Bridgeline Digital buys OrchestraCMS from Stantive Technologies Group

Bridgeline Digital, which produces the Bridgeline Unbound suite of tools for marketing and eCommerce, has acquired OrchestraCMS from Stantive Technologies Group, a CMS built natively on The acquisition is expected to help Bridgeline better serve customers by providing highly-personalized digital experiences by leveraging OrchestraCMS’ native Salesforce integrations and expertise.

From the release: “OrchestraCMS – along with both the recent Celebros and SeeVolution asset acquisitions – will provide powerful pieces of technology to the Bridgeline Unbound product suite,” said Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline Digital. “We’re always seeking ways to provide even greater value and continued innovation to our customers to help them stand out from their competition in their respective markets. The OrchestraCMS platform’s native integration with Salesforce give Bridgeline a unique capability in the web content management space that will bring new capabilities to our customers who use Salesforce.”

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RichRelevance adds Deep Learning to its experience platform

RichRelevance, vendor of customer experience personalization tools, is adding Deep Learning to its platform for hyper-personalization. The update will allow marketers to get a broader view of the customer and to reveal context from customer actions. RichRelevance states this new capacity will help marketers discover patterns, algorithmically picking the winning experience on a per session basis in real time for each individual.

From the release: “Delivering memorable experiences is the only way forward for brands and retailers to create competitive differentiation,” said Carl Theobald, President and CEO of RichRelevance. “Yet many companies struggle in this regard due to the fragmentation of roles and responsibilities across marketing and commerce. Digital leaders need to rethink personalization in light of emerging AI technologies which will in turn reframe organizational boundaries and better foster collaboration.”

Link: BusinessWire

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SurveyMonkey acquires Usabilla

Survey Monkey, the global survey software vendor, has acquired Voice of Customer (VoC) technology provider Usabilla. Customers such as Lufthansa and Vodafone already use Usabilla to collect user feedback on customer experience. Survey Monkey is reporting that the acquisition will enable it to offer a comprehensive customer powered data portfolio.

From the release: “Usabilla’s outstanding user experience solution for capturing real-time digital feedback enhances our enterprise offerings and expands our international footprint. Every brand needs to offer a compelling digital experience to win and retain customers — Usabilla’s solution helps companies collect 100,000 feedback interactions daily so they can improve their digital experiences and drive growth,” said Zander Lurie, Chief Executive Officer, SurveyMonkey. “The acquisition of Usabilla strengthens our position in this rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar market. I’m thrilled to welcome the Usabilla team to SurveyMonkey for this exciting new chapter together.”

Link: Usabilla Blog

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Affinio now can be delivered via containerization

Affinio, a customer data platform, announced its platform be delivered via a containerization model. Containerization is similar to on-premises software, but instead of sending physical servers to run Affinio’s technology, the technology itself is packaged into a container and later deployed in a private cloud instance controlled entirely by the enterprise.

From the release: “Containerization is a compelling model and technology that’s been used by other departments and functions, such as IT and software development, so it’s market-tested. It’s particularly strategic for mar-tech, given the heightened awareness around privacy and sensitivity for PII. Rather than uploading enterprise-owned data to Affinio’s technology for processing, Affinio sends our AI technology to the enterprise to run on its private cloud instances,” explained Tim Burke, CEO of Affinio.

Link: PR Newswire

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IgnitionOne adds predictive intelligence to ad creative

Customer Intelligence Platform IgnitionOne has added a feature offering predictive intelligence to advertising creative. Once a given creative is uploaded into the IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform, marketers can see how that creative is predicted to perform with target customers, before it is even deployed. This predictive capability utilizes visual recognition algorithms that learn from impressions tracked across the IgnitionOne network.

From the release: “This new capability utilizes the latest deep learning techniques implemented within our Customer Intelligence Platform,” said Danny Portman, PhD, Director, Data Science at IgnitionOne. “It is our most advanced application of data science to marketing and advertising to date. We are putting the control back in the marketer’s hands, alleviating the need to test creatives on actual customers.”

