Akamai acquires customer identity access management platform Janrain

Akamai, the Massachusetts-based company that delivers digital experiences for the world’s largest companies, has acquired Janrain, the pioneer of the customer identity access management category. Integrating Janrain’s Identity Cloud into the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is expected to provide immediate security benefits to CIAM customers in two critical areas: bot management and threat intelligence.

From the release: “It is challenging to conduct business online without an inherent and expected level of digital trust,” said Rick McConnell, president of Akamai Technologies and general manager of Akamai’s web division. “Janrain’s Identity Cloud, working together with Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform, will provide an added layer of security to allow our customers to know more about their end users and potentially drive additional revenues from that deepened relationship.”

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Amazon Web Services acquires cloud replication platform Cloud Endure

Amazon Web Services has acquired Cloud Endure, an Israeli company with a comprehensive suite of multi-tier resilience solutions for disaster recovery, backup, and migration. Amazon Web Services offers on-demand cloud computing platforms by subscription.  Cloud Endure noted in its website the acquisition helps its ability to expand services. Amazon will gain security expertise both for its own and customers’ websites. 

Link: Cloud Endure

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