Support your team with these messaging tools for enterprises

You text mom, your kids, your significant other. What are you using for instant messaging both inside and outside your company? Are your sales teams messaging each other and external clients, using just whatever IM app they happen to have? Does it connect with your in-house systems? Is there a record of the conversations? Is it causing a security headache just waiting to happen?

If no, then you can definitely ramp up your IM performance with flexible tools. Since mobile has rocketed to be a top communications channel, options abound for incorporating IM into your toolset in a meaningful, trackable way.


Convo is a secure messaging app offering a threaded, newsfeed format that’s easy for individuals and groups. With Convo, go beyond IM with in-context discussions that get saved like emails threads, but faster. Your individual feed keeps you informed and up-to-date with the people that you work with every day.
BEST FEATURES: Convo can integrate with 700+ apps that you already use, so you can communicate with every team you’re working with, all from one place.
PRICING: Free to get started up to 5 users. 


Slack is the popular collaboration and instant messaging system for teams. Messaging includes text, or docs, media files and code.
BEST FEATURES: Slack uses channels to sort chats and alerts by group or topic, by public, invite-only or special teams. Channels can be divvied up by team, project or client.
PRICING: Free forever with basic features. Paid packages start at $6.67 per user.


Symphony is a secure messaging application that uses Signals based on #hashtags, $cashtags, rooms, and users. Reduce the number of communication systems by managing all IMs and Chat Rooms in one feed, exchanging messages and files with people inside and outside the company. Symphony offers secure user authentication, expression filtering, and legal disclaimers.
BEST FEATURES: See your feed how you want it. Pin important chats, pop-out or re-size windows.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Teamwork Chat is an instant messenger app that uses @mentions to thread direct messages and chats by topic or by user. Keep track of multiple conversations with Teamwork Chat’s timeline, rooms, and people sidebar tabs. Create tasks and projects. Quickly notify the team using @all and @online, or @mention teammates directly.
BEST FEATURES: Project charts offer a ‘Gantt’ style view of projects, highlighting any milestones on the project date line.
PRICING: Paid packages start at $9 per month per user.


Glip is a suite of business collaboration tools featuring IM, video chat, file sharing, task management and shared calendars. Glip is flexible, integrating easily with popular apps and services such as Evernote, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive and others. IM and group chat comes with file sharing, task management, video conferencing and shared calendar.
BEST FEATURES: Use Glip to host video calls where the meeting organizer or others can instantly share screens with clients during remote meetings.
PRICING:Glip’s free version enables 500 minutes of use monthly. Basic plans start at $5 per person, per month.

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Salesforce updates Health Cloud with personalization tools

Salesforce Health Cloud, the CRM giant’s platform for the healthcare industry, has added features to expand personalized healthcare. With Field Service Lightning for Health Cloud, home health organizations can connect to the same patient records available in hospitals. Also added were campaign tools for patient outreach and fields to capture critical “social determinant information” such as whether patients have access to transportation.

From the release: “Our industry continues to centralize and integrate patient data, but it is critical that we stay focused on improving the patient experience,” said Ashwini Zenooz, MD, SVP & GM of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. “By surfacing critical factors of a patient’s life in a single view, we empower care providers to personalize patient care experiences and improve outcomes with the world’s most trusted CRM technology.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Swrve updates mobile platform with micro targeting tools

Swrve has updated its mobile platform for customer communications by adding micro targeting tools. Swrve 3.0 processes real-time behavioral data from multiple sources, builds audiences, and triggers messaging based on user behavior. Presently, the platform processes 14 billion events daily, and can respond to customer actions by serving up messaging on any channel via a unified, multi-channel workflow.

From the release: “Eighty-four percent of consumers say the communications sent to them from businesses are irrelevant. Fifty-two percent say they switch brands because of this,” said Christopher Dean, CEO at Swrve. “Some of the world’s largest organizations are already deploying the new Swrve 3.0 platform, which unites powerful microtargeting capabilities with multi-channel campaign workflows to enable them to win more moments of customer engagement across mobile, web, email and streaming TV apps.”

Link: Swrve Press

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Oracle Marketing Cloud now has SMS Public Aggregator Network

Oracle has updated its Marketing Cloud with an application for its SMS Public Aggregator Network. Oracle’s SPAN is a self-service application within Oracle Marketing Cloud that makes it easier for customers to find, order, and manage SMS services directly from the aggregator of their choice. Products in the Oracle Marketing Cloud include Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Oracle BlueKai, Oracle Maxymiser.

