What MarTech tools do manufacturers use?

Manufacturing today is not an old-fashioned industry — it takes marketing technology to scale the processes that bring products into the imaginations of buyers.

Manufacturers managing their stacks on CabinetM have the same fight as other in marketing operations — how to rationalize the technology they have, how to manage its use, and how to keep spend in line.

What does a manufacturing stack look like? We’ve made a stack of the top 50 products we see in manufacturing stacks.

As you can see, it’s heavy on content and social media tools, with lots of different automation platforms in the mix — some stacks have multiple marketing automation platforms in their stack.

Not every stack is the same, and the way each marketer looks at a tool could be different. For example — we’ve put Salesforce Sales Cloud in a marketing automation layer when another team could see it as a sales tool. Where we’ve called Google Tag Manager a customer tool (tracking customer behaviors) another marketer could call that an analytics tool.

Do you need help thinking about your stack?

  • Contact Erica Ross in our office at eross@cabinetm.com
  • Check out Attack Your Stack by Anita Brearton. our CEO has broken down into worksheets how you can use to help you think about your MarTech stack. Order a physical copy or download it today at this link. 
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New from CabinetM: Add product descriptions to your Stack Reports

Stack Reports

New at CabinetM: You can now add product descriptions to Stack Reports.

Stack Reports combine all the information from company stacks created throughout your enterprise, sorted by the functions you need: spend, performance, technology owner, even average monthly spend.

The new upgrade at CabinetM allows the user to view product information across an entire organization, not just the stack.

Use your stack report to note the product overview for every relevant product your company uses, and help your team discover:

  • Duplicate products by function. Why pay for email platforms with identical function from different companies?
  • New uses for technology. Use the products for which you’ve paid to their full capacity. Discover marketing functions for Account-Based Marketing, lead generation or content generation by reviewing all the products you own in one place.
  • Products you no longer need. Review what each product is for — if you no longer use direct mail  as a channel, are you finding direct mail tools?

With the savings found with CabinetM tools, the subscription pays for itself.

Need more details? Contact Erica Ross at eross@cabinetm.com.

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All Boston’s MarTech, in one massive stack

Here at CabinetM we make stacks. We use it them to help companies manage their marketing technology spend, and they use it to discover all sorts of things about the marketing technology they already have — and find new stuff.

So we thought, what does Boston look like in a MarTech stack?

Behold, below, the answer. If you see we’re missing a marketing technology company based in the Boston area, feel good about telling me (kpowers aht CabinetM.com) and I’ll personally make sure you’re on the list. If we’ve mischaracterized you, hit me up, we’ll make changes and update this post.

So Boston, how do you look? See below

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How many MarTech companies founded in 2013 are still alive? Most

There is an ongoing conversation we have with marketing industry insiders about the number of marketing technology companies in the industry and whether they will be gobbled up by the larger platforms, leaving 2-3 giants in the marketplace. Whether the industry will significantly “consolidate.”

That didn’t happen.

“There was definitely a swelling of new martech firms starting around 2013” wrote Scott Brinker in ChiefMartec this week. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics charts would suggest that half of them will be out of business next year.”

CabinetM data for companies founded in 2013.

We figured we’d look at the data on CabinetM for 2013 to see what the numbers say. We have more than 8,000 marketing technology products in our database, and more than 5,600 companies producing MarTech products. 502 marketing technology companies were founded in 2013.

Of those, 436 are still active — they have a live website and a social media presence. Of the 502 launched in 2013, 31 are now out of business while 35 were acquired. For example, Abakus, headquartered in Oakland, and founded in 2013, is now marketing attribution software as part of SAP.

The bigger story here is that marketing technology as an industry keeps growing, and that’s the reason CabinetM is here. We provide a framework to help marketers plan, track and their marketing technology stacks, and find the new technology they need.

So, keep going, Class of 2013. So far, you look pretty good.

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8,000 marketing technology products now on CabinetM platform


The community of marketers has helped us hit a milestone – there are now 8,000 marketing technology products categorized on CabinetM.

Users of CabinetM know that database on our platform is the largest in the world of marketing technology. But that’s not what we do – marketers, IT leaders, CFOs, and enterprises are leveraging that database to build marketing technology stacks to manage their marketing technology use, adoption and spend.

This database is built with the help of the users on the site – each time a marketer recommends a product for the site, that helps strengthen the platform for the entire community using the site.

