Sending letters for a personal touch, at scale

With so much of our lives happening in a digital space, it’s become a surprise when a stamped, handwritten envelope shows up at the office. That’s why handwritten messages from clients, vendors and others break through the static created by 5,000 daily emails and really stand out.

So how do you get to send out handwritten messages at scale?

CabinetM’s Direct Mail Technology Stack has a whole layer of platforms for handwritten messages.

Thankster enables marketers weaving authentic looking, personalized handwritten cards into a marketing campaign. Thankster uses folder cards, and on heavyweight, quality paper for greater authenticity.
BEST FEATURE: Thankster’s handwriting technology varies characters and other elements of the message to make it look very realistic. The original characters are genuinely handwritten and letters get a first class stamp.
PRICING: Individual cards in small batches are $2.31 each. For more than 500 monthly, the cost is $2.01 per card.


MailLift’s platform allows marketers to compose letters based on their own customer’s information, which are then handwritten by MailLift’s staff. MailLift integrates with Salesforce, Marketo and Pardot to track customer behavior before and after the letter is sent.
BEST FEATURE: MailLift will send letters from the enterprise’s zip code and can add business cards, gifts or branded swag.
PRICING: Packages start at $5 per letter or card.


Postalgia automates the process of sending mail to customers, donors, stakeholders and guests in your chosen handwriting, and with the ease of sending an email. Postalgia provides end-to-end mail services, including mailing your envelope.
BEST FEATURE: Postalgia allows users to upload an image for cards or choose from a number of templated designs.
PRICING: Packages start at $2.25 per card.

Did we miss your favorite tool in the Direct Mail Technology Stack? Is there a better way to categorize the tools we’ve included? Do you have a suggestion for the next tech stack? Wisdom welcome. Email Kat Powers at to share your favorite tech.

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CabinetM Launches the Interactive Customer Data Platform (CDP) Technology Stack

CabinetM has launched the CDP Technology Stack , the third in a series of interactive Marketing technology stacks.  Designed as an easy-to-use category reference, this stack represents our current view of the CDP Technology Category; click through the logos to find product information and a link to each one.

The CDP Institute defines a Customer Data Platform as “a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. This definition identifies three critical elements:

  1. It is a marketer-managed system. The CDP is built and controlled by the marketing department, not the corporate Information Technology department. Some technical resources will be required to set up and maintain the CDP, but it does not require the level of technical skill of a typical data warehouse project. What really matters is that marketing is in charge of deciding what goes into the system and what it exposes to other systems. In particular, it means marketing can make changes without asking anyone’s permission, although it may still need outside help.
  2. It creates a persistent, unified customer database. The CDP creates a comprehensive view of each customer by capturing data from multiple systems, linking information related to the same customer, and storing the information to track behavior over time. The CDP contains personal identifiers used to target marketing messages and track individual-level marketing results.
  3. Data is accessible to other systems. Data stored in the CDP can be used by other systems for analysis and to manage customer interactions.”

All CDPs share these core characteristics however, not all CDPs are created alike.  In addition to these foundational characteristics, many CDPs add additional value by leveraging and analyzing the data they integrate to map customer journeys, refine customer segments, or deliver targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Gartner writes frequently on the topic of CDPs and has produced a helpful market report/buyer guide that can be downloaded from the BlueConic and Tealium sites. ForesightOne has produced their own view of the CDP landscape which may also be helpful to marketing teams considering a CDP purchase.

Designed to be helpful in sourcing new products for the CDP layer of anyone’s marketing technology stack, this stack resides within the CDP categories in the CabinetM product directory.

The CDP category has been particularly difficult to segment; we expect that this interactive stack will continue to evolve structurally. Please help us keep this stack up to date. Let us know if we’ve missed a product or category, have categorized something incorrectly, or if you have suggestions for improving our categorization. Please contact Kat Powers at

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Flying to the MarTech West Conference? Here’s how you get prepared

If you’re going to the big MarTech West Conference in San Jose, you’re going to have to be focused. There’s a lot of big charts, there are a lot of ideas, and if you’re looking for wisdom about marketing technology, there will be more than a few folks who want to share their own plan.

But we all know that out of the 11,000+ MarTech, AdTech and FinTech tools out there, not every product will fit your strategy. How do you choose?