Link: Globe NewsWire

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MoxiWorks adds full email marketing functions to CRM for realtors

MoxiWorks, the company producing technology for realtors, has updated its CRM, MoxiEngage with full email marketing, including drip campaigns, free to all current users off the MoxiEngage CRM. MoxiEngage has previously offered a neighborhood news monthly email function with market snapshots personalized for each subscribed contact

From the release: “Our goal was to bring email campaigns, the most time and cost-effective way for agents to stay in flow with their sphere, right into the CRM they use every day. It is a crucial, yet often overlooked part of an agent’s business and we felt it was a core component in helping an agent win more business,” said Bryan Link, Product Manager at MoxiWorks.

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Qlik buys Crunch Data and CrunchBot

Qlik, best known for its data management and analytics platform, has acquired Crunch Data and its CrunchBot, an AI based tool built for querying via Qlik tools. Teams already use CrunchBot, built leveraging Qlik’s open APIs, for questions asked in a conversational manner through the Qlik Sense UI or popular collaboration tools such as Slack, Skype, Salesforce Chat and Microsoft Teams. The acquisition expands Qlik’s existing augmented intelligence and cognitive capabilities by delivering additional conversational analytics .

From the release: “Bringing CrunchBot and Crunch Data into Qlik will help users more easily inject data regularly into workflows, making analytics an essential element in daily collaboration and decision making,” said Mike Capone, Qlik CEO. “Qlik continually looks for new ways to deliver augmented intelligence to users and improve data literacy. These acquisitions help expand the ability of our customers and partners to leverage data and insights where work happens, increasing the value of both data and the organization.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Bright Pattern, cloud contact center software, announced the launch of Conversational IVR, at call center tool offering self-service for customers. Bright Pattern’s Conversational IVR uses AI to allow customers lead the conversation and choose the path they prefer, Conversational IVR captures customers’ exact phrases, providing insight into specific issues that customers are looking for via self-service.

From the release: “It’s time companies just say no to the traditional IVRs that have frustrated customers for decades. With powerful cloud technology coupled with AI, consumers no longer have to deal with poor, rigid self-service options. AI-powered conversational IVRs are another step forward as we phase out traditional IVRs and revolutionize customer engagement,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Bright Pattern.

Link: PR Newswire

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Salesforce feature allows marketers to develop apps without developers

CRM giant Salesforce has launched a feature for Lightning communities called Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud, which allows Lightning Community content to be packaged into a branded mobile app to be dowloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. The new capability allows marketers to use pre-built components instead of hiring specialized Salesforce developers. The update allows users to integrate Salesforce’s Einstein layer with their content.

From the release: “Today, our customers are able to build websites, portals, forums, and other experiences with Community Cloud. With Mobile Publisher, they can turn their digital experience into a native mobile app, without having to use code,” says Anna Rosenman, vice president of Community Cloud and B2B commerce marketing at Salesforce. “The first step is to use Mobile Publisher to add details about your app and add brand imagery, similar to filling in a Linkedin profile. Then, Salesforce takes care of the rest by publishing the app to the Apple App Store or Google Play.”

Link: Destination CRM

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Urban Airship acquires Accengage, expands market

Urban Airship, vendor of customer engagement tools, has acquired Accengage, Europe’s largest provider of mobile CRM and push notifications. Together Urban Airship and Accengage now form the world’s largest mobile customer engagement company. All Accengage employees will join Urban Airship, including CEO and co-founder Patrick Mareuil.

From the release: “More than ever, business growth is dependent on customer experience, and no company creates unique experiences for more brands than Urban Airship,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Urban Airship. “By adding the amazing team from Accengage, we can grow customer value for more businesses around the world while setting new standards for innovation and local support. We’ll use our newly combined expertise and technology to ensure our customers take their digital customer engagement strategies to even greater heights.”

Link: Urban Airship

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