Zendesk acquires sales force solution Base

Zendesk, creator of one of the leading platforms for customer support, has acquired partner Base, an easy-to-use sales force automation solution. Zendesk already integrates with Base, which will remain a separate product for the time being.

From the release: “In the future, we’ll more deeply integrate Base into Zendesk products so service and sales teams can better collaborate and improve the customer experience,” said Matt Price, Senior vice president, product. “After all, the ideal customer journey is seamless across sales and support—it doesn’t start and stop when customers cross internal lines that are meaningless to them as consumers.”

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Salesforce updates Sales Cloud with features for younger teams, billing

Salesforce Sales Cloud has new features boosting speed of sales. Sales Cadences enable managers to create customized, pre-built activity sequences for younger sales teams, with step-by-step instructions and best practices guiding reps through the prospecting process. Work Queues create a prioritized email and call list right inside Sales Cloud. Faster and more flexible billing features also allow enterprises to get paid, faster. Salesforce also added an integration with Einstein to its Pardot automation platform, bringing greater campaign analytics to enterprises.

“Automation, integration and speed are essential to business success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM, Salesforce Sales Cloud. “By extending our Sales Cloud platform with faster prospecting, flexible billing and intelligent marketing automation, we’re providing our customers with a comprehensive and unparalleled lead-to-cash platform.”

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Showpad to acquire sales training software provider LearnCore

Sales enablement vendor Showpad has acquired LearnCore, provider of sales training and coaching software. With LearnCore, Showpad will create an integrated solution for B2B sales and marketing teams who currently must purchase sales content, readiness and engagement solutions from multiple vendors.

From the release: “Buyers today demand valuable content, engaging digital experiences, and knowledgeable salespeople. Adding LearnCore to the Showpad portfolio adds not only powerful sales readiness capabilities, but also a rich set of data and insights to continually improve the relevance and effectiveness of salespeople,” said Pieterjan Bouten, CEO of Showpad. “Showpad’s vision is that the best buyer experience wins. This acquisition brings us to the cutting edge of empowering marketing and sales to sell the way buyers want to buy. With the new capabilities LearnCore brings, we’ll continue to innovate and offer our customers a strategic advantage to be a winner not only today, but also tomorrow.”

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Noteninja acquired by SalesLoft seeking meeting intelligence

SalesLoft, the sales engagement platform on a mission to help sales organizations deliver better selling experiences for their customers, today announced its acquisition of Noteninja, a meeting intelligence platform which has become a popular solution for helping organizations surface and leverage insights from their team’s conversations during various stages of the sales cycle. The company plans to integrate and expand upon the meeting intelligence capabilities provided by Noteninja and the company’s co-founders will join the SalesLoft team to support its ongoing platform innovation efforts.

From the release: “We are excited to announce the acquisition of meeting intelligence provider Noteninja. I’m incredibly proud for what this means to our customers and the advanced opportunity they will now have to deliver a better selling experience to their customers,” says Kyle Porter, co-founder and CEO, SalesLoft. “With the acquisition, SalesLoft is providing our customers with the first full-suite sales engagement platform that combines sales cadences with sales intelligence, serving AEs, SDRs, CSMs, managers and execs to generate the most revenue.”

Link: Digital Journal

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Apttus to run Quote for Cash suite on IBM Cloud

Sales Enablement platform Apttus, and its investor IBM, have teamed up to offer all Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions on the IBM Cloud. Apttus solutions, including Configure Price Quote, Contract Lifecycle Management and AI will offer sales teams real-time intelligent recommendations.

From the release: “Apttus pioneered the Intelligent Middle Office space to maximize the value of every solution that sits between CRM and ERP systems,” said Kirk Krappe, CEO of Apttus. “By bringing these offerings to the IBM Cloud, we’re expanding the opportunity for more and more enterprises to resolve their longstanding challenges and transform their business. It’s our goal to help every IBM Cloud user run their revenue operations smarter, faster and better.”

