ContentSquare to acquire Clicktale

ContentSquare, digital experience insights platform, has announced it has acquired Israel-based experience analytics company Clicktale. Collectively, the two companies analyze nine trillion digital interactions every day to provide ready-to-use KPIs, benchmarks and recommendation. Contentsquare and Clicktale win combine behavioral data for companies seeking to understand how their digital experiences perform.

From the release: “The combination of Clicktale and Contentsquare heralds an unprecedented goldmine of digital data that enables companies to interpret and predict the impact of any digital element — including user experience, content, price, reviews and product — on visitor behavior,” said Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of Contentsquare. “Increasingly, this unique data can be used to activate custom digital experiences in the moment via an ecosystem of over 50 martech partners. With a global community of customers and partners, we are accelerating the interpretation of human behavior online and shaping a future of addictive customer experiences.”

Link: Yahoo! Finance

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