Filecamp adds new user interface to Digital Asset Management platform

Filecamp, the browser-based Digital Asset Management and artwork approval tool, has updated its platform with a new user interface that is responsive and mobile-ready. Filecamp has also updated a number of features as it switched to the Google Cloud Platform set up data centers in four regions around the world. Filecamp added new levels of user permissions and multiple users can be invited with just a few clicks.  Filecamp also added custom branding, custom pages, advanced served tags and an auto-suggest feature for new image recognition tags.

From the release: “In the new Filecamp, we have found the perfect balance in meeting our customers feature requests and still maintain Filecamp’s position as the preferred alternative to the more complex and old fashion DAM solutions out there,” said Jesper Faurby, CEO and Co-founder. “The first reactions on the new Filecamp have been extremely positive, and we actually believe that the new Filecamp will be a game changer in the global DAM market.”
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Red Points adds tool for brand management with channel partners

Brand Protection platform Red Points has added a new product, Online Distributor Compliance (ODC), to automate, manage and optimize distribution agreements efficiently. The new service enables businesses to proactively monitor online partner activities, harmonise distribution network and ultimately create more profitable relationships between product suppliers and distributors.

Laura Urquizu, CEO at Red Points, said: “We are very excited to launch our new Online Distributor Compliance solution. With online retailers and partners operating as extensions of product suppliers, monitoring distributors activity and mapping the pricing of products to create more profitable relationships with distributors is essential”.

Link: Martech Series

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Squadhelp adds AI to platform automating searches for new logos

Squadhelp, a platform automating contests held to name enterprises, services and products, has updated its product to leverage artificial intelligence. AI will now allow customers to launch quiz with a visual name search, matching font and background images to the enterprise’s brand standards in groups of 50-300 at once. The platform will curate and categorize 5 million possible entries.

From the release: “One of the things that is typically a challenge for crowdsourcing platforms is that anyone can sign up and you can lose control over quality,” said Darpan Munjal, Squadhelp founder and CEO.

Link: MarTech Today

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3 ways to market yourself better as an employer using an ATS

Due to globalization and easy access to information, today’s job seekers have become more strategic in their approach. They critically analyze an employer’s reputation while making career decisions. This has made employers take employer branding much more seriously and do everything in their means to market themselves better as an employer.

But before we need to dig into the “how” of employer branding, let us first understand the “why” part.

Why you should care about employer branding?

  1. It can increase your talent pool which can reduce your recruitment cost in the long run. With the right employer branding you can attract new generations of exceptional talent. It has a huge impact on the ultimate Cost Per Hire (CPH).
  2. A strong employer brand encourages current employees of the organization to refer your organization to other professionals in their network. Various researches say that the candidates hired through referrals are the second cheapest means of sourcing.
  3. A strong employer brand can not only have a positive effect on potential candidates, but also current employees. It ensures better employee engagement which showcases that the employees are enjoying their work resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.
  4. A strong employer brand makes employees passionate about their jobs resulting in lower employee turnover.

When it comes to attracting great talent, a strong employer branding is half the battle won.

How can you market yourself better as an employer using an ATS?

New that we have established that building a strong employer brand is important, let us understand how we can enhance employer brand image using an Applicant Tracking System.

Reach out to a much wider pool of candidates

In the recruiting world, the more candidates you can reach out to, the better it is for the company. Hence, it is very important for recruiters to try out different mediums to search for as many potential candidates as possible. This can be done easily through an ATS.

With the help of an ATS, you can take the advantage of job boards, candidate sourcing tools, email marketing and social media integrations to reach out to a much wider candidate pool all with a few clicks. Even email marketing can be used as an effective way to reach out to potential candidates through mass mailing campaigns. Remember, passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job on job boards are also your target audience. And such email campaigns can also be easily conducted through an ATS.

So with the help of an ATS you to maximize your visibility in the recruiting world and enhance your image an employer. The more new candidates get to know you, the better for you.

Manage and enhance reputation in the candidate community

Once you have reached out to a much wider pool of candidates, the next step is to ensure that you establish a personal connection with the candidates to ensure that they can associate a positive image about your employer brand. During each and every process of hiring, it is important to be connected to the candidates ensuring that they are always in the loop about their application status. This can be done effectively using a good ATS. It will help you to streamline your communication process by reaching out to multiple applicants as and when they process in the job pipeline.

When you have a consistent communication channel during the hiring process, it gives the candidates a positive vibe about your organization. This way you can manage and enhance your reputation in the candidate community using an ATS.

Maintain a consistent employer brand image

Once you have created a positive employer image in the minds of potential candidates, it is important to maintain its consistency. This can be done by keeping all the job related communication consistent across jobs, recruiters and recruitment channels. So once a job seeker has a positive image about your organization, they continue to have that positive image in the future as well through your carefully crafted, consistent communication across all jobs boards and social media platforms.

