Salesforce to acquire Tableau

CRM giant Salesforce has signed a an agreement to acquire AI-powered analytics platform Tableau. The acquisition of Tableau is expected to make Salesforce’s Customer 360 and Salesforce’s analytics capabilities stronger than ever, and enable the company to reach a much broader set of customers and users.

From the release: “We are bringing together the world’s #1 CRM with the #1 analytics platform. Tableau helps people see and understand data, and Salesforce helps people engage and understand customers. It’s truly the best of both worlds for our customers–bringing together two critical platforms that every customer needs to understand their world,” said Marc Benioff, Chairman and co-CEO, Salesforce. “I’m thrilled to welcome Adam and his team to Salesforce.”

Link: Salesforce Press Releases

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SAP releases Data Warehouse Cloud, updates Analytics Cloud

SAP has announced the release of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, a solution built with SAP HANA Cloud Services. It unites heterogeneous data in one solution, maintaining the security, trust and richness of a company’s data. Users can quickly access their entire data landscape and translate it into value in line-of-business-specific spaces with a pay-as-you-go flexible pricing model based on consumption. SAP also released an update to SAP Analytics Cloud, giving customers a dedicated SDK (software development kit) to embed and extend their own analytical applications.

From the release: “With new SAP HANA Cloud Services, SAP aims to bring the power and performance of the SAP HANA database to the cloud where it acts as a single gateway to data of any size to address the challenges of distributed data landscapes. The combination of the in-memory technology of SAP HANA with data virtualization results in simplicity for data consumers and flexibility for data management. A data lake storage tier allows businesses to grow their data managed by SAP HANA without any limits. On-premise customers of SAP HANA are planned to benefit from the new cloud services as they can flexibly add capacity as needed,” the press release stated.

Link: PR Newswire

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4C, IQ Media launch Kinetiq to monitor TV, video content and advertising

4C, a data science vendor, has acquired a stake in IQ Media, and together they’re launching a media monitoring and analytics tool, Kinetiq. Kinetiq, which uses technology from 4C’s Teletrax network, will have U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia. Kinetiq’s global TV intelligence network will enable broadcasters, brands, agencies and software partners to evaluate and measure TV and video with the same speed as monitoring digital.

From the release: “Historically, TV attribution has been limited to paid advertising, overlooking the impact and return on brand exposure within the content—where audiences are most engaged,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of Kinetiq. “As advertisers and agencies evolve their paid TV strategies to include earned media and brand sponsorship, Kinetiq is uniquely positioned to help quantify the true return on these investments. We are thrilled to join forces with the talented team operating Teletrax to make this a reality.”

Link: IQ Media

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Visual Analytics tools for marketers drowning in data

If you have even a few MarTech tools on board, you can find yourself swimming in data. We are now in a world where we can get up-to-the minute reports on how many customers walk by your store, how many people requested but did not download your white paper, and how many times your brand is mentioned on social media.

But do you know what to do with that data?

The approach used in visual analytics is figuring out tends, patterns and relationships in the data available, and being able to figure out what the customer will do next. Is there a correlation between visits to your store and trending social media? Given that data visual representations makes it easy for those with a marketing-not-tech background to get information. Include drag-and-drop options for setting up the parameters and the non-technical person can run the tool.

Pair this tool with clean data and effective data management strategies so you can standardize data coming in from different sources.

Below are seven visual analytics tools that not only can help with large data sets but can also be useful for smaller marketing departments.

Visual Analytics

Part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics provides a 360-degree customer view through real-time web and mobile analytics, advanced data visualization, powerful predictive models, and algorithmic cross-channel attribution. Adobe Analytics is a powerful solution for driving more informed business decisions based on digital channel data, leading to personalized user experiences, better ad spend, and better monetized content.
BEST FEATURES: Its visual analytics package is part of a larger suite providing customer insights.
PRICING: See vendor for pricing details.

SAS Visual Analytics provides a complete platform for analytics visualization, enabling you to identify patterns and relationships in data that weren’t initially evident. Interactive, self-service Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities are combined with out-of-the-box advanced analytics so everyone can discover insights from any size and type of data, including text.
BEST FEATURES: The package comes with out-of-the-box analytics.
PRICING: See vendor for pricing details.


Qlik Sense is a governed, server-based data visualization and discovery application ideal for group, department and organization-wide data analytics needs. Business users get powerful, flexible, personalized data analysis and collaboration on any device, while adhering to centralized data security and governance policies.
BEST FEATURES: Qlik is built for compliance, offering up both visualization and data security.
PRICING: Built for working in a mobile environment, Qlik provides visuals to remote teams too.

FICO Visual Insights Studio provides a complete business analytics platform that turns data insights into operationalized decisions that improve business performance. Visual Insights Studio provides the tools to identify interesting data patterns and drill down to highlight deep insights into how decisions and actions influence customer behavior and business outcomes.
BEST FEATURES: Speedy installation time.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Megalytic is a data visualization solution for analytic reporting. The solution includes templates, widgets, integrations with key data sources, and tools for formatting and distribution. The platform is used by digital agencies, marketers, and business owners for faster, more insightful and better-looking analytics reports.
BEST FEATURES: Includes a Widget library.
PRICING: Packages start at $39.00 monthly.

