:


Curio is an AI-based platform for internal search that connects on-premise and cloud storage locations, creating a single interface to find files regardless of type, size or location. Curio automates time-consuming file tagging and management processes, enabling users the ability to find digital files faster – searching AI-created attributes such as people, objects, landmarks, text, visual text (OCR) and more.
BEST FEATURE:Scan the text in videos and images for searching and quick exporting.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Index Manager
is a real-time indexing and search engine for the Digital Asset Management system. Index any file type, with rendering of thumbnails and high-definition previews of nearly all image and graphic file formats. Optimize your search results by fine-tuning queries. All client-server traffic is encrypted.
BEST FEATURE: Metadata is embedded in your assets for your flexibility – there is no additional metadata to maintain.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Capture Greenlight is a tool for checking image data quality before assets are submitted to a team or to a Digital Asset Management platform. Capture Greenlight automatically checks image technical and metadata quality before assets are submitted. Auto-updates from the web ensure the latest standards are reflected, should they change. Capture Greenlight can deal with thousands of assets in seconds – simply drag and drop the folder over the desktop icon.
BEST FEATURE: Capture Greenlight can be branded by the user so contributing photographers are using a branded portal.
PRICING: See vendor for details.