Since there would be different recruiters hiring for your organization, there are times when while sharing jobs, sending out emails or providing job related information the communication that goes out to candidates differs according to the capabilities of individual recruiter. This reflects poorly on the employer brand image. But an ATS would provide a single platform and uniform templates for all job related information


Marketing yourself better as an employer is not an easy task. It requires a strategic focus, a consistent approach and most importantly lot of patience. A brand image is never built overnight, more so in case of  an employer brand. As you keep doing the good work of promoting yourself as a desirable employer the word will reach out to more and more candidates and over a period of time this audience will become big enough to positively influence your image as an employer within the candidate community. And a world class ATS is a critical part of this process.

Shiv Kumar Pandey is the Marketing Head of Talentnow RecruitX, a leading Applicant Tracking System for recruitment agencies with more than 1000 customers from across the globe. Shiv specializes in technology marketing and writes about various aspects of recruitment technology. You can follow Shiv on Twitter @skpunimatrix.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud now integrates with Instagram

Salesforce launched a number of improvements in the Commerce Cloud platform this week, including an integration with Instagram. Marketers may add Instagram content via Commerce Cloud, with the content updating automatically as the product catalog changes. Salesforce also added its AI tool Einstein Vision to Commerce Cloud, so it can can now automatically tag posts in the brand’s feed or on public Instagram feeds, where a logo or specific products appear, eliminating the previously manual work of tagging posts. Finally, Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are now linked together, enabling triggered emails through the marketing product.

Link: MarTech Today

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SoftBank Robotics Introduces Pepper Promoter


SoftBank Robotics unveils Pepper Promoter at Collision tech conference (May 2 – 4, New Orleans). Pepper is a humanoid robot that can be used as a store greeter, venue and event way-finding, in-store marketing and more. In addition to greeting visitors and answering questions in natural-sounding conversation, Pepper Promoter includes built-in tools to measure and analyze marketing campaign metrics.

From the release: “To ensure accessibility and ease of use, we are developing a new suite of out-of-the-box solutions so anyone can utilize Pepper’s capabilities,” said Steve Carlin, Chief Strategy Officer at SoftBank Robotics. “There are still many ways to customize Pepper and create one-of-a-kind customer experiences. Promoter will give businesses a simple solution to easily integrate Pepper into their business and start engaging with their customers in a new way.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Build a Community Around Your Brand with These Tools

A social media community built around your brand isn’t something you can just pull out of a hat. There’s patience, building loyalty, building buzz and then supporting your influencers once you’ve found them.

It could be easier, however. You could control the branded online community on your own site.

There are a variety of tools that can help you start a social media platform on your brand site, right-sized for your budget, time and skill level.

Think about how these tools match your strategy. Who are your community members? Will membership be free or paid? Host a partner forum, an industry discussion group, or a knowledge base where customers discuss technical topics and support to one another? Compare Customer Community Platforms and then abracadabra, you’ll have a tool to fit your needs.


Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management platform ideal for professional organizations, warranty-holders or service level agreement subscribers. Let members register through Linkedin, and set options such as free or paid. When sending a communication, you can target members by group, industry, location or any custom fields. You can track engagement through a real-time dashboard, getting details about your network activity.
BEST FEATURES: Single Sign-on (SSO) means that community members can access the platform from within your website, no need to redirect anyone to a 3rd party site or require a separate login.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


SocialEngine Cloud offers an easy way to create a fully branded interactive online community. You don’t need programming or design talent to quickly launch a hosted online forum. SocialEngine Cloud is designed to encourage your community members to engage with each other, share ideas and experiences.
BEST FEATURES: User-friendly dashboard helps even non-developers launch a professional-looking social forum that compares with Reddit, Facebook or Pinterest. Customize with hundreds of 3rd-party themes and plugins.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Jive specializes in community software platforms that help business enterprises and professional groups to launch employee, customer and partner communities. JiveX helps engage customers, cultivate brand mindshare, boost sales and provide online support. JiveN is ideal for company intranet forums that help align business units and boost productivity.
BEST FEATURES: You can launch a secure internal or external online community in hours, with no developer help needed.
PRICING: Flexible plans starting at $5 per month, per seat.


Lithium Community is a leading solution that can turn a static website into a dynamic social destination. Lithium is a great way to harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of existing customers in order to attract new customers. Lithium is flexible with options that make it easy to create focus groups, run fan clubs, or launch beta programs.
BEST FEATURES: Built-in blogging platform drives traffic through published content and social comments.
PRICING: Call for quote.


Higher Logic’s Online Community platform gives enterprises worldwide a virtual forum where they can gather and interact with customers, share ideas, and help each other to solve common problems. Ideal for high-tech companies, Higher Logic is designed to encourage your community members to build an rich industry knowledge base.
BEST FEATURES: Seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, association management system, or payment system.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


The Pluck integrated community platform is used by more than 600 retailers, brands and publishers to grow audience, accelerate product sales and foster enduring customer loyalty. Pluck offers Includes a collection of community applications used in any combination.
BEST FEATURES: Applications include Personas, Forums, Narratives, Groups, and Gamification.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Logo Tools for Startup Marketers

Telegraph said 2016 was a record for new start-ups, reporting “between January and June, 29 people for every 1,000 residents started their own businesses.” Oh, by the way? That’s in the London area alone.

