Broadsign acquires OOH self-serve platform Campsite

Broadsign, the out-of-home (OOH) marketing platform, has acquired Campsite, which offers premium OOH inventory through a self-serve programatic platform. While Campsite will operate as a division of Broadsign, the combination of Broadsign and Campsite offers an option to further automate the buying and selling of media inventory by brands and agencies.

From the release: “Broadsign’s goal is to make buying and selling of out-of-home as easy as possible and adding Campsite’s strengths to our open platform will greatly help with that mission,” said Adam Green, SVP and GM of Broadsign Reach. “We look forward to working with the Campsite team and all of our mutual customers to build on our collective vision for open programmatic DOOH trading around the world.”

Link: Broadsign Press Releases

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Advertising platform Native acquires analytics tool SimpleReach

Native Advertising platform Nativo has acquired SimpleReach, a platform with measurement and analytics tools for the advertising industry. SimpleReach currently leverages real-time dashboard creating actionable insights for marketers seeking to coordinate and promote the best content. The company will continue to support SimpleReach as a separate product while also working to integrate its data into Nativo.

From the release: “If you can’t measure the impact of something, it’s difficult to scale spend in that area,” said Nativo CEO Justin Choi. “When we say measurement we’re actually talking about connecting content to outcomes.”

Link: Nativo Blog

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LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool serves up lookalikes to marketers

LinkedIn has launched Matched Audiences, a tool for customized targeting of lookalike audiences on the LinkedIn platform. Matched Audiences enables marketers to view members who visited a target website, and define target audiences and deliver relevant ad content. LinkedIn also updated Campaign Manager with interest targeting based on a combination of an audience’s professional interests on LinkedIn and the professional topics and content that audience engages with through Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Lastly, Audience Templates gives marketers a selection of more than 20 predefined B2B audiences as a template to launch new campaigns.

From the release: “As a marketer, you’re constantly looking for ways to reach new audiences who are similar to your ideal customers. After all, if they’re like those who are already engaging with your company, odds are they’ll be more likely to convert and help grow your business,” wrote Jae Oh, Senior Product Manager on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog. “LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your ideal customer with our rich member and company data to help you market to new professional audiences similar to your existing customers, website visitors and target accounts. Since these members are already on LinkedIn, they’re in the right professional mindset to engage and respond to your brand.”

Link: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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Teikametrics updates Flywheel to automate hourly bidding on Amazon

Teikametrics Flywheel, the advertising bidding platform purpose-built to use with Amazon Advertising, has updated its platform with Flywheel Hourly Bidding, a tool that examines each ad target  and evaluates whether it has the best bid, multiple times a day. The Bidder only changes bids when needed after verifying each ad target, like a keyword, several times a day.

From the release: “If you’ve never driven a Lamborghini (or one of its equally exalted cousins), you should try it, at least once in your life. And if you’re selling on Amazon and have never experienced what it’s like to have an hourly algorithmic bidder handle your ad spend, you should give the Teikametrics Flywheel platform a test-drive,” wrote Aatish Salvi, chief technical officer for Teikametrics on the company blog.

Link: Learn Teikametrics

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Amazon Advertising adds enhancements to DSP

Amazon Advertising has updated its DSP, streamlining operations in the following areas: navigation, bulk editing, custom reporting, and creative moderation. Among the new features is the ability to bulk edit the domain, audience, and location targeting settings for line items. Users can also customize the Amazon DSP report center selecting the exact columns to include. Once a user runs a custom report, it will appear in the report center and will be emailed to the recipients you specify.

Link: Amazon Advertising Blog

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Google Ads feature targets game developers

Google Ads has a new feature for game developers. App campaigns for engagement in Google Ads will serve relevant ads to players across Google’s properties and encourage them to take specific, in-app actions. Ads can appear across multiple Google properties, including Google Search, YouTube, within other apps on the Display Network, and more.

From the release: Let’s face it, the majority of players you acquire aren’t going to continue engaging with your game after just a handful of days. One of the biggest opportunities you have to grow your business is to get those inactive players to come back and play again,” said Google VP of Product for Mobile App Advertising Sissie Hsiao.

