The Mars Agency launches predictive commerce intelligence platform named for its founder

The Mars Agency has launched Marilyn, a predictive commerce intelligence platform. Comprised of nine interconnected technologies that work together to improve marketing efficiency, Marilyn was built to provide greater confidence to marketers at ever decision point, from understanding the growth potential of a given audience or market, to unearthing insights and purchase barriers. Named after Marilyn Barnett, the founder of The Mars Agency, Marilyn is powered by IBM Watson.

From the release: “For decades, the marketing agency model has relied on the intelligence, talent and intuition of a team to create what was believed to be true. Now, with Marilyn, we can use AI and predictive intelligence to make decisions on what we know to be true,” said Ken Barnett, Global CEO of The Mars Agency.

Link: Martech Series

Visit Marilyn on CabinetM.