BlueVenn launches new CDP Unify

BlueVenn has launched Unify, a Customer Data Platform with a focus on data loading and tools for non-technical users to automate the ingestion and transformation of data into the platform. The data management of Unify was previously only available as part of BlueVenn’s complete customer analytics and campaign management solution, but has now been decoupled from the complete solution and available as a plug and play platform that organizations can purchase on its own.

From the release: “BlueVenn Unify enables the marketing team to connect to infinite data sources, real-time or batch, and automate the deduplication, cleansing and consolidation of their data. It scales from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of customer records, and as new data sources or channels become available, adding them is a simple process for the marketing team to load and link them into Unify. Marketers are stifled in their ability to work with data effectively and it leads to inaccurate insights, untargeted marketing and too much time manually wrestling with their data day-by-day,” Steve Klin, BlueVenn’s CEO said. “Unify will be transformational for these businesses!“

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Formstack acquires Bedrock Data, launches new suite of tools

Formstack, which solves business problems with data collection and process automation capabilities, has acquired Bedrock Data and launched a new suite of data collection products. Bedrock Data, an online data integration platform that syncs customer data between systems through pre-built connectors, gives Formstack customers immediate access to 14 advanced integrations, including Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, HubSpot and Marketo. The new Formstack platform will include tools for simplified data transfer, contract and document generation, process automation and a payments tool.

From the release: “The explosion of SaaS offerings, which has ultimately fueled more innovations and made almost every user’s life easier in some way, has also resulted in disparate processes, disconnected systems and too many tools that don’t integrate,” said Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. “We saw that our users needed a unified data management system that not only transformed how teams collected data but also how that data was put to use to impact the bottom line. Our recent acquisitions have been vital in rounding out our new workplace productivity solution and its ability to increase efficiencies across any department in the enterprise.”

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Symphony Technology Group acquires EnterWorks to merge it with Winshuttle

Symphony Technology Group has acquired EnterWorks and its platform for Multi-Domain Experience Management. STG is merging EnterWorks with Winshuttle, which creates data tools integrating with SAP platforms. The merger will allow both companies to expand their footprints as large enterprises increasingly rely on data to drive business performance. EnterWorks will operate as a line of business of Winshuttle.

From the release: “We are very excited to join forces with EnterWorks,” said John Pierson, CEO of Winshuttle. “Our common mission has been to help our customers harness the power of digital transformation by simplifying the management of multi-domain master data – particularly product and customer data. With the addition of EnterWorks as a line of business, the resulting combination will provide an end-to-end solution for the management of product, material, supplier, customer, and other master data throughout the product value chain.”

Link: Winshuttle FAQs

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Google intends to acquire data migration startup Alooma

Google has announced its intention to acquire Alooma, a data migration startup. Alooma makes it easier to manipulate and filter data from numerous sources, correct errors, collect metrics, raise notifications and enrich data. Google will use the Alooma tool, which lets enterprises automate data ingestion pipelines into the cloud, to create a simplified cloud migration path for customers that could eventually lead to them buying more of Google’s analytics, security, AI and machine learning products.

From the release: “One of the things we’re most excited about with Alooma is the deep expertise for both enterprise and open source databases that their team brings to Google Cloud, which will be critical in helping us build out additional migration capabilities within Google Cloud Platform,” wrote Dominic Preuss, director of product management for Google Cloud Platform.

Link: ZDnet

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Domo launches suite of tools for publishers, media buyers

Domo has launched Domo Media Suite, a platform for media buyers and publishers consolidating complex systems and data sets. Demo Media Suite consists of three products to help the entire media and marketing ecosystem. The Programmatic Revenue App, Programmatic Buying App, and a campaign wrap-up report that simplifies the time-consuming and repetitive task of campaign performance reporting.

From the release: “The Domo Media Suite leverages the power of the Domo platform, which was built over several years, to digitally connect all the data, systems and people in an organization,” said Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo. “When deployed, and when an entire organization is connected through one platform, it’s easy to apply services like data science, machine learning or centralized governance and control, to make the benefits of true digital transformation more powerful and much easier to realize.”

