Solvvy for E-Commerce offers customer experience tools to retailers

Solvvy for E-Commerce was released to help resolve the most common customer issues at every step of the digital shopping experience. Solvvy for E-Commerce allows shoppers to quickly solve problems during the pre and post-purchase experience without contacting customer support, freeing up agent time for tickets that require a human touch.

From the release: “The Solvvy for E-Commerce launch comes as more consumers demand greater flexibility and control of their digital experiences when interacting with brands. Online retailers using Solvvy can offer immediate support to consumers, automatically guiding them throughout their journey, ensuring that questions are resolved quickly for a seamless customer experience,” said Kaan Ersun, Solvvy CMO & COO in a release on the Solvvy website.

Link: Solvvy Press

Visit Solvvy for E-Commerce at CabinetM.