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Seismic to acquire SAVO Group to combine sales enablement platforms

Seismic, sales and marketing enablement vendor, announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SAVO Group, combining two of the major global sales enablement brands. SAVO Group brings extensive sales enablement expertise and additional technological functionality to the new combined customer base. The acquisition extends Seismic’s position as the leading platform aligning sales and marketing teams to effectively engage buyers with the right information and content.

From the release: “Sales enablement programs are having a huge impact on revenue for enterprises because they take everything off the plate of the seller, allowing them to focus on building the best relationships with buyers,” said Doug Winter, co-founder and CEO of Seismic. “However, they require an equally powerful sales enablement solution to really see it through. In that regard, today’s announcement puts even further space between Seismic and the rest of the sales enablement market.”

Link: Seismic Newsroom

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SalesDirector’s Autosubscribe leverages AI to update CRMs

SalesDirector.ai, the platform for sales execution and sales forecasting, has launched Autosubscribe, a tool to automatically update CRMs. SalesDirector will auto-create activity reports for client emails, meetings, phone calls and texts that are automatically associated with the right account and the right sales activity.

From the release: “Our goal is to put AI in the hands of the sales reps so that they can spend less time worrying about process and CRM updates and more time on sales execution and the right deals” said Babar Batla, CEO and Co-Founder of SalesDirector.ai. “With SalesDirector.ai AutoScribe, by simply responding to text message, a Slack channel or an email, sales teams can get the coaching they need in the field and automatically update their CRM.”

Link: SalesDirector press center

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Robin is the new AI-enabled sales assistant from SalesHero

Robin is an AI-enabled sales enablement tool created to automate the menial tasks of sales. Robin is powered by a scalable distributed event processing system designed to easily handle trillions of records in a highly secured environment. SalesHero uses standard Salesforce APIs to map data and does not require any installation or download. Users only need to connect their company email and Salesforce account. SalesHero seamlessly integrates with all other products in the ecosystem.

From the release: “As personal household AI assistants become the de facto, we believe that business AI assistants will grow in tandem,” said Stefan Groschupf, founder and CEO of SalesHero. “In less than 10 years all information workers will have a personal AI business assistant with SalesHero chief among them.”

Link: Martech Series

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Lead Liaison adds ABM features to Sales Enablement platform

Lead Liaison, provider of sales and marketing automation solutions, has enhanced its Sales Enablement platform with Rhythms, a feature allowing the automated prioritization of tasks. Rhythms capabilities include multi-variant testing, out-of-office detection, automated bounce handling, remove on reply, manual or automatic email options, and comprehensive personalization with templates to further humanize communication.

From the release: “Sales Enablement has been huge for our clients,” says Jen Worsham, Director of Client Relations. “It was the missing piece of the puzzle. Our clients loved our other solutions, but craved the same sort of support for sales. So, we introduced Sales Enablement and now Rhythms. With those two powerhouse solutions combined, sales teams have full control and visibility over their engagement with Prospects.”

Link: Lead Liaison

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LeanData updates Routing platform with territory management tools

LeanData, provider of Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution tools, has updated its Routing platform with territory management tools. Among the added features comes the ability to build and maintain territory and segment definitions seamlessly by using ready-made templates that can be uploaded directly into LeanData’s Routing Platform. Teams can also now easily monitor lead assignment by territory to ensure that leads are being generated across all territories to accelerate revenue growth

From the release: “We are seeing many mid-market and enterprise-sized companies focus their growth strategies on rapidly expanding and optimizing their sales territories. LeanData’s Territory Management capability automatically routes leads to the appropriate team or individual based on sophisticated territory definitions,” said Hendrick Lee, vice president, product, LeanData. “LeanData’s Routing Platform is now the first end-to-end solution for managing customers most comprehensive Lead Routing processes. This announcement furthers LeanData’s product innovation and commitment to facilitate meaningful connections between data and people to get to revenue faster.”

Link: PR Newswire

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