Connected2Fiber adds targeting tools to its Connected World platform

Connected2Fiber has updated its Connected World platform with a new module to strengthen targeting efforts of network providers. Users may now dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for a set of locations in a given market — such as number of businesses in a building and the network spend levels of those businesses. Retrieval data is focused on the three key dimensions of geography, buildings, and tenants to enable optimal flexibility and context in the search process. Campaigns and prospect targeting lists can be saved with named tags, extracted to drive sales and marketing activities.

From the release: “We are thrilled with the capabilities that Market Explorer provides to our customers. The module leverages our trusted, authoritative intelligence on locations to drive more efficient and effective targeting for network providers,” says Ben Edmonds, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “The granular filtering and search capabilities of this module will help identify high-yield target businesses for marketing campaigns or sales team prospecting and further demonstrates our commitment to building a product that our customers use to drive growth.”

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Fuel Cycle Exchange launched to support customer research

Fuel Cycle, the business intelligence platform, has made Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) available to its current customers. The Exchange is a platform for aggregating insights, tools and information for market researchers. FCX enables Fuel Cycle customers to centralize their research activities on a single platform to support product development, shopper insights, customer experience, pricing and marketing.

From the release: “While customer insights are increasingly important to successful, fast-paced companies, we noticed there wasn’t a solution available to unite multiple insights tools in a cohesive platform,” said Eran Gilad, President of Fuel Cycle. “With FCX, corporate researchers are finally able to address all their diverse research needs on a single enterprise platform— enhancing the depth of those insights with one structured data layer for reporting and intelligence.”

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DataSift Partners with LinkedIn, Launches PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights


DataSift, a platform which delivers Human Data intelligence into business processes and BI tools in real time, has announced its strategic partnership with LinkedIn. Moreover, it has also launched PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights which will enable marketers to get superior insights into the behavior, insights, and activities of professionals without invading their privacy.


Business Intelligence, Customer Insights

From the article:

The Chief Executive Officer of DataSift, Tim Barker, said in an official blog post, “Bringing together data-driven marketing and active data intelligence, we can now provide marketers with valuable, real-time answers to questions around audience identification, content engagement, and brand awareness/perceptions. Equipped with these insights, they can take action, drive decisions and make changes to their campaigns, content, and strategies.”

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Conductor Unveils Insight Stream, Tech that Transforms Big Marketing Data into Personalized Insights



Conductor today announced the launch of Insight Stream, a new way to deliver business intelligence to marketers. Insight Stream improves the workflow and productivity of digital marketers by surfacing important business insights through a live feed of personalized recommendations.


Business Intelligence

From the Announcement:

“We are launching Insight Stream to relieve marketers of the need to dig through endless dashboard and data. Your software should do the hard work for you so you can focus on execution,” said Seth Besmertnik, Founder and CEO of Conductor. “We are proud to be at the forefront of technology advancements for marketers using AI to turn marketing data into simple human insights.”

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Marketing Myopia: Can you avoid it by listening to customers?


Marketing Myopia: The ability to be so nearsighted you cannot see that you’re not giving your customer what she wants, you producing what you want to sell. Notes the Harvard Business Review:

The term was coined by the late Harvard Business School marketing professor, Theodore Levitt, in a 1960 article by the same name (republished in 2004). The “heart of the article,” according to [John Deighton, a professor at Harvard Business School] is Levitt’s argument that companies are too focused on producing goods or services and don’t spend enough time understanding what customers want or need. Therefore, he “encouraged executives to switch from a production orientation to a consumer orientation.” As Levitt used to tell his students, “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

Can you listen to your customers? Here’s help:

There’s a whole world of sentiment monitoring tools out there to help you get a start on what people are already saying. 

Competitive Intelligence tools can help you learn how your customers are being served now, and where you can take them to the next level. 

When you’re read to test your new idea out, there are ways to scale market research so you can fine-tune your message before going public. 

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Marketo Got Sold What Does This Mean For Industry?


by Warren Knight

Its valuation is almost twice of Eloqua, which was acquired by Oracle not long ago. Recently, Salesforce bought Dreamware, a SaaS e-commerce company for around $2.18 billion. These deals and valuations clearly indicate the robustness of Software-as-a-Service business model. 

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Adhark Launches Cuckoo, a New Tool that Tackles the Analytics of Your Competitor’s Social Media


Adhark, a Boston-based streaming marketing start-up, claims it has just the thing: Cuckoo, a free “task advisor” for marketing professionals. What’s a task advisor? Adhark founder and CEO Jehan Hamedi describes it as an interactive tool companies can use to fine-tune their digital marketing efforts — particularly their social media marketing.

“We’re kind of solving a few different problems [with Cuckoo], but fundamentally the impetus here was that there’s no easy way to figure out what you should change about your [social media] marketing,” says Hamedi. “I’ve been thinking about this problem for a while, and it seems to me that the best strategy is to use publicly available consumer data to get marketing answers from the very people you’re trying to reach. The concept of a ‘task advisor’ was born out of this.”

An organization of any size can use Cuckoo to identify, refine, and reach a target market segment.

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Yelp Releases ‘Yelp Knowledge’ with 3 New Partners


Yelp Knowledge’s new partnership program opens up doors to Yelp’s dataset of more than 100 million reviews over 12 years of data focused on local analytics and insights.

Category: Advertising

Function: Management & Ad Serving

From Yelp’s Blog:

“Today we’re announcing the official launch of Yelp Knowledge, a new partnership program that enables access to the Yelp dataset of more than 100 million reviews and almost 12 years of historical data for local analytics and insights. This highly structured dataset is location specific and enables both local and national businesses to access a wealth of untapped wisdom. Initial Yelp Knowledge partners Medallia, Reputology, and Revinate, join Sprinklr, who was our inaugural partner and launched an integration with Yelp earlier this year.”

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Convergence and the Power of Data in Modern Marketing Landscape


“Columnist Josh Manion takes a look at how marketing technologies are converging and explains why tag management is helping to drive that convergence.” 

Category: Marketing Technology

Function: Productivity, Marketing Research

Blurb from the article/press release

“Scott Brinker’s 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic documents what many enterprise marketing teams deal with daily: The number of marketing technology vendors has doubled yet again since last year.

Innovation comes from extraordinary creativity in our industry. It also has its negative side: the fragmentation caused by rapid proliferation of martech tools and the siloed data they generate. At the same time, several forces are converging to help unlock the power of data for marketing initiatives. How does convergence emerge from such diversity?”

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Lattice Engines Announces Buyer Insights on the SalesForce AppExchange


Lattice Engines Announces Buyer Insights on the SalesForce AppExchange

Summary: Lattice Engine has announced the launch of Buyer Insights on the SalesForce AppExchange, encouraging companies to interact with customers in a new way.

Category: Lead Generation

Function: Customer Acquisition

From the MarTech Advisor article:

“Lattice Engines, a Salesforce Registered ISV Partner and a leading provider of predictive marketing and sales applications, is committed to helping businesses of all sizes drive increased sales and marketing productivity through data-driven insights. The new Buyer Insights app helps to achieve this by enabling predictive campaigns within Salesforce. Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, Buyer Insights is currently available on the AppExchange.”


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