Top 11 Advertising tools on CabinetM

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Whether it’s for a sponsored ad on social media or an advertisement that works on both your iPad and your phone, there are tons of tools that automate the process of advertising.

When some say “advertising” the first picture that pops into one’s head is of Madison Avenue or billboards that advertise soap or soda. The reality is, however, that advertising is now in everyone’s home, as close as a phone, it’s automated and the best marketers are using tools to get messages right into the hands of future customers.

We can look at StackInsights and glean some interesting information about advertising tools being managed in CabinetM stacks. When we look at stacks marked “Products In Use” we get those products actually being leveraged by enterprises – not just those on a wish list.

The top 11 advertising tools on CabinetM are, in order of popularity:

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Twitter Ads
  3. AdRoll
  4. Terminus
  5. DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  6. LinkedIn Text Ads
  7. SET by Conversant
  8. AppsFlyer
  9. Google AdSense
  10. LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  11. Atlas

Remember, the least popular tool might be the most important tool in a marketer’s stack. To find tools for your stack, the CabinetM product directoryhas nearly 12,000 tools to choose from.

What’s in your stack?