LotLinx launches SEM tool for automotive dealers

LotLinx, creator of inventory marketing tools for the automotive industry, has released SEM/AI, which enables dealerships to market each vehicle uniquely by continuously and dynamically optimizes inventory marketing campaigns. The AI powered search engine solution is geared to improve performance while efficiently utilizing spend.

From the release: “It takes a tremendous amount of time and expertise to monitor and adjust SEM campaigns based on a comprehensive understanding of all the interrelated variables,” said Eric Turner, Vice President of Product Management for LotLinx. “The AI powered solutions we provide understands the variables and continuously performs 3-4x better than industry benchmarks with little to no internal process or budget changes required.”

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Merkle launches Voice Active Listening for search

Merkle has entered into search with Voice Active Listening, a first-of-its kind voice-search discovery tool that leverages machine learning to help brands scale and prioritize content opportunities for voice discovery. Using its voice query engine, Merkle submits voice query inputs and analyzes voice agent responses to learn which brands appear first in a search. The data is then rated and prioritized against influencer websites and keywords, and Merkle’s team of data scientists and SEO experts works with brands to determine and prioritize content opportunities for voice discovery.

From the release: “When it comes to voice search, brands just don’t know where they stand and lack real awareness,” says Matthew Mierzejewski, senior vice president, search capability lead at Merkle. “That is why we developed our Voice Active Listening product. Because of our unique ability to combine machine learning and technology with defined SEO strategy, we are well positioned to help brands take advantage of voice search discovery.”

Link: BusinessWire

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SEO and content platform Authoritas acquires rival Linkdex

SEO and content platform Authoritas has acquired rival Linkdex for an undisclosed amount. Linkdex is still up and running, but is said to bring to Authoritas its relationships with 300 major brands and agencies in the UK, US, Canada and France. When the products are combined, they’ll create a platform which will trade under the Authoritas brand name and be headquartered in London.

Link: Finsmes

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QuanticMind ad platform updates give customers more control of campaigns

QuanticMind has updated its advertising platform with a number of summer releases. Monthly Spend Target  automatically adjusts customer bids to meet a desired spend level. Minimum Margin Setting, available on the Bid Policy Settings page, will set a margin the bidding algorithms will preserve. Finally, Audience Performance reports allow users to monitor the performance of search audiences in a single interface.

From the release: “These new summer product features and setting updates allow us to further our goal of increasing the value, the power and the performance of our predictive advertising platform for customers everywhere” said Brian Bird, COO of QuanticMind. “But at the same time, we’re just getting started. Customers can look forward to automated audience bid adjustments and much more in upcoming releases.”

Link: QuanticMind Blog

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Bing Ads adds Price Extensions to search

Bing Ads has added Price Extensions to its search platform. Price Extensions are a pay-per-click extension that display products or services, along with their corresponding prices, to searchers. Price Extensions will only show on ads listed at the very top of the results page, and marketers are limited to 20. All Price Extensions are subject to an editorial review to ensure that the listed prices match the price shown on your landing pages.

Link: Bing Ads

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Spoon Guru’s food product recommendation tool now available in U.S.

Spoon Guru, a UK-based search technology service helping customers find food and recipes that accurately reflect their dietary preferences and restrictions, has officially launched in the US. Its technology for online shoppers is continuously updated with the latest food science data and enable retailers to redefine their product offerings accordingly and based off what customers prefer to buy.

From the release: “Using a unique combination of AI, machine learning, nutritionist expertise and consumer insights, the savvy search engine delivers hundreds of thousands of food products relevant to the individual, along with 1000s of tailored recipes. When shopping, the app’s powerful barcode scanner identifies what the consumer can eat, making accurate grocery shopping enjoyable instead of a chore. A recent study showed that 94% of app users stated that Spoon Guru makes finding the right food easier, and 89% said Spoon Guru improved their quality of life.”

Link: BusinessWire

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Adobe adds Advertising Cloud Search to Experience Cloud

Adobe has launched Advertising Cloud Search to simplify the process for using audience targeting in search marketing. It couples audiences from Adobe Experience Cloud, with AI and machine learning to drive higher returns for advertisers. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search also features a new user interface (UI), built from the ground up to ensure ease-of-use and make workflows more efficient and effective. Updates include an array of new bulk-edit features, including the ability to copy-and-paste directly from the UI into Microsoft Excel – and vice versa – with changes reflected immediately. Advertisers can also quickly search, navigate and organize complex campaigns for faster management. Finally, customized reporting filters and columns help to simplify complex data to speed decision-making.

From the release: “The next generation of search advertising will be powered by better data, sophisticated data science and greater transparency,” said Justin Merickel, vice president of Adobe Advertising Cloud. “Adobe Advertising Cloud Search is delivering on that promise and amplifying what humans can do through greater automation.”

Link: Adobe

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Qubit launches AI mCommerce solution in beta

Qubit is launching a new AI-powered solution for mobile commerce that will change how consumers discover the product catalog from retailers on mobile devices. Currently in beta, Aura is designed to create an app-like experience that revolutionizes how visitors discover and browse on mobile websites. Building upon Qubit’s award-winning personalization platform, Aura has a mobile-first approach and AI-driven UX. It includes predicted category preferences, discovery-led feeds, context messaging on each product, and the capability to surface relevant products and categories that adapt as the customer engages further.