If 2017 is your year to finally get your business off the ground, give yourself a shot of inspiration — get started on your logo right now. It’s always exciting to envision yourself Tweeting that first Tweet, or handing out your gorgeous new business card if that’s how you roll. If you forgot to sign up for that Principles of Graphic Design seminar, but you have some idea of what you’d like in a logo, take your idea for a spin using one of the logo generation tools. These programs, all free to get started, automatically combine styles and colors you like within the framework of tried and true design guidelines. They generate a professional-looking logo that you can tweak until it’s perfect. Your logo is like a visual handshake that will introduce your brand time and again. Make it awesome.


Tailor Brands has you enter your brand name along with company details.. Based on your preferences, the tool generates a selection of logos. Mock-ups let you see how it looks on social media,, business cards, even T-shirts. Once you select your favorite design, you can edit all you want with no time limit.
BEST FEATURES: Thoughtfully right-sized purchase options let you buy one high-res logo, or a deck of additional resolutions and sizes for any business asset.
PRICING: Basic $39, Professional $59, Premium $99


Online Logo Maker is a freemium tool featuring a massive gallery of symbols and icons, plus more than a hundred fonts. Start with a basic design, upload your own images, add a slogan and change colors.
BEST FEATURES:  Free download for your 300 px logo, or you can upgrade to Premium for higher resolution images and additional features.
PRICING: Basic is free, Premium is $35 monthly.



DesignMantic Logo Maker automatically generates a selection of professional-looking logos based on your preferences. Pick your favorite design, then customize any part of it with a large menu of fonts and colors.
BEST FEATURES: Simple pricing model. Free to generate and edit as many variations as you like with no time limit, and only pay for the finished logo.


Logojoy is a simple and creative logo generation engine that displays a beautiful selection inspired by preferences that you set. All design components are original, every logo 100% custom generated just for you. View any logo in real-life photo mockups so you can see how it looks on business cards, letterhead and online.
BEST FEATURES: As you scroll, Logojoy generates more logos based on those you’ve favorited, up to fifty at once. Tweak components, fonts and colors, comparing and favoriting until it’s perfect.
PRICING: Basic $20, Enterprise $165.


Logomakr is a fun, free online tool that lets anyone whip up a great-looking logo in minutes. Logomakr offers a large gallery of original symbols, shapes, and colors. For the shoestring budget, Logomakr offers a low resolution logo totally free of charge.
BEST FEATURES: Free downloadable .PNG image for web or mobile, or upgrade to print-ready .high resolution.
PRICING: Basic is free, Professional $19.


Smashing Logo offers a dynamic online logo generator for people that know what they like, but not necessarily how to go about creating it. With Smashing Logo, simply enter your brand name and a tag line, and toggle a slide bar to indicate your preference for simple or fancy. Favorite the designs you like, and keep clicking to generate new logos until you get it perfect. Logos are stored 14 days from the date you click the “Generate” button for the first time.
BEST FEATURES: You can apply a special effect that triggers logo animation, very eye-catching when used in banners and blogs.

PRICING: $64.99

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A CMO’s View: For PepsiCo, martech is central to shaping the consumer experience

PepsiCo CMO Seth Kaufman shares how his teams are using martech across the brand’s entire product line.

After spending more than 15 years in a number of marketing leadership roles with PepsiCo, Seth Kaufman was named CMO for the brand in October of 2015.

Charged with leading the business, brand and consumer agenda for PepsiCo’s entire line of carbonated soft drinks, waters, teas, energy and ready-to-drink coffee beverages in the US, Kaufman says he has structured his teams to keep up with the pace of change.

“Our core brand groups are focused across three dimensions — innovation and strategy, which charts the long-term brand vision; communications, which crafts the platforms and strategies that move consumer passion and behavior; and commercial, which connects with and engages consumers at the moment-of-choice, in-store.”

According to Kaufman, his aim is to build diverse teams with talent from different backgrounds and expertise to foster the “most imaginative thinking” and generate the strongest results.

In an interview conducted over email, Kaufman shared how his brand is using marketing technology to shape the consumer experience across PepsiCo’s product lines, and why martech is at the center of his brand’s campaign strategy.

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Innovid Revolutionizes Video With First Omni-Channel Marketing Cloud Integrations


Video ad platform Innovid will integrate with marketing clouds from IBM, Adobe and Oracle to allow video and TV planners to use CRM data to inform video ads served by Innovid.  As well, those marketing cloud customers can apply intent data from their mobile, desktop and OTT video campaigns to their broader marketing mixes.


Content Marketing, Branding

From the Announcement:

“What’s driving more convergence is brands are looking at all their spend and saying, ‘How can we use our data better in TV planning?’” said Zvika Netter, co-founder and CEO of Innovid. “The initial point of integration [for advertising and marketing] was the DMP, which drove all of the consolidation we saw, and now it’s the marketing automation system.”

Link to full article:

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