Marketing Evolution automates data verification within its data pipeline

Marketing Evolution, a platform for marketing resource management, has enhanced its platform with an automated data pipeline. The update is a new process for assessing and validating data quality, from data arrival to ingestion and consumption, assuring marketers the data it is processing is representative of the true customer journey and attributing factors on that journey.

From the release: “Marketing measurement is complex business, but bad data quality renders it useless, with organizations reporting an average of $15 million per year in losses as a result. It’s an enduring problem that many marketers and marketing technology companies struggle to solve,” said Marketing Evolution CEO, Rex Briggs. “Marketing Evolution now solves this critical problem in a manner that is virtually effortless for companies to implement. We’ve made it simple, and what’s more, we’ve made fully automated, 24/7 data quality table stakes. Businesses can see the time savings; marketers can trust and verify their data quality. We are pleased to be setting the standard for how the industry needs to evolve.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Freckle IoT launches Killi, a mobile attribution tool customers opt into

Attribution vendor Freckle IoT has launched Killi, a mobile attribution tool that allows consumers to take control of their identity. Killi stores all transactions in blockchain, giving consumers a full audit trail to expose which brands purchased consumers’ data. Killi also allows consumers to consent to their identity being used, and to be financially compensated for it. Killi redistributes the value of the data back consumers, who may be paid for its use via direct deposits into PayPal and Amazon accounts. Additional redemption features, including the option for consumers to send their data payments directly to charities, are expected within weeks.

From the release: “This app couldn’t be more timely. In 2017, there was a 45 percent increase in data breaches from 2016. And only in March of this year, news broke that Cambridge Analytica had acquired personal information about Facebook users,” explains Neil Sweeney, founder and chief executive officer of Freckle IoT. “Killi provides people an option to take back control of their identity and regain some privacy. Further, consumers will be able to choose, if they wish, to enter into direct financial contracts with brands and be directly compensated for the use of their data. It’s about time.”

Link: MTA Advisor

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Marketo acquires Bizible to enhance engagement platform

Bizible, the performance management software, will now be a part of the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform. The acquisition will enhance and deepen the engagement analytics and buyer journey data Marketo provides its customers across all marketing channels. In addition to connecting through the Marketo Engagement Platform, Bizible customers will also have access to new technology through the large and growing list of partners in the LaunchPoint partner ecosystem and the vast community that is the Marketing Nation. Organizations who use marketing automation providers other than Marketo will continue to have access to the full range of Bizible solutions.

From the release: “This acquisition doubles down on Marketo and Bizible’s shared commitment to providing the most powerful, innovative, and robust marketing software that gives marketers the edge to win in the Engagement Economy. Together, our solutions create an industry-first platform for marketers to plan, engage, and measure by understanding what directly fuels ROI,” said Steve Lucas, chief executive officer, Marketo. “The combined product strength of Marketo and Bizible provides all marketers everywhere enhanced visibility into every touchpoint across any channel. Our investment will accelerate Bizible’s impressive growth and provide instant and achievable benefits to our current and future customers in the enterprise and beyond.”

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Rockerbox acquires Eventable calendar marketing tool

Rockerbox, which has created a marketing attribution tool, has acquired Eventable and its marketing calendar. The Eventable tool, which pushes events to end-users’ calendars, will help Rockerbox expand its customer base. Eventable will maintain its brand and service as one of Rockerbox’s product offerings. Its co-founders, Sameen Karim and Akash Malhotra, will be joining the Rockerbox team along with key team members.

From the release: “We’re extremely thrilled to welcome Eventable to the Rockerbox family, and look forward to growing further and faster,” said Ron Jacobson, founder and CEO of Rockerbox.

Link: Rockerbox Blog

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Sparkroom platform updated with attribution tools

Digital Media Solutions has updated marketing technology platform Sparkroom. Sparkroom technology to track cross-channel attribution, and adding a paid search analyzer, inbound call attribution, and intent scoring with a proprietary custom scoring model. Sparkroom also acts as a hub for the centralized triggering for marketing automation and nurturing campaigns, prompting time- and milestone-activated messaging and emails.

From the release: “Today’s marketing landscape is more complex and digitally broad than it’s ever been,” said Rachel Schulties, EVP of Agency Services at Digital Media Solutions. “Marketers face more choices, more channels and more savvy consumers across every industry. The enhancements of our proprietary Sparkroom technology will transform the way brands attribute a campaign’s performance to customer conversions within a lead and vendor management system.”

Link: Digital Journal

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Cravelabs’ new location intelligence tool simplifies data science

Cravelabs has launched DropIn Vantage as its latest set of industry-leading, location intelligence tools for media planning, location analytics, and attribution. Customers can leverage one or more audience segments from more than 80,000 available consumer personas and data sets to analyze locations and audiences. Create an index of consumer personas within geographies of any size or shape.  Quickly geofence specific Out-of-Home locations, Radio broadcast areas, Census Tract or Block Groups, Zip Codes, or custom TransitZone areas based upon driveshed or walkshed from any point of interest. Activate the insights DropIn Vantage powers by influencing the identified audience or measuring the impact of non-digital activities, such as an Out-of-Home or direct mail media campaign.

Link: PR Newswire

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SAP Hybris guesses customer’s age, adds cross-channel attribution

Updates to SAP Hybris released this week include facial recognition software that can determine a shopper’s gender and age, allowing targeted recommendations based on available inventory. The release also includes customer attribution across channels, available as a single view; and the ability to launch a campaign based on proximity, using connected devices to alert the customer to nearby sales. SAP Hybris facilitates the delivery of dynamic, targeted and consistent offers and messages to customers and their buying needs, regardless of touchpoint. Hybris came to SAP with its acquisition of Gigya.

Link: BusinessWire

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DemandJump launches new attribution tool Traffic Cloud

DemandJump, an AI-based marketing platform, today introduces Traffic Cloud™. The first-of-its-kind solution maps networks of traffic between sources and user flows to uncover which sites, sources, influencers, content and keywords have the greatest capacity to drive qualified traffic, and revenue, to specific brands. Leveraging customer data, competitive intelligence, prescriptive analytics and attribution, the Traffic Cloud™ solution provides unprecedented visibility into a brand’s competitive digital ecosystem.

From the release: “More than ever before, today’s marketing teams are strained for time, team and budget and now being held accountable for delivering traffic and revenue..Yet they still only have access to silo based retention tools, historical looking analytics, last click attribution and 20% visibility into their actual ecosystem,” said Christopher Day, co-founder and CEO of DemandJump. “Until Traffic Cloud™, there was no place for marketers to get truly prescriptive analytics and holistic cross channel attribution overlaid with their actual competitive ecosystem. By using AI, we can equip marketers with the knowledge of how to outmaneuver their competition.”

Link: BusinessWire

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