From the release: “Marketers want to take advantage of mobile channels, but there are often too many barriers in the way. For SMS, one of those challenges is establishing aggregator relationships, which can be a time consuming and tedious task often made worse by limited choice and flexibility,” said Tony Castiglioni, VP of Product Management, Oracle Responsys. “Our new SPAN application eases this process and gives marketers the freedom to choose and use the aggregator best aligned with their marketing needs—whether it be by price, geography, or performance.”

Link: Oracle Press Releases

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Headway boosts mobile marketing tools in acquiring mobile programmatic platform Smadex

Headway, provider of mobile marketing solutions, has acquired mobile-first programmatic platform Smadex. Smadex, which allows advertisers to send the right assets  on mobile devices to the correct targeted audience cluster, will be fully integrated into Headway products.

From the release: “Smadex technology enhances our mobile growth solution Mobrain, following the shift towards programmatic that our clients are increasingly looking for,” said Martin Kogan, CEO of Headway. “Its machine learning technology, forward thinking team and management are perfect additions to the company. The Smadex team will focus on product while Headway will continue to focus on distribution, servicing clients and global expansion.”

Link: PR Newswire

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WeQ launches Boost

WeQ, maker of mobile ad tech, has announced the launch of WeQ Boost, an app ranking solution that utilizes proprietary technology for campaign management and optimization. Additionally, it combines over 100 boost traffic sources with a deep knowledge and understanding of app store algorithms to create bespoke burst campaigns that are specifically designed to catapult apps to the rank that yields the highest ROI.

From the release: “WeQ BOOST is designed to empower advertisers to cut through the noise in the ever-changing ecosystem of the app stores,” said Stanislava Todorova, VP of New Media Solutions at WeQ. “Launching this new solution adds another powerful element to our portfolio that enables us to create the perfect mobile marketing mix for our clients. At WeQ, we believe that the ultimate marketing strategy should be a combination of bursts and sustainable user acquisition campaigns to address different needs throughout the lifecycle of an app.”

Link: Martech Advisor

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Vibes adds Advanced Analytics to mobile marketing platform

Vibes announces the general availability of Advanced Analytics to its Mobile Engagement Platform. Brands use the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform to create personalized mobile engagement campaigns across multiple marketing channels at scale. With Advanced Analytics, brand marketers can see how customers reacted to certain campaigns on any given day, across digital and in-store behaviors, and how that tracks against industry benchmarks.

From the release: “We built Advanced Analytics to complement brands’ growing mobile marketing strategies and to satisfy marketers’ hunger for simple, digestible reports and highly visual, self-serve dashboards,” said Brian Garofola, CTO at Vibes. “It’s a mobile-first world, and consumers expect the brands they engage with to communicate through tailored messaging that’s relevant to them. Vibes’ Advanced Analytics is intended to help marketers gain key insights about their mobile customers to better meet expectations in a smart and seamless way.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Snapchat adds location-based targeting for advertisers

Snapchat has released two new location-based targeting features that allow advertisers to reach Snapchatters ready to buy. Location Categories allow advertisers to reach users at locations, such as, sending movie ads near a move theater. Radius targeting allows advertisers to include or exclude users within a particular radius, such as a city, or as small as festival or a stadium.

Link: Snapchat Blog

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Snapchat launches 3D World Lenses, letting brand characters star in user videos

Snapchat has launched 3D World Lenses with early campaigns with Bud Light and Warner Bros’ reboot of the Blade Runner franchise. The product allows brands to offer 3D objects that may be inserted into user videos. Objects — in this case a cartoon beer seller and a vehicle from the Blade Runner movie — can be animated and can be moved and resized to fit the scene. Sponsored 3D World Lens campaigns are only available to purchase through Snapchat’s direct sales team.

Link: Marketing Land

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Google launches mobile wallet Tez in India

Google has launched a new, free mobile wallet in India called Tez, that allows greater privacy to those wanting to pay with a smartphone. Its new technology is Audio QR, which Google says will put it ahead of other mobile payment platforms.

Most mobile platforms now uses the technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) to have devices communicate when it proximity — it’s the technology that enables Apple Pay or Square. The Audio QR uses ultrasonic sounds to exchange the money, which lets any smartphone with a microphone be a payment reader, accepting or sending payments to any person.

Tez is free for person-to-person money transfer and for payments to small businesses. Its Cash Mode allows the user to send money instantly to another Tez user nearby without needing to share private details like your bank account or phone number.

Link: Google

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