SecureAuth launches Intelligent Identity Cloud

SecureAuth has launched SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Cloud, a flexible, enterprise-grade identity and access platform. SecureAuth employs a big-data approach on a machine learning foundation increasing identity security by recognizing legitimate users and stopping bad actors.

From the release: “We are very excited about our continued innovation journey to better serve our ecosystem of customers and partners. We have assembled a world class security management team and are well positioned to make a difference in the market.  The SecureAuth Identity Platform meets the requirements of all organizations who seek a choice of deployment models, rolls out administrative changes faster while strengthening security. In the end, we are protecting businesses from bad actors by securing revenue growth and profit optimization” said Ahmed Rubaie, Chairman and CEO.

Link: SecureAuth Newsroom

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TrustArc updates privacy compliance platform

Privacy compliance platform TrustArc has released updates to address the need to meet marketing compliance requirements for GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations. The updates include enhanced compliance reporting, consumer request workflow management, and identify verification to manage data subject access requests; additional preference management options for cookie requests; new consent and compliance reporting tools; and support for the new Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) political advertising transparency program.

From the release: “While all aspects of privacy compliance are important, a business’ external facing websites, apps, and ads are often subject to the most scrutiny by customers, partners, and regulators,” Chris Babel, TrustArc CEO, said. “Companies are looking for technology solutions to streamline and automate the process of responding to data subject access requests (DSAR) and managing cookie consent requests, as well as generating compliance reports. With these new additions the TrustArc Platform will be even more powerful and the go-to solution for companies of all sizes.”

Link: TrustArc Press

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Akamai acquires customer identity access management platform Janrain

Akamai, the Massachusetts-based company that delivers digital experiences for the world’s largest companies, has acquired Janrain, the pioneer of the customer identity access management category. Integrating Janrain’s Identity Cloud into the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is expected to provide immediate security benefits to CIAM customers in two critical areas: bot management and threat intelligence.

From the release: “It is challenging to conduct business online without an inherent and expected level of digital trust,” said Rick McConnell, president of Akamai Technologies and general manager of Akamai’s web division. “Janrain’s Identity Cloud, working together with Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform, will provide an added layer of security to allow our customers to know more about their end users and potentially drive additional revenues from that deepened relationship.”

Link: Akamai

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Amazon Web Services acquires cloud replication platform Cloud Endure

Amazon Web Services has acquired Cloud Endure, an Israeli company with a comprehensive suite of multi-tier resilience solutions for disaster recovery, backup, and migration. Amazon Web Services offers on-demand cloud computing platforms by subscription.  Cloud Endure noted in its website the acquisition helps its ability to expand services. Amazon will gain security expertise both for its own and customers’ websites. 

Link: Cloud Endure

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