Link: Google Blog

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Find the right native advertising tool for the job

Your strategy requires of you the daunting task of launching a native advertising campaign, with a full report tracking its performance. It’s not a matter of why,  it’s a matter of when. Worry not, marketer! Pick the right tool based on your time, budget and skill level.

Native Advertising is ad content that fits with the look and feel of any content. “Look and feel” means style and colors, yes, but being truly “native” also recognizes how your ad appears, creatively-speaking. Rather than interrupt the viewer experience, native ads should blend in, and if done right, should also engage the viewer.

Native ads are said to drive higher brand lift, web traffic and purchase intent than traditional ads. Here are some solutions that make native advertising easy, scalable, and measurable across desktop and mobile.

Adtile is a native advertising solution designed for mobile. Publishers and brands can easily monetize mobile through premium, responsive native format, without compromising the experience for website visitors. Produce one ad and Adtile will optimize it for each device it’s displayed on, saving time and money, while increasing user engagement.
BEST FEATURES:  User-friendly dash­board provides performance details of all campaigns and helps you better understand your audience.
PRICING: See vendor for details.  


StackAdapt is a platform for agencies that supports customized, responsive native ad units styled to match any site’s content. Your in-feed native ad is served to premium publishers worldwide to attract the interest of your target audience, but with no minimum spend. Brands and agencies can tap into StackAdapt’s resources for paid brand content amplification.
BEST FEATURES: StackAdapt has Full native, video, or display capabilities.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Bidtellect provides marketers with access to the most sophisticated web-based software. Bidtellect offers native ad planning, buying, selling and overall management all from a single platform. Advertisers, agencies and media companies can manage desktop, mobile, tablet and video native ad placements.
BEST FEATURES: Delivers multi-format in-ad, in-feed and content recommendation placements. Delivers In-depth reporting and highly-efficient optimization technology.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

specializes in native advertising and content distribution in premium environments. Featuring strong native engagement formats, plista helps advertisers, website and app owners earn sustainable brand recognition, boost site traffic and monetize more digital products.
BEST FEATURES: Proprietary real-time Recommendation Technology plus user-individual delivery content and advertising across all channels and devices.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

PowerLinks is a native advertising platform powering marketplaces and technology services for native ads across all devices, globally. The platform enables innovation and accelerates revenue generation through open technology and global scale. PowerLinks includes a native advertising server, a native ad exchange, a demand-side platform and a variety of native ad formats, including in-feed, in-video, in-display, in text and in-image.
BEST FEATURE: PowerLinks supports ads optimized to be responsive to any image size.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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TabMo releases Hawk DSP for the mobile market

TabMo, vendor of mobile advertising technology, has released Hawk DSP, a demand-side platform for the mobile environment. Using Hawk DSP, advertisers may amplify their message across mobile, connected TV, digital out-of-home (DOOH) and programmatic audio.

From the release: “Brands can now complement their mobile advertising by amplifying their message across additional channels, strengthening their interactions with the audience and increasing the impact of campaigns. Hawk is unique in enabling users to plan fully integrated cross-channel advertising campaigns through one platform,” says Chris Childs, managing director at TabMo UK.

Link: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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Nielsen acquires Sorenson Media in bid to build addressable TV ad platform

Nielsen, the television analytics firm, has formed Nielsen Advanced Video Advertising, a group focusing on internet-connected TVs, and has acquired Sorenson Media in a bankruptcy proceeding. Sorenson Media, an addressable TV tech vendor, will help Nielson build an AI-optimized platform for addressable TV ads with unified campaign management and measurement.

From the release: “What we’re focused on is bringing a unified addressable-advertising road map to the marketplace, and to get collaboration and feedback around that,” said Kelly Abcarian, newly named GM of Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising Group.

Link: Variety

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Reddit adds cost-per-click ads to platform

Reddit, the online discussion forum, is making cost-per-click advertising generally available on its platform. The bidding format rounds out an ad platform offering cost per impression and cost per view of its video ads. In beta, the new format was tested with more than 50 advertisers across verticals.

From the release: “While cost-per-click advertising isn’t innovative, in itself, the launch marks a big moment for the Reddit Ads business,” said Zubair Jandali, Reddit’s VP of Brand Partnerships. “This is a point of inflection that helps get us to parity in the market and will change the way advertisers think about our capabilities.”

Link: Reddit Blog

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