Mailchimp expands into marketing automation platform

Mailchimp, founded in 2001 as an email marketing platform, has added a number of features to broaden its scope to marketing automation for the small business. New and expanded features include a Marketing CRM, audience dashboard, the ability to tag and segment data, an address finder, predicted demographics, lookalike audience finder and personalization tools.

From the release: “We know what it means to pour every bit of yourself into your small business. We know the joy and satisfaction that comes when those businesses succeed, and we’ve felt the lasting sting of failure. But what’s baked into our DNA is that ambition all of our family members had: their aspiration to move “out of the kitchen” and build their businesses, to take a small seed of an idea and make it grow,” wrote co-founder Ben Chestnut in the Mailchimp Blog.

Link: Mailchimp Blog

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Salesforce to add Bonobo.AI’s conversational intelligence to Sales Cloud

Salesforce has signed an agreement to acquire Bonobo.AI, a conversational intelligence platform. Bonobo’s technology will enhance the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform, enabling users to leverage conversational intelligence within their own customer data.

From the release: “Bonobo AI will enhance the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud by leveraging conversational intelligence within the Salesforce Platform, allowing companies to utilize one of their most valuable sources of data – customer interactions,” stated an update on the Bonobo blog.

Link: Bonobo Blog

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Acquia acquires Mautic

Acquia, the open source digital experience company, announced it has acquired Mautic, creator of a automation and campaign management platform. The acquisition will support Acquia’s in its goal to offer the industry’s first Open Digital Experience Platform.  Mautic will also bring its more than 100 MarTech integrations.

From the release: “In today’s world, brands need to engage with their customers in a unified and intelligent way,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia co-founder, CTO, and chairman. “The addition of Mautic helps us support brands on this mission, while also pushing us towards our vision of building the Open Digital Experience Platform. With this acquisition, we are combining open source content management with open source marketing automation. Just as Drupal disrupted web content management, we believe Mautic disrupts the marketing automation world with open source, providing our customers faster innovation, more agility, more flexibility, and better integrations.”

Link: Acquia Newsroom

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Pardot adds targeting for teams by region or brand

Salesforce’s Pardot, the B2B marketing automation platform, has a new feature called Pardot Business Units. Business Unites supports regional teams and sub-brands with the tools they need to reach their own segmented audiences. Enterprises using Pardot can now designate audiences for brands, geographies, or lines of business to better tailor campaigns for specific groups while still getting a complete view of the customer experience.

From the release: “It’s clear that the future of marketing is no longer just automation, but personalization. The more targeted a message is, the better. Yet, enterprise marketers face a perpetual tug-of-war — how to balance the need for a centralized brand and message, while giving marketers from regional teams or sub-brands enough flexibility to execute tailored, localized campaigns that resonate better with their customers,” wrote Michael Kostow, senior Vice President and general manager of Salesforce Pardot. in the Salesforce Blog.

Link: Salesforce Blog

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DirectLync launches marketing automation platform for small biz

DirectLync has launched its new platform offering marketing automation for small- and medium-sized businesses. The platform features integrated  contact management, email marketing, social media management, website CMS, and reporting and insights within one platform.

From the release: “The siloed approach to marketing is a painful and time-consuming experience for SMBs,” said Kevin Lynch, President and Founder of DirectLync. “Many sales and marketing teams are using multiple platforms to manage digital efforts or skipping out on digital marketing because of time constraints. Analyzing reports and attributing success to campaigns is nearly impossible. SMBs are an impactful part of our global economy, and they need to be equipped with easy-to-use, affordable, and integrated solutions.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Oracle adds machine learning tools to cloud platforms

Oracle has updated a number of cloud applications, including the Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud and CX Cloud. Within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud, Oracle is adding new machine learning-based tools,  including an expense reporting assistant, a project management digital assistant, and advanced financial controls such as continuous analysis of transactions. The Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud is now enables personalized and on-the-go experiences for all users, including candidates and recruiters to HR professionals, managers and employees.

From the release: “We continue to grow revenue faster than market and we have an enormous opportunity ahead of us in ERP and HCM,” co-CEO Mark Hurd said.

Link: ZDNet

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Automate gifting to your best customers

At some point in our careers, we’ve been the recipient of some sort of corporate gift. The company that wishes to woo our business that sends chocolates, the headhunter/hiring coach who wishes to woo you with golf gear (and promises the next job offers more vacation), the thank you note from a grateful client.

How do you do swag at scale? There are tools and platforms for B2B gifting.

When you look at the Direct Mail Technology Stack, there are layers and layers of tools that assist marketers in getting their ideas physically into someone’s hands. Here’s a closer look at the B2B Direct Mail Gifting and Swag layer.