From the release: “People are spending more time than ever before discovering products on social networks, but they’re mostly browsing, and not buying,” said Qubit CEO Graham Cooke. “Conversely, people go to a mobile store to find a specific product, but they only discover a fraction of the catalog due to the limitations of the screen, site navigation, and search. Using Qubit’s AI and personalization platform we’re going to transform the way product discovery is happening on mobile stores.”

Link: Business Wire

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Search Engine Advertising and how to automate it

What is Search Engine Advertising and why do you need it?

Before you Google it (or Bing it, Search it, Yahoo! It) we don’t mean SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the cousin of Search Engine Advertising. SEO is making the best of the content you have by knowing for what people are searching.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is about paying to get your product or service ranked where the customer can find it. Advertisers pay to make sure their product or service is ranked highly in the sponsored area of the Search Engine Results Page. Search Engine Advertising can also include ads to be placed on Web pages with other published content.

Go ahead now and look at your favorite search engine. See those paid placements? That’s Search Engine Advertising.

Tools in this category are marketing technology products that provide automated Search Engine Marketing tasks. They’re also tools that allow advertisers to launch and manage SEA campaigns, allow the management of multiple campaigns simultaneously, and can even include bid management tools.


7Search operates on the premise that quality traffic and low bid prices boost ROI. It offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engine advertising that can generate traffic and revenue online.  7Search offers companies an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain new business leads and sales from high quality Internet traffic across all business verticals.
BEST FEATURES: Tools allow users to create, edit, and manage online campaigns.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Targeting advertisers and agencies, SearchForce is an online platform to manage large-scale paid marketing campaigns across all search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Facebook. Advertisers can not only categorize and tag specific labels to campaigns for reporting, but also use them to apply global actions across multiple accounts. For example, advertisers can use labels as filters to apply mass changes to campaign budgets, keyword bids, creative text, URLs and much more. It’s features also include access for advertisers who rely on tracking online marketing to offline phone sales activities via a direct API Integration; Auto Campaign Builder Functionality including enhanced keyword generation filters for targeted keyword expansion, an advanced triggering framework to incorporate best practices into automated campaign development and the ability to associate multiple campaign templates with a single feed file.
BEST FEATURES: One-click replication allows advertisers to easily replicate sophisticated strategies across multiple accounts – with no need to create one single item multiple times.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


The MatchCraft AdVantage platform automates the management of ad campaigns on Google, Bing and Facebook for small and medium companies and publishers. It allows advertisers to display bigger, richer search ads with additional information such as phone numbers or URLs. Added features are the proprietary keyword library and ad copy database, customizable to each client’s campaign management needs. It includes over 2500 different verticals for local SMBs in 15 languages.
BEST FEATURES: MatchCraft AdVantage is designed around local markets worldwide. It also has a fully-automated solution for tracking the results of each campaign’s search ads.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Swoop’s unique approach to search advertising addresses the problem of consumers going ad-blind due to the constant exposure to advertisements. By finding search queries within publications, Swoop can provide ads that are targeted as accurately as those on search engine results pages, meaning ads that convert at a high rate for an affordable cost-per-action. Swoop brings search spend to publishers and a new selection of biddable search terms to advertisers.
BEST FEATURES: Offers more pleasant reading experience to the millions of Internet users who have become ad-blind due to the constant exposure to more and more advertisements.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Acquisio’s bid and budget management solution allows users to set more accurate bids and deliver more clicks at a lower cost per click. Acquisio provides software that facilitates customer acquisition using ad platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.
BEST FEATURES: Acquisio’s platform also supports display advertising. Acquisio provides software that facilitates customer acquisition using ad platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads.
PRICING: Packages start at $149 monthly.


Haystak Digital Marketing is a software platform designed to connect auto dealerships with online vehicle shoppers. The platform empowers auto dealers to create and track high ROI search engine marketing campaigns. Haystak is a Google Premier Small-to-Midsize Business (SMB) Partner, Yahoo!  And Bing Strategic Ambassador, and FCA Digital Certified Partner.
BEST FEATURES: For this niche market, SEA is the way to go: 84% of auto buyers use the Internet to research their purchase.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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CallidusCloud Acquires Datahug to Gain the Technology of Predictive Sales Forecasting

By Sneha Nalawade, martechadvisor.com


CallidusCloud, a global SaaS company that is headquartered in Dublin, has announced that it has successfully bought Datahug Limited, a SaaS company that provides sales analytics and predictive forecasting.


Insights and Analytics

From the Announcement:

Leslie Stretch, President and Chief Executive Officer at CallidusCloud, stated in a press release, “There are more than 50 million companies in the world. They all want better sales forecasting. Datahug’s unique, patented technology delivers rich, predictive analysis of sales pipelines in a visually stunning way. Being able to better predict the outcomes of sales cycles and identify the right sales opportunities means big value for our Lead to Money customers.” He further added that the solutions that Datahug offers are easy to use that benefits Commissions, CRM, CPQ, and Customer and Service Feedback data sources.



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