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Gravy adds location data forensics to analytics platform

Gravy Analytics has updated its AdmitOne verification engine, which powers all its real-world location intelligence tools, to include location data forensics. All products have been enhanced with artificial intelligence to provide traceability to every location data signal to determine its veracity, ensuring accuracy.

From the release: “The range of uses for consumer mobile data – from market sizing and combating ad fraud, to attribution or city planning – means that a one-size-fits-all approach is simply not the answer,” said Jeff White, Gravy Analytics CEO. “With Gravy’s new location forensics technology, we’re eliminating the location data noise and providing customers more flexibility to choose the high quality data sets that work for them. This new capability not only increases confidence in our data – and our customers’ data – but also in the strategic value of the resulting intelligence.”

Link: Gravy Analytics Latest News

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Pyze updates Growth Marketing Platform with

Pyze has updated its Growth Marketing Platform to include customizable user dashboards and a new user interface. Pyze designed the new UI to accelerate understanding of user behavior across multiple different apps or channels, enable easier analytics and quickly act on the data to launch marketing campaigns.

From the release: “Customers no longer differentiate between channels as they conduct a transaction. For example, users often add items to shopping carts on the mobile app and then checkout on the web,” said Prabhjot Singh, founder & CEO of Pyze. “Marketing teams don’t have the tools to track holistic user behavior or execute campaigns across channels. Pyze now  empowers Marketing and Product teams the ability to understand user behavior across all channels so they can understand holistic usage, conduct meaningful segmentation, orchestrate effective marketing campaigns, and build more engaging products.”

Link: Pyze

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Google updates Analytics with intelligence tools

Google has announced significant new updates to its popular Analytics product. Google Analytics users can now access Google InMarket Leads, which is able to capture data and the digital footprint of over 130 million companies, including which products and services they are searching for on Google. Google Analytics users can also leverage the feature called Analytics Intelligence, which uses machine learning to help users better understand and act on data to make better marketing decisions.

Link: PR Newswire

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Tru Measure adds customized goals and reporting to analytics platform

Tru Measure, with its namesake platform providing analytics tools for campaign and engagement measurement, now offers customized goals and reporting tools. The new feature enables local media and agencies to create and display specific metrics that truly matter to each individual client. The goals and KPI reports, which are exportable, can capture a specific number of form fills or calls, to something as broad as “increasing revenue.”

From the release: “Just because you can report on it, doesn’t mean you should,” said John Hoeft, Tru Measure’s general manager. “You need to determine what really drives your business and how that can be measured via Google Analytics and paid digital campaigns. Tru Measure makes it easier to focus on what matters and puts you in control of the performance metrics you want to see.”

Link: Tru Measure Media

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Shareablee updates social intelligence platform to provide deeper Instagram analytics

Shareablee, offering intelligence on social media audiences, has expanded its Instagram performance analytics to include Instagram Stories and video views, allowing marketers to make better decisions on buying into the Instagram platform. The average brand on Instagram increased its presence by 27% from May 2017 to May 2018.

From the release: “With more than twenty-five million business pages and over a billion users, Instagram is a vital part of virtually every business’ marketing plan, whether it be micro-influencers or worldwide banks,” said Tania Yuki, founder and CEO of Shareablee. “Instagram Stories is a powerful new format for brands and Influencers to make meaningful connections with consumers, and better reporting will shed light on how best to make use of Stories alongside Videos, Images, Carousel ads and more. We’re excited to provide these enhanced capabilities to better inform the cross-platform marketing mix.”

Link: Martech Series

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Xeerpa enhances social analytics with IBM’s Watson

Xeerpa has recently teamed up with IBM to include Watson Personality Insights analytics into its dashboard, providing a complete analysis of not only the interests, hobbies, favourite products and brands or geo-locations of each user, now combined with an in-depth analysis of her/his personality and consumption preferences, allowing for an even more advanced personalisation in marketing campaigns. Xeerpa is a Social Network Profiling technology that analyzes data willingly shared by users via Social Login on websites, promotions, apps and WiFi hotspots.

From the release: “Watson can draw up a personality chart for a certain person (independent of their age, gender, or culture) through a textual analysis of words they have written, either a running text or their social media feeds. This melding of linguistic analysis and psychological modelling can produce very specific personality profiles for customers without going through lengthy personality tests which necessarily have smaller samples. All the model needs to get to work are at least 100 words and voilà!,” wrote Andrés Redondo Mercader, Xeerpa Co-Founder Xeerpa profile page on CabinetM. “IBM’s Watson Personality Insights can offer us a lot of information about our customers. Combined with Xeerpa’s dashboard, you can see all the probabilities divided into just three groups: Seems to like, Neutral, Seems not to like. You’ll find you know more about your customers than they do about themselves!”

Link: Xeerpa news on CabinetM.

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