Amazon Moments is a self-service loyalty offering which sends out both physical and digital rewards for marketers that are fulfilled, shipped and delivered by Amazon. Marketers can visit a dedicated Moments console, pick the specific goals they want their users to reach and then set a budget for their campaign. Once those parameters are set, Amazon creates a rewards landing page tailored to each campaign, and marketers can plug their rewards links into an API.
BEST FEATURE: The user-friendly Moments console allows your marketing team to choose when, where, and how your users see Moments and receive rewards.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Alyce is a corporate gifting platform that is the anti-blast and harass approach to modern B2B selling. The time-consuming but thoughtful actions that drive real relationships and trust, such as researching a prospect’s interests, writing them a card and sending them a thoughtful, hand-selected gift are achieved at scale using Alyce’s AI-enhanced B2B gifting platform. Alyce can work within Salesforce.
BEST FEATURE: Show the effectiveness in generating pipeline and accelerating deals with reporting within the Alyce platform.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

SwagIQ is a promotional gifting automation platform that integrates with Salesforce. SwagIQ is designed to make it easier for sales agents to use Salesforce information to pick the right time to send branded gifts, packages and other personalized tangible items directly from within Salesforce. Marketers can set up a custom store, select gifts, personalize a message and let PFL fulfill the order and track the shipment. SwagIQ custom stores can be set up to ship sales brochures, custom cards and other marketing collateral, or branded desk toys and games, kites, Bluetooth speakers, popcorn makers, totes, gourmet food and more.
BEST FEATURE: Monitors CRM activity to notify sales and marketing of the best times to send gifts to leads and customers.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Sendoso is a B2B engagement platform that makes it easy for companies to send eGifts, personal notes, mailers, and more to their leads, partners and customers. No coding is required to amplify your ABM outreach with Sendoso. Simply add the Sendoso gifting button to your CRM or marketing automation platform, including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and many more, and set up AI-powered triggers. Send your contacts eGifts of coffee, lunch, promotional items and more, and keep track of every “Touch” in a user-friendly dashboard.
BEST FEATURE: Manage all your gifting outreach Touches, get automated suggestions about when to send a gift, and track the ROI across marketing, sales, and customer success.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Club OS launches new fitness industry management product

Club OS has launched Studio, its platform for business processes and marketing operations for the fitness industry. Its features include SMS and email marketing tools, gym and fitness center scheduling platform for staff and classes, and  an intelligent CRM for customer contact information.

From the release: “The fitness landscape is changing and Club OS is ready to meet that challenge,” says Adam Stokar, Founder and President of Club OS. “Our company mission is to help every fitness and wellness business reach its goals. We can’t do that if we aren’t servicing a rapidly growing market segment.”

Link: PR Newswire

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G2Crowd acquires Siftery

G2Crowd, the B2B product discovery and review platform, has acquired Siftery, a company that compares marketing technology stacks to make recommendations. The acquisition will help G2Crowd offer real-time alerts when new products are added, spend is unexpectedly high, or there are opportunities to save.

From the release: “Every day, new and potentially disruptive technologies and services are released into the world. Anyone who wants great software to perform at their best, from intern to CEO, should be able to quickly discover, buy, and manage the best technology for their business,” said Godard Abel, CEO, G2 Crowd.

Link: Culture at G2Crowd

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Oracle releases Data Cloud Solution for B2B Marketers

Oracle has released it’s new offering, Data Cloud Solution for B2B Marketers. The new solution enables account-based marketing (ABM) for sales outreach to contacts at small and mid-size businesses across 48 industry and sub-industry segments, offering similar outreach tools to those used by larger organizations. Oracle Data Cloud’s data marketplace was created to help marketers build their ideal SMB audiences at scale, then activate those audiences across every major platform and the open web. Enterprise B2B marketers can build custom SMB audiences by onboarding their own first-party data or CRM files, then use Oracle data to find other relevant contacts at the same companies. By integrating this data into their digital marketing efforts, B2B marketers can use the same powerful ABM tools for outreach to both large companies and smaller businesses.

From the release: “Most data and tools for digital B2B marketing have focused on large companies while ignoring the millions of smaller companies who make up the vast majority of US businesses,” said Niraj Deo, vice president, product & data Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud. “This SMB data solution levels the playing field for B2B marketers so they can identify, reach, and manage their sales and marketing programs for both large organizations and the smaller businesses who can drive their growth. By combining their own CRM data with Oracle’s syndicated and custom segments, B2B marketers can use advanced account-based marketing capabilities for this massive, but underserved, universe of SMBs.”

Link: Oracle Press Releases

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