Let us help in three steps.

Step one. We’ll mail you a bound copy of Attack Your Stack, a workbook by CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton. While everyone else is turning off their devices you can be planning out the way you want to manage your marketing technology stack. We’ll happily mail you a copy or send you a link to the version you can download.

Step two. At the MarTech Conference, at 3:10 on April 4, CabinetM President Sheryl Schultz will be speaking on the panel “When Stacks Collide: Rationalizing the Marketing Stack in a Merger & Acquisition Environment.” She’ll be joining Zack Alves Senior Manager, Marketing Technology and Operations, Plantronics and Justin Sharaf Director, Marketing Operations, LogMeIn.

Step three. Let us demonstrate what CabinetM can do for you. If your plane has wifi, sign up to see how you can manage your marketing technology. Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how you can save time and money across your enterprise.

See? Easy as 1-2-3. Any of the above steps will help you get your arms around the technology you have and find the technology you need. Make the most out of your trip to the MarTechWest Conference!

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CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton has a challenge for MarTech vendors

Can you describe what your company does well? Have you described your products in a way anyone can understand what you do?

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton has a challenge for you:

 I’d like to launch the Mad Libs MarTech Challenge. Here’s how it works:

1. If you are a Marketer for a MarTech vendor please follow the guidelines below to create a coherent description of your company’s product or platform. The goal here isn’t hilarity (I’m already punch drunk) it is coherence.

2. Please update your website with this new, easy to understand description.

3. Please update your CabinetM profile with the same description (had to put in a plug for us because our team is going to lose their minds categorizing products if something doesn’t change). You should also update your profile on Capterra, G2 Crowd, GetApp, and Trust Radius.

4. Share this with your marketing friends and encourage them to do the same.

Read more on LinkedIn.

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CabinetM Launches an Interactive Direct MailMarketing Technology Stack

CabinetM is pleased to introduce the Direct Mail Technology Stack, the second in a series of interactive Marketing Technology stacks. Designed as an easy-to-use category reference, this stack represents our current view of the Direct Mail marketing technology category. CabinetM is grateful to Ray Van Iterson, USPS Manager of Innovation and Product Development, and Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics, for all their help creating and structuring this stack.

  • The stack is dynamic. As new email platforms are launched or retired, and email companies are acquired, the stack will be updated to reflect those changes.
  • The stack is interactive. Click through each logo to see a product overview, access a vendor’s website and connect with a vendor sales representative.

“Because we tend to associate direct mail with offline marketing, we don’t often see direct mail as a layer in marketing technology stacks, said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM, but the reality is that like other marketing programs, there is now an abundance of technology available to support creating, personalizing, delivering, and tracking direct mail. As marketingteams adopt thesetechnologies,we’ll see Direct Mail emerge as a critical layer in advanced marketing technology stacks.”

Designed to be helpful in sourcing new products for the direct mail marketing layer of anyone’s technology stack, this stack resides within the Direct Mail categories in the CabinetM product directory.

For more on leveraging direct mail technology in your stack, check out this blog post
from Gary Reblin, VP Product Innovation, USPS.

Vendors, this stack makes it easy to position yourproducts in your category ecosystem. If you need to update your product information, please claim your profile on CabinetM.

Help us keep this stack up to date. Let us know if we’ve missed a product or category, have categorized something incorrectly, or if you have suggestions for improving our categorization. Please contact Kat Powers at

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Stop using 1970s tech to solve your 2019 MarTech management problem?


  • Spreadsheets don’t scale.
  • You can’t collaborate around sticky notes.
  • An intern with a clipboard cannot walk to the office in another timezone and get a list of what each department uses.

So how are you managing the 50-250 marketing technology products your enterprise is using?

Context: Welcome to 2019, where modern marketing teams use an extraordinary number of marketing/sales and advertising tools to get their jobs done. You’re probably driving your email marketing with several tools, driving lead gen with others, and monitoring social media with more than a few more. Before you know it, you’re using 50+ tools to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention….and teams across the enterprise have lost track of who is using what, and the reasons for it.

In 2019, there are more than 11,000 MarTech tools being used by marketers worldwide, creating a management problem that organizations are now grappling with. Spreadsheets don’t scale, and you can’t collaborate around Post-Its.  

