Conga releases Ai tool for contract review

Digital document transformation platform Conga has released AI Analyze, a tool that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock actionable business insights from digital documents and contracts. AI Analyze automates review of contracts, and will export key contract data into the CRM, CLM or ERP systems automatically.

From the release: “Everyday documents — including contracts — are the lifeblood of modern business, but organizations struggle to turn the information hidden within them into insights that propel their businesses forward,” said Doug Rybacki, Chief Technology Officer at Conga. “When used in conjunction with the Conga Suite, AI Analyze enables organizations to analyze, organize and manage all of the key information in their contracts to accelerate the contract negotiation process and close deals faster than ever before.”

Link: Martech Series

Visit Conga AI Analyze on CabinetM.

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What’s a deminar? It’s your way to educate your next and best customer

Your product, your service, your company are unique in the marketplace, but not everyone knows that yet. If you’re looking to educate your prospects on the new take you have on a service, or your category-defining new product, we have one word for you:


A deminar is a product demonstration and a seminar rolled into one. The seminar part is educating your customer, or that customer’s boss, on the problem you solve. The seminar allows future prospects to talk about their pain points and how they’ve been trying to solve the problem before your solution existed. The product demonstration allows you to show how you can solve those problems — or evolve your services to fit their needs.

The following are webinar tools you can repurpose for deminars.


GotoWebinar is a webinar solution that enables users to deliver online presentations to groups of up to 1,000 attendees. Create custom email invitations, confirmations and reminders. Display a company logo and custom image on all webinar materials. Interact with an audience through polls and Q&As. With the mobile-optimized experience you can create events or check on attendees from any screen across devices.
BEST FEATURE: Rehearse presentations and keep unwelcome surprises to a minimum.
PRICING: Plans start at at $89 per month, per organizer.


ReadyTalk Webinar enables marketers to schedule and host high quality webinars with as many as 3,000 participants simultaneously. Take advantage of comprehensive pre-, in- and post-webinar features and leverage existing recordings with Simulive. Provide customizable registration forms, confirmation options and reminders.
BEST FEATURE: Customize webinars with your brand, deliver invitation links for Outlook and Google.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Zoom is a webinar platform that unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings and group messaging. All plans allow up to 100 participants by default in every meeting (up to 500 with Large Meeting add-on). Users can host an unlimited number of meetings and with extra host licenses can hold more than one concurrently. Users can choose virtual conference rooms Software-Defined Video Conferencing system for any sized Conference Room High quality video, audio and web conferencing for Mac, PC or Touchscreen Screen sharing with Wi-Fi, Airplay or wired HDMI connection Integrates with Google or Microsoft Exchange calendar
BEST FEATURE: “Zoom Rooms” enable a video conferencing system with high quality video, audio and web conferencing for Mac, PC or Touchscreen. Screens can be shared with any Wi-Fi, Airplay or wired HDMI connection.
PRICING: Free for up to 100 participants. Paid packages start at $14.99 per month, per host.


TwentyThree Webinars is a video meeting tool that brings landing pages, emails, production, and on-demand videos into a single tool. Build landing pages and collector forms to generate leads, run your live webinars by sharing your screen, playing video, or inviting other speakers. Webinar recordings are ready moments after you’ve finished the live broadcast. Host all of your on-demand webinars in a branded webinar hub. Includes a simple tool for clipping recordings to share video across all your channels.
BEST FEATURE: Stylize and schedule your transactional webinar emails to your audience when they sign-up, receive reminders, and get follow-up recordings.
PRICING: Packages start at $199 monthly for 500 participants.


ON24 is a cloud-based webinar marketing platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver engaging live and on-demand webinars. Completely accessible on tablets and mobile phones, ON24 provides a number of tools for marketing, virtual training, and town hall meetings. Includes comprehensive webinar analytics, allows attendees to personalize the user interface, and is completely accessible on tablets and mobile phones.
BEST FEATURE: ON24 Content Gateway hub was added to help marketers curate digital assets and to better track how customers engage with content.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing is an easy, cost-effective way to exchange ideas and information online with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Accelerate decision-making, keep projects on track, and collaborate in real time with integrated voice conferencing, HD video, and content sharing. Deliver presentations, demonstrate applications, and share anything on your screen just like you would in person. WebEx offers a powerful feature set for productive, efficient, and highly secure meetings anytime.
BEST FEATURE: Get your own regular conference room with a customizable web address. Your colleagues will always know exactly where to meet you.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