So from CabinetM, thank you. With your help we’re at 8,000 products and counting.

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We feel Marketo’s pain. In fact, that’s why we exist

We totally feel Marketo’s pain.

As reported widely, Marketo, the giant of marketing automation, had somehow forgotten to renew its dotcom registration. The short story was auto-renew processes and human error combined to shut down all of billion-dollar company Marketo for its customers, and issues were still being dealt with 24 hours after a fix was made.

Now before you start snickering, this obviously can happen to any of us – even Marketo, which quickly sought to resolve the problem that impacted all its users. CEO Steve Lucas even jumped on twitter to apologize and direct angry users to a FAQ page and an email address for those reporting continuing access problems.

Every marketer can tell you the problem. The solution is CabinetM’s Enterprise Cabinet.

As marketing technology grows, and proactive marketers, sales staff, financial gurus and others within an enterprise purchase software to do their jobs better and faster, the tech it takes to run a business gets out of control.

CabinetM exists to solve that problem. Keep all your tech in one place – know when contracts renew, when you’re paying more than once for technology and when you’re paying for programs no one uses. Find out what your staff uses and knows how to use, and roll that up into one giant marketing stack you can manage in one place, and never miss a domain renewal.

We’d welcome the opportunity to give you a free trial – especially if you’re from Marketo.


Postscript: Need the full story on what happened? MarTech Today, MarTech Series and The Drum covered it, among others.


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What makes a great MarTech vendor?

There are thousands of marketing technology products out there, and hundreds of agencies ready to help you implement them.

What makes a marketing technology worth the expense? We like Dawn Colossi’s take in MarTech Today:

“Leaders of marketing teams find themselves ill-equipped to take advantage of most MarTec because of budget, skillset and time,” states Dawn Colossi, senior director of digital marketing at Commvault. “The vendors that get my time, mindshare and budget have helped me and my team get better, push further, and think modern marketing. These vendors are part of the team, even part of the family. They don’t just sell me stuff.”

Put those team members in a marketing technology stack at CabinetM. You’ll find 7,000+ products to chose from at CabinetM.

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How big is your MarTech landscape? (CabinetM says 7,000+)

Picking up on the news that CabinetM has more than 7,000 marketing technology products in its database (7,238 at the time the publish button was hit on this post), Kim Davis picks up on the comparison to Scott Brinker’s landscape.

In May, Scott Brinker announced the Martech 5000, a near impenetrable visual thicket of 5,381 solutions. Then just last week, CabinetM, the Boston-based marketing tech discovery and management platform, raised the stakes by announcing that their solutions listing has shot past the 7,000 mark.

No matter where the number is set, there is an amazing number of marketing technology, adtech, fintech and sales technology products out there. Check out our categories in our database to find what you’re seeking.


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CabinetM now has 7,000 MarTech products in its database

CabinetM, the discovery and management platform for marketing technology strategy and digital transformation, today announced it now has more than 7,000 products in its industry-leading technology database.

That’s 7,000 and counting.

Comprised of products in marketing technology, sales enablement and adtech, CabinetM’s directory has cataloged products in more than 300 categories, allowing marketers and those who utilize marketing technology in their roles, to easily find the products they need.

CabinetM is adding between 10 and 20 products each week to the directory, as marketers share the names of the products they are trying to add to their stacks, that aren’t yet in the database. You may need to check this out. 

h/t GIPHY for the fabulous Gwen Stefani gif.

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How do you find a marketer who knows MarTech?

The very wise piece in Forbes noting that who we hire as marketers is going to need to change (The Future Of Work In Marketing Should Involve Upskilling, Science And Algorithms) brings up the question:

How do you find the future marketer?

From Forbes contributor Andrew Stephen:

…chief marketers attempt to digitally transform their organizations, and face ever-increasing pressure to extract more value from fewer resources, they are realizing that they also need to reassess what marketing work will entail in the future-oriented marketing teams they are building. And they need to determine which skills their people need for the future.

We have a solution at CabinetM: The SkillStack.

Here’s three steps to go about it:

  1. Plan your strategy. Marketing Strategy always comes first.
  2. Note what Marketing Technology products are going to help you meet your strategy.
  3. Seek out marketers who have skill sets to match the tools, and strategy, that will get you to your goal.

Think about the cost of an employee. Now think of the cost of hiring the wrong employee who cannot support your growth.

Using SkillStacks to get the skills you need will help you build your marketing department of the future.

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