Our customers have abandoned their spreadsheets and are using CabinetM for planning, tracking and managing their marketing technology suites across teams and geographies.  Our platform gives you visibility into what you’re spending, where you have duplicate costs, and where your money is being wasted with recurring costs for retired products.  If your marketing technology use has escalated, and you’re wondering whether there’s a better way to manage your stack across your organization, let us show you how we can help save your company time and money. Schedule 15 minutes to see where CabinetM can take you.

Stop using tech invented last century to manage today’s marketing spend. We have a better way.

Sheryl Schultz is president and co-founder of CabinetM.

To learn more about ways enterprises are managing their marketing technology across silos, departments and time zones, contact her at

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CabinetM launches interactive Marketing Technology stacks

Introducing the Email Technology Stack, the first in a series of Marketing Technology stacks.

This stack represents our current view of the Email Technology Category and was last updated on January, 2019. Unlike some static landscapes, the CabinetM Technology stack is interactive.

  • The stack is dynamic. As new email platforms are launched or retired, and email companies are acquired, the stack will be updated to reflect those changes.
  • The stack is interactive. Click through each logo to see a product overview, access a vendor’s website and connect with a vendor sales representative.
  • The stack is full of products being used by marketers like you. The following are the top 20 email products that appear in the hundreds of marketing stacks being managed on CabinetM: Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform, MailChimp, HubSpot Marketing Platform, Klaviyo, Gmail, Outlook, Litmus, SendGrid, Constant Contact Email, Mandrill, agileEMAIL, Campaign Monitor, dotmailer, Email on Acid, ClickDimensions, Competitive Tracker, Email Informant, Email Marketing, Experian Consumer Information Services,  Intercom Engage, APSIS Pro, Bluecore, Coherent Path, Constant Contact Email Campaigns, Hunter,  Return Path Email Optimization, SendSafely, ToutApp, Yesware, Cheetahmail, Emma Email Marketing Services, GetResponse, ReachForce Data Cleanse & Append, Salesforce Email Studio, Sendwithus, Siftrock, TowerData Email Validation,  vbout Email Marketing, Amazon WorkMail, AWeber,  Benchmark, Cirrus Insight, Clickback MAIL, Drip,  Email Banners, iContact, InsightBASE Relevance Engine, Mixmax, Phrasee and Sponsored InMail.
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CabinetM launches Attack Your Stack, a guide to building your marketing tech stack

CabinetM has released a new workbook, Attack Your Stack, designed to help you with the process of building and evolving your marketing technology stacks. Written by our CEO, Anita Brearton, with support from Jeff Harvey (Red Wing Shoes), Allen Pogorzelski (Openprise), and Stacy Falkman (Paychex, Inc.), Attack Your Stack delivers insights derived from the hundreds of marketing stacks being managed on the CabinetM platform and from CabinetM’s community of marketing operations professionals.

The workbook is succinct, filled with worksheets that invite the scribbling of ideas, and covers the entire lifecycle of the marketing technology stack.

“My goal in developing the workbook was to deliver insights in a form that was useful to marketing operations teams,” said Anita Brearton.  “Readers do not have to be CabinetM users in order to leverage the recommendations in the workbook, though I do believe it would definitely make every marketer’s life easier!”

Key topics in Attack Your Stack:

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Stack architecture
  • Stack auditing
  • Stack strategy
  • Product discovery
  • Stack management

Attack Your Stack is available on Amazon (Kindle $4.99, Print $9.99. Free copies are available from CabinetM at this link.

Best practices for stack building are keeping pace with the innovation and evolution in the marketing technology world. As such, CabinetM plans to regularly update this workbook. If you are a vendor, analyst, or practitioner, and would like to contribute to the next version, please reach out to Anita Brearton directly (abrearton@cabinetm) to share quotes, case studies, and commentary.

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10,000 MarTech products and a powerful way to manage them

CabinetM’s directory of marketing, sales and ad tech tools now exceeds 10,000 products, powering the industry’s most comprehensive platform for marketing operations teams managing the technology they use and finding the technology they need.
CabinetM makes it simple to find what you need.  The products in the directory are indexed across more than 350 categories so users can search for exactly what type of product they need, when they need it.
If you’re serious about getting your arms around your technology usage and spend, reach out to Erica Ross ( to learn more about our Enterprise platform.
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