EverWebinar is a platform that takes pre-loaded webinar content and makes it appear live to the end-user. Includes a scheduling system setting up your promotion for monthly, weekly, or daily webinars. EverWebinar offers free unlimited hosting, with templates that can be A/B tested to serve the best result to any particular audience. EverWebinar will also offer simulated chat and attendance to make it appear others are joining live at the time of the webinar.
BEST FEATURE: Select specific days of the week and time zones for each audience. Set dynamic “Just In Time” webinars that start within minutes of first-time registration, with the ability to block times, such as midnight or major holidays when a webinar wouldn’t be held in real time.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


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Get all those assets in a digital format you can actually use

Do you have photos and videos and documents coming in all over the place? You’re going to need a way to either get organized or prepare to be buried.

Lucky for you, there are tools to automate the process of organizing your tools even before you hit a Digital Asset Management system.

A Digital Asset Management platform allows enterprises to store thousands of images, files, videos, powerpoint files … anything you need for marketing collateral. All these assets can be retrieved quickly because they’re stored in files with permissions levels and metadata, so you know who created it, if it’s current with branding, when you first got the file and who is allowed to use it.

These tools are add-ons — you can use them by themselves, or with a Digital Asset Management platform — that help you get organized and prepare your files so you can get your hands on them quickly. Save all that time and money by being organized with a few tools:


Curio is an AI-based platform for internal search that connects on-premise and cloud storage locations, creating a single interface to find files regardless of type, size or location. Curio automates time-consuming file tagging and management processes, enabling users the ability to find digital files faster – searching AI-created attributes such as people, objects, landmarks, text, visual text (OCR) and more.
BEST FEATURE:Scan the text in videos and images for searching and quick exporting.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Index Manager
is a real-time indexing and search engine for the Digital Asset Management system. Index any file type, with rendering of thumbnails and high-definition previews of nearly all image and graphic file formats. Optimize your search results by fine-tuning queries. All client-server traffic is encrypted.
BEST FEATURE: Metadata is embedded in your assets for your flexibility – there is no additional metadata to maintain.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Capture Greenlight is a tool for checking image data quality before assets are submitted to a team or to a Digital Asset Management platform. Capture Greenlight automatically checks image technical and metadata quality before assets are submitted. Auto-updates from the web ensure the latest standards are reflected, should they change. Capture Greenlight can deal with thousands of assets in seconds – simply drag and drop the folder over the desktop icon.
BEST FEATURE: Capture Greenlight can be branded by the user so contributing photographers are using a branded portal.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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VIQ Solutions releases AI-enabled tool for transcription

VIQ Solutions, vendor of digital voice and video capture technology and services for law enforcement, legal, insurance, courts, and transcription service provider markets, has launched NetScribe, a cloud-based transcription platform. VIQ’s AI based speech-to-text technology was built to increase human transcriptionist efficiency, and decrease turn-around time.

From the release: “This exciting, new transcription technology greatly increases our efficiency, accuracy and turnaround times,” said Susan Sumner, VIQ Chief Operating Officer, “As we rollout this new workflow, our clients will see the benefit of accessing accurate documentation more quickly, from anywhere, and VIQ will be equipped to capitalize on new revenue opportunities.”

Link: Globe Newswire

Visit Netscribe on CabinetM.

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Trello updates platform with voice-activated Butler

Trello, the platform for enterprise-wide collaboration, has announced changes to its platform. Teams will be limited to 10 open “boards” for task management unless they are upgraded to Business Class or Enterprise accounts. The Butler Power-Up feature, which automates tasks via voice command or custom buttons, is now generally available to all users. The Map Power-Up can now add locations and maps to the to-do-list “cards” used by teams. Trello has also updated its permissions and added restrictions so only account administrators can add Trello features to each account.

From the release: As we look to the future, we’re doubling down on making Trello the go-to tool for managing projects at work. According to a recent survey, over 70% people come to Trello to solve a problem at work, and we’re excited to launch new features today to make Trello even more powerful for teams,” wrote Michael Pryor, head of product for Trello.

Link: Trello Blog

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Atlassian acquires enterprise agile planning platform AgileCraft

Atlassian, provider of collaboration and productivity tools, announced it will acquire AgileCraft, a provider of enterprise agile planning software. AgileCraft helps enterprise organizations build and manage a ‘master plan’ of their most strategic projects and workstreams. The acquisition of AgileCraft will allow Atlassian to connect the work of its productivity tools, such as Jira to customers’ outcomes of the entire enterprise and is expected to add approximately $1-2 million to Atlassian’s revenue.

From the release: “We know loads of time is wasted collecting status updates across hundreds of agile teams, getting unstructured snapshots of capacity, and trying to measure value generation. These challenges require a different set of tools – ones that give leaders critical visibility and allow them to adapt in a timely way,” wrote Scott Farquhar, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian. “We’ve heard from our enterprise customers that these problems are really hard to tackle – and they need our help along the way. That’s why we’re excited to share we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire AgileCraft, a leader in enabling scaled agile transformations. Many Atlassian customers, including AT&T, Anthem, NCR, TIAA, and Duke Energy trust AgileCraft to scale their teams’ agile practices.”

Link: Atlassian Blog

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LogMeIn launches GoToConnect communications platform

LogMeIn has added GoToConnect to its Unified Communications and Collaboration suite, now relaunched as GoTo. GoToConnect is a fully-integrated application for workers to easily connect and communicate – both internally and externally – via a web browser or a downloadable desktop app. GoToConnect integrates the power and reliability of GoToMeeting and Jive to provide users with professional web, audio and video conferencing, presence, VoIP calling, SMS/text messaging, visual voicemail and more all in one application. The flagship products on the GoTo platform are GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

From the release: “End users in an organization are demanding a single, simple, consumer experience for all their audio, video, and chat communications – whether on mobile, desk phone, desktop, or in-room. At the same time, IT leaders and business owners want a single deployment and management experience from a single partner that they can trust to help them manage their complex UCC needs,” said Mark Strassman, SVP and General Manager, UCC at LogMeIn. “Our new UCC solution is simple, elegant, intuitive and backed by a trusted global brand to meet the needs of business leaders and end-users. Today’s announcement brings the best of LogMeIn’s meetings, webinars, and room solutions, and integrates it with its award-winning cloud telephony and messaging solutions, all under one brand- GoTo.”

Link: Globe Newswire

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Infusionsoft becomes Keap, launches client management platform

Infusionsoft has rebranded the company as Keap, and has announced a new tool for client management. Infusionsoft by Keap will continue to be a CRM with sales enablement features. The new Keap is a platform for small businesses looking to sync client information across devices and use templates for client communications and invoicing.

From the release: “As part of a multi-year company and product transformation, we set out to better understand how small businesses meet customer demands today,” said Keap CEO Clate Mask. “We discovered small service providers waste time juggling five to seven tools just to book appointments, send communications, provide quotes or collect payments. That is 50 hours a month that could be spent servicing more clients, growing the business or at home with family. As the market leader dedicated to small business success, we knew we had to make this easier.”

Link: Globe Newswire

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Dropbox to buy HelloSign eSignature and workflow platform

Collaboration platform Dropbox has announced its plans to acquire HelloSign for $230 million in cash. HelloSign has 80,000 customers using its products, including eSignature, online fax and document workflow tools.

From the release: “With over an exabyte of data on our platform, millions of people already use Dropbox as a place to collaborate on their most important content,” said Dropbox Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Drew Houston. “We’re thrilled to welcome HelloSign’s talented team to Dropbox and add their capabilities to our product suite. HelloSign has built a thriving business focused on eSignature and document workflow products that their users love. Together, we can deliver an even better experience to Dropbox users, simplify their workflows, and expand the market we serve.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Trello acquires Butler to fully automate workflow tools

Trello has acquired Butler, a “power-up” tools created for Trello by developer Oscar Triscon. Triscon will join Trello, bringing with him the tool to dictate automation processes in a way similar to how Alexa is used at home. With the new integration, anyone can write rules for their Trello boards using words and logic—no code required. Butler will eventually be available to all users, but Business Class and Enterprise customers can expect more advanced capabilities and higher usage thresholds.

Link: Trello Blog

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