Product Management tools for when your hair is on fire

When your hair is on fire, when you’re on a deadline, when you need to get your team to get a product, a post, a contract out the door, what are the last things you need to spend half an hour searching for?

  • Passwords
  • A headshot of the boss, the one she liked that was almost exactly like the 40 others from the same photo shoot
  • The HEX color number for your new logo
  • The text you use describing your company, which is the same every single time
  • The deadline for that next thing you have an intern gathering resources on

Luckily there are platforms where you can store this information and share it with your team. They’re not Digital Asset Management platforms (they’re less expensive and don’t encode work), and they’re not communications tools between teams. These are Project Management platforms that allow you to track projects for different teams, store boilerplate press releases and social media, you can park logos and images you use a lot, you can even use them to store the passwords for all those other tools you use to get things done.

The following are Product Management tools for marketers:

Basecamp is a cloud-based project management solution designed to be easy to use by anyone. With Basecamp, users can share and collaborate on documents, assign tasks and due dates, share calendars and track to-do lists. Message Boards discussions are threaded, organized, and easy to reference later on.
BEST FEATURE: Campfire is a chat room for discussions and brainstorming sessions.
PRICING: Basecamp is $99 monthly, for all sized-teams.

Trello is a collaborative project management tool that allows teams to organize their ideas and notes into a visual platform. Teams can add as many people they want to their project. Teams are be limited to 10 open “boards” for task management unless they are upgraded to Business Class or Enterprise accounts. Trello has updated its permissions and added restrictions so only account administrators can add Trello features to each account.
BEST FEATURE: Power-Ups include features that are paid for by the instance. Power-Ups include “Travel Planner” and “Custom Fields” and integrations with platforms like Slack and Google.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $9.99 monthly.

is a highly customizable project management platform for team collaboration of all kinds, including campaign management, product development, bug tracking, daily task management and more. Conversations and tasks are collected all in one place, so everything is actionable, searchable and transparent. Create tasks for planned work for yourself or for a teammate.
BEST FEATURE: Includes timeline view, which translates the project components into a horizontal representation, with color-coded boxes splayed across a calendar layout.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $9.99 monthly.

Monday is project management software built for start-ups designed to centralize all company communication in order to keep everyone engaged and focused. Teams can plan and execute projects in one central place, create a knowledge base and communicate in context.
BEST FEATURE: Search everything in your entire account, including images, posts, updates, mentions and projects.
PRICING: Flexible pricing from 5 users and up, starting at $25 per month billed annually.

Aha! is cloud-based product management platform built for use by both engineers and marketers. Build dynamic roadmaps with automatic notifications of changes.Create wiki-like notes to capture and share additional product and team related information (e.g. meeting notes, competitive research, user personas). View features as cards and drag and drop them into planned releases.
BEST FEATURE: Capture ideas from customers, employees, and others via a custom branded portal.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $59 monthly.

Airtable works like a spreadsheet for organizing any kind of data, but advances the concept with drag and drop functionality, visual containers for images, easily linked connection between related records and simple sharing and collaboration features. Link contact records to company records. Linked records appear as expandable, clickable “cards.”
BEST FEATURE: Native mobile and desktop apps make it easy to edit, comment, and collaborate in real time — changes are instantly synced across everyone’s devices.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $10 monthly.

Smartsheet is an online project management platform using forms to make it easy to collect and act on data, and with easy-to-configure rules that automate repetitive actions. Multiple views allow managers to track work across projects or departments. Share your work with other team members, or simply collaborate on a specific task. Get a clear view of team availability and progress on projects. Smartsheet online web forms are easy to create and customize. It’s the perfect tool to effortlessly collect any kind of information.
BEST FEATURE: With Smartsheet, it’s easy to roll up several project sheets into a master sheet by linking cells across sheets.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $14 monthly.