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Salesforce updates Datorama platform

Intelligence and analytics tool Datorama, which was acquired by Salesforce and moved into its Marketing Cloud suite, has updated Datorama with connectors to Salesforce tools. It has also opened the Datorama Developer Portal to allow IT professionals and developers to build custom integrations. Lastly, the Datorama Activation Cente, will be enable immediate action on insights directly within the Datorama console.

From the release: “Now part of our Marketing Cloud, Datorama is the leading AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform for enterprises, agencies and publishers. Datorama’s expansive library of marketing APIs and AI-powered connectors capture, interpret and classify marketing data (as well as other influential data types like sales, weather or economic information) from hundreds of marketing technology solutions. By connecting these data sources in one unified view, marketers can measure, analyze and report on campaign performance to make informed decisions that drive ROI,” wrote Jon Suarez-Davis, senior vice president of product marketing for Salesforce Marketing Cloud at Salesforce Newsroom.

Link: Salesforce Newsroom

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Claritas acquires Barometric

Claritas, a data company enabling brands to identify and target their best customers through segmentation, has acquired Barometric, a media tracking and measurement company. The acquisition supports Claritas’ transformation as a vendor measuring advertising performance and optimizing audiences across media channels. Barometric’s proprietary identity graph technology collects mobile IDs across digital environments to increase marketing efficiency and campaign measurement.

From the release: “The combination of Claritas and Barometric is fantastic news for any marketer who is looking for a more precise level of clarity and campaign optimization,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “By combining the best-in-class segmentation of Claritas with the unrivaled cross-platform measurement and verification that Barometric makes possible, businesses can better understand their leads’ behavior from mobile app to desktop to in-store, or even intra-household purchasing paths across a family’s separate devices.”

Link: Globe Newswire

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Periscope Data launches Data Engine

Periscope Data has launched Data Engine, a data integration tool.  Data Engine was designed to help data teams apply the right technology to the right workflows, allowing enterprises to reliably move data from source to analysis-ready models.

From the release: “The most valuable thing that data teams can do is help their businesses make better decisions. Every moment spent debugging an ETL pipeline or figuring out why the data isn’t right is a distraction from that goal. Data Engine automates a lot of the effort that doesn’t go toward business outcomes so the data team can focus what they do best, which is using the right tech at the right time for the right analytics problem,” said Tom O’Neill, Periscope co-founder and CTO.

Link: Periscope Data blog

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Adobe adds new search function to Audience Manager

Adobe has updated its Audience Manager tool to include a new tool for search. Data Explorer allows users browse through historical data collected by the DMP and add traits to their taxonomy in real time.

From the release: “Sometimes the most valuable data points cannot be predicted beforehand. An article that goes viral or an unexpectedly popular product offering can become missed opportunities if your DMP isn’t architected to make raw data signals actionable,” said Terry Chen, Senior Product Manager of Adobe Audience Manager. “The Audience Manager team built Data Explorer to give our customers the tools they need to have autonomy over audience trait creation and structure – right in their own hands.”

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Openprise launches Data Orchestration Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Openprise, the leader in data orchestration solutions for marketing and sales, today announced the general availability of Openprise Data Orchestration Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution automates all the painful, manual processes that sales automation and marketing automation solutions don’t typically offer, such as list loading, data cleansing and enrichment, account scoring, and many more, enabling marketing and sales teams to increase productivity, scale their operations, and boost revenue. Openprise is a single platform designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has all of the best practices, business logic, and data that companies need to automate key business processes, including custom business processes that are unique to a given company or industry.

From the release: “At Openprise, we’re pleased to be able to apply our years of experience automating critical marketing and sales business processes that had previously been done manually, and apply that expertise to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to help marketing and sales teams boost revenue and improve productivity,” said Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise.

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