Pinterest launches Catalog, where brands share shoppable content

Pinterest has launched Catalog, which enables brands looking to upload a full catalog to the social platform, turning each product into shoppable, dynamic Product Pins. A new dashboard allows businesses to organize their feed so their products can be discovered and purchased by Pinners. Pinterest also updated a number of features, including shopping recommendations based on what retailers have in stock, and making Shopping Ads available to all businesses through the Pinterest self-serve tool Ads Manager.

Link: Pinterest Newsroom 

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Axis by Vertebrae allows shoppers to try out products in augmented reality.

3D and AR platform Vertebrae has released Axis, a tool enabling retailers to transform their existing site with 3D and AR experiences so customers can fully visualize and try products in in augmented reality. Axis can be used to create, manage, integrate and measure high-fidelity 3D assets at scale across any digital shopping environment.

From the release: “As virtual experiences move into the mainstream, retailers can no longer afford to approach AR as a novelty or one-off experiment,” said Vince Cacace, founder, and CEO of Vertebrae. “The key to success is to meaningfully integrate AR into the commerce experience to drive conversion and sales and ensuring AR is available to any shopper, on any device, anywhere they want to shop – not simply on an app. The Axis platform simplifies the delivery of high-fidelity 3D assets within existing ecommerce environments, giving consumers new levels of confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

Link: Martech Advisor

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Tunity SDK gives access to retailer’s TV while offering off-premises contact with customer

Tunity, the app giving end-users access to the audio feed for TV in pubs and retail establishments, has released a software developer kit to those brick-and-mortar locations. The SDK will enable users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly on their existing mobile devices, and give the retailer multiple touch-points with their patrons on and off premise.

Link: PR Newswire

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Tobii Pro VR Analytics enables fast testing for products, floor plans

Tobii, Swedish producer of eye-tracking hardware, has launched Pro VR Analytics, enabling easy-to-produce eye-tracking studies. The tool integrates into Unity environments and comes with automated features for visualizing and measures what a user sees, their interactions and navigations within a simulated world. The tool allows retailers to test packaging on virtual shelves, or design floor plans in a simulated environment.

From the release: “Eye tracking has proved to be a natural part of VR, and the launch of Tobii Pro VR Analytics is major step towards our larger vision to also provide businesses and researchers with the tools to capture insights from these immersive environments. VR puts you in complete control of an environment while eye tracking explains our behavior while in that world – a powerful combination making the behavioral insights accessible to many more people,” said Tom Englund, President, Tobii Pro.

Link: Global Banking and Finance

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Quotient acquires Ahalogy to add influencer marketing to CPG offering

Quotient, which produces Retail IQ for advertisers looking to serve coupons and deals to shoppers ready to buy, has agreed to buy influencer marketing vendor Ahalogy. Quotient will keep Ahalogy as a separate division, with its roster of verified influencers, to strengthen the Quotient platform.

From the release: “Ahalogy is a perfect fit for Quotient as we expand and grow our digital media solutions, with a specific focus on CPG shopper marketing,” said Mir Aamir, President and CEO of Quotient. “Ahalogy has proven expertise in creating and delivering targeted digital content that drives brand sales, especially through social channels. This gives us another capability to deliver efficient digital media campaigns that reach valuable shoppers, including our 100 million verified buyer audience, using our proprietary shopper data to drive sales and measure performance.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Affinio launches Integrated Audience Analysis

Affinio has launched Integrated Audience Analysis to be offered through Microsoft AppSource. Affinio’s release aims to support retailers making data-driven decisions to boost sales and offering greater customer personalization. The product also works to identify unforeseen audience clusters and offer insights from demographic or psychographic data.

From the release: “Embedding Integrated Audience Analysis into the Microsoft ecosystem will allow global consumer goods companies and retailers to leverage first and third-party data to develop targeted marketing and advertising strategies by understanding of the interests, passions, and affinities of their audiences,” said Tim Burke, founder and CEO of Affinio, in a statement. “Affinio’s ability to ingest, cluster and visualize massive amounts of data provides our customers with a PII-protected [personally identifiable information-protected] solution that is the foundation for achieving personalization at scale,” he added.

Link: PR Newswire

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Mindbody acquires wellness industry business management platform Booker

Mindbody, a platform for the wellness services industry has announced intention to acquire Booker software,  cloud-based business management platform for salons and spas, and the provider of Frederick, automated marketing software for wellness businesses. The acquisition of Booker will add approximately 10,000 salons and spas to the Mindbody marketplace. 

From the release: “Mindbody and Booker power the local businesses that help tens of millions of people lead healthier, happier lives,” said Rick Stollmeyer, Mindbody CEO and co-founder. “By combining our technology and teams, we will help our customers grow by connecting them to even larger consumer audiences. Our intention is to rapidly expand our wellness and beauty platform by delivering more value to customers, consumers and partners alike.”

Link: PR Newswire

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Style Challenge creators launch product for retailers

Trendage, which has created the clothes fashion game Style Challenge, has launched a companion product for retailers. Automated Product Recommendation for retailers automatically generates data that helps customers “complete the look” with customer preferences gathered from the millions already using the game. This data for apparel and accessories is unique and provides a powerful competitive advantage. The company can also provide a report to help retailers better predict style trends in the fashion industry and avert costly mistakes.

From the release: Co-founder Roya Ansari said, “Brands often think they know who their core consumer base is, so they tend to tightly control how their products are styled and marketed. On the flip side, consumers like to stick with brands they are familiar with, and might not consider a brand that’s outside of their comfort zone. Trendage has come up with an ingenious way for brands to put their apparel in front of a broader audience, one they may have never thought of reaching, to learn how consumers might mix and match their items with other brands. It’s also a great way for consumers to discover new brands that they would have never found otherwise. It’s really a win-win for both sides.”

Link: Martech Series

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Manthan adds context-relevant in-store personalization to TargetOne

Seeking to add context-relevant personalization to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, Manthan’s TargetOne has been updated to include a version for retailers. TargetOne provides personalization by algorithmically processing shopping intents and buying contexts of the customer. Retailers can now send notifications and personalized offers, tailored to customers interests/preferences, before the customer begins her shopping journey or while she is at the store exploring options to meet her requirements.

From the release: “Personalized customer engagement opens up new avenues for retailers and deepens their relationships with customers. This also brings stores back into prominence as customers find new meaning, excitement and relevance in their store visits,” said Amit Rohatgi, Manthan Director of Personalized Marketing Products.

Link: PR Web

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Content Analytics’ VendorSCOR gives retailers the power to rate brands’ content

Content Analytics, the end-to-end eCommerce management platform, launchesVendorSCOR, a solution that gives retailers the power to rate brands’ content. VendorSCOR combines deep analytics with robust content management capabilities to help retailers keep brands accountable for the product content they place on their site. With VendorSCOR, retailers can send brands scorecards on their quality of their content for each product, along with actionable insights for fixing and syndicating the content accordingly. By fostering this partnership between retailers and brands for superb product content, the program allows the two to work together to drive sales and deliver better customer experiences.

From the release: “Combining both analytics and content management is the key to surviving and winning in today’s ultra-competitive retail landscape. If retailers don’t provide consumers the information they need to make a purchase, they’ll simply go to one that will,” said Kenji Gjovig, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at Content Analytics. “Retailers, like Target, recognize the need for quality product content, but with an overwhelming set of priorities and a massive amount of data, it can be difficult to ensure every product’s content remains optimized and up-to-date. VendorSCOR not only monitors for a problem, but it also provides retailers and the brands they partner with the streamlined and user-friendly solutions to fix it together.”